How To Connect A non-Smart Tv to WIFI?

Connect A non-Smart Tv to WIFI

Connect A non-Smart Tv to WIFI. Nowadays, Smart TVs are really trending and people also love to use them. People have literally gone crazy about smart TVs because they are containing mobile-like features and also having some pre-installed apps. We literally moved to a new standard now by upgrading ourselves.

Nobody is purchasing numb kinds of non-smart TVs nowadays. Because they do not contain any kind of features like an android TV. The market size of Smart TVs is going to hit trillions by the year 2028. Even if you are going to buy a TV, you will definitely purchase a smart TV. There is no chance for you to buy a normal or non-smart TV.

And people nowadays prefer online shopping rather than going to shops or showrooms to buy anything. On the online platform, you also get offers or discounts on your orders. There is no reason for you to buy a non-smart TV instead of smart TV.

In Smart TV, you will also get advantages like Screen casting, Media sharing, playing youtube, and using other apps. But on non-smart Tv, you can not do anything except watch the boring cables that have limited numbers of channels But what if I tell you that you can convert your normal tv into a smart one? Yes, you can do this by connecting your non-smart tv to the internet.

How To Connect A non-Smart Tv to WIFI?

You can connect a non-smart TV to Wifi by using many options. You can use any of the following options to connect your non-smart TV to WIFI.

  • Using a streaming device.
  • An HDMI cable
  • A Blu-ray player
  • Gaming Console
  • Screencasting

1. Connect your non-smart Tv to WIFI by using a streaming device

You can easily connect your non-smart Tv to WIFI by using a streaming device. It is a user-friendly way to connect. The streaming devices will not only give access to the internet but also give you access to all the in-built applications which are already in your streaming device.

All the content is offered to you when you use a streaming device. Every streaming device has its own quality. There are many different streaming devices that are available in the market or on online platforms and also have different types of connecting methods.

But the general process of connecting every device is the same:

  • You have to locate the HDMI port of your device. Plug the device into the port.
  • Plug the device in and connect the USB portal to your TV.
  • Then, switch on the TV and check whether your device is connected to the TV or not.
  • You can download any app which you like.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions to start the streaming.

You can get the streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc, from Market and from online official stores too.

Apple TV is a really expensive streaming device. But it’s a very comfortable device to use at home.

Roku is also a good streaming device. But it does not support all streaming devices.

Google Chromecast helps you to screen mirror your handful of devices on the TV. Not all the apps are pre-installed, you have to download the apps by yourself.

The cheapest and easiest to use streaming device is the Amazon Fire TV stick. But the problem comes up when it gives priority to Amazon Contents.

Roku Streaming

2. Connect your non-smart Tv to WIFI by using an HDMI cable.

To save money or don’t want to spend much on streaming devices, HDMI cables are best for you. These are cables so it will be easy for you to connect directly with the non-smart TV. Wired connections are maybe not good for daily use but really good for occasional use.

Steps to connect Non-smart TV to wifi by using HDMI cables:

  • Turn off both your laptop and TV.
  • Connect your device to the non-smart TV by using an HDMI cable.
  • Choose what you want to watch on your device.
  • Make sure that your video is out from your device to your non-smart TV.
  • You have to select the input option from the non-smart TV.
  • Make sure that the input matches your plugin port.

Now you can watch whatever you want to watch on your smart TV.

HDMI cable

3. Connect your non-smart TV to WIFI by using Blu-ray Players

It is like a disc format, originally it is designed to succeed in DVD players. Now people usually don’t use DVD players. As they get all the features in the laptop or tablets. It is for data storage purposes. It allows you to stream content from the internet.

When it comes to the comparison they give you better audio and video quality.

Bur-ray player

4. Connect your non-smart TV to WIFI by using the Gaming Console.

Modern gaming consoles offer you to watch whatever you want to watch on the screen of your non-smart TV. Gaming consoles now come with built-in wifi in them. So it allows you to watch anything on the big screen.

You can not get access to many apps, but you can get access to very popular apps like Netflix. You have to put in a lot of effort just simply connect the HDMI cables. Then, you will get the input options on your big TV screen of the gaming console.

Gaming Console

5. Connecting by using Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring allows you to watch your device screen on your TV screen. Screen mirroring and screening casting both are the same thing. But when it comes to the devices there are different names. Please ensure that both devices are connected to each other.

Screen Mirroring

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Wrapping up

Now it is easy for you to connect your device to non-smart TV to wifi. In this, you have already got the alternatives to connect your non-smart TV with Wifi. There are also so many easy ways to connect.

I hope you solved your queries with the help of this article. And if you have any other queries related to this article or topic, ask them in the comment section. I will try to reach your query as soon as possible. Thank you.

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