How To Turn Your Non-Smart TV Into a Smart TV?

Not everyone can afford Smart Tv, and not everyone is ready to detach from their old Tv. Does that mean that if one is using their old television, they do not have eligibility to have services that smart tv offers unless they buy one for themselves? No!! This article will look at how you can make your non-smart tv into smart tv. Welcome to our blog on how to “Turn Your TV Into a Smart TV”

As we all know that in the present time using smart tv is a much better way in which you can have the best worth and time for your Tv. Though smart TVs are getting much cheaper still they are a bit expensive if compared with your traditional tv.

So, instead of opting for the new smart tv, why not turn your old Tv box into the smart tv? But remember that you need to buy certain things before turning your tv into a smart one.

Why delay much? When we have a lot of things to cover up. Let us get started with our article.

Definition of SMART TV?

Basic Requirements for Smart TV

Smart TVs on the market are fundamentally different from regular TVs. We’re not just talking about looks, but also about the extra features that come with it. Let’s describe all the features in detail.

1. Internet connection

internet connection on tv

This is the basic and most important feature that makes your TV intelligent. But why would your TV need an internet connection?

This is because most video streaming apps allow streaming on your TV to make your experience more interesting.

There are also additional features that are only possible via an internet connection.

2. Voice control features

voice feature on tv

Your Smart TV allows you to use voice commands when connected to the Internet. No more fighting over the remote. Turn it on and off, change channels, and more with just a voice command.

3. Firmware updates

firmware update

Smart TVs are constantly improving their technology by fixing bugs and introducing new features. So smart TVs won’t go out of fashion over time but keep up with trends and keep your TV up to date.

4. Downloading apps

Downloading apps on tv

You can download the downloaded app to your smartphone and use it on your smart TV. You can also use your internet connection to update apps on your smart TV.

5. Streaming services

Enjoy using popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video Hulu and more.

If you want to know more, keep reading our guides on gadgets and media players that turn non-smart TVs into smart TVs.

Gadgets that will turn your tv into a smart tv

Streaming Device and Gadgets For Non-Smart TV

Don’t take stress if your tv is ordinary. Laidback and relax because here are the gadgets that will make your dumb, boring, and ordinary tv a smart tv.

1. Chromecast or Android-based media player


Chromecast is generally the first choice for users who are fully accustomed to Android-based devices. This streaming media player device works over a Wi-Fi connection and connects to your TV through an HDMI cable port.

It usually costs around 30$ to 40$ and you get a complete smart TV experience. Android phones and tablets are usually based on Google Cases, so Google Chromecast may be better for you.

Google Chromecast is not compatible with desktops/laptops, so use your smartphone or tablet as a remote-control device.

When it comes to media players, you can choose from devices like Xiaomi MI TV Stick, Nokia Media Streamer, Flipkart Turbo Stream, Roku Streaming Stick Plus.

When connected to your TV, it is used for screen mirroring, directly mirroring your smartphone screen or casting your screen from multiple apps such as Netflix and media players.

Just because you can hide a mirror doesn’t mean you can’t watch shows on your TV. If you want something that can both broadcast shows and watch streaming services, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV.

For less than $40, a single device can do both, but Android TV-based devices can provide native audio and video streaming apps that work on other devices as well.

You can also use Google Assistant to find answers to your questions, just like you would on your phone or speaker.

2. Amazon Fire devices

Amazon fire stick

Amazon Fire devices come in many forms, including Fire Stick, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Stick 4K. You can choose any device according to your need.

If you have an Android phone, but all the smart devices in your home are connected to Alexa, you might choose an Amazon Fire device. It also depends on the type of TV.

If you have a 1080p TV, you can use Fire TV. If you have a 4K TV, Fire TV Stick 4K is definitely your choice.

All devices will help you to display the most popular audio and video content on your TV and make it a smart TV. You can also search for content on the web and watch video streaming services on your big screen.

Unlike Chromecast, this gives you a remote control, so you don’t waste your phone’s battery.

2. Game consoles

Game consoles

Game consoles are featured devices and fun. Gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 are made for fun, but you also have access to apps like Disney Plus, Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Twitch.

Accessing these features is easy, but using the PlayStation or Xbox remote can be a little tricky. However, you may have to buy a new one for your TV.

Another problem we see with game consoles is that they are not compatible with smart home products or do not use Google Assistant or Alexa.

If you already own a PlayStation, you can install the app and use it. But unless you’re a gamer, I wouldn’t recommend starting from scratch and buying a new one for your TV.

4. Apple Tv 4k

Apple Tv 4k

If you use Apple smartphones in addition to Android and everything in your home is connected to Apple devices, Apple TV 4K is for you.

It has access to all audio and video streaming apps, much better than Android TV OS. It’s also not that cheap compared to the Android TV OS, but it’s worth the money as it offers very fast and smooth service, more storage space, and even a few games.

You can also stream audio-video from iPhone, iPad, and Mac to Apple TV via Screen Mirroring or Airplay TV.

5. Good Old cables

This is the easiest way to turn your TV into a smart TV. They are very affordable and you don’t have to spend a cent if you have these cables installed in your home.

In this way, you can connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI cable and mirror your laptop’s screen to your TV.

It can be great if you don’t want to spend the money, but if you don’t have the right cable, you’ll need to buy the right cable.

You can also connect your TV and smartphone with a long HDMI cable. Its biggest quirk is that you have to use the same laptop or smartphone whenever you need to stream something on your TV.

Also, if you’re used to wireless devices, the cables can get a little cluttered.


If you are looking for a device with a limited budget, then using Roku is best. Just select the Roku plan and you would be good to go. And also make an account on Roku it is free of cost. Just put your Roku stick and you would be good to go.

Other devices that you can also go with

  • Mi TV Stick
  • Realme 4K Smart TV Stick
  • Airtel Xstream Box
  • DishTV Smart Hub
  • Fire TV Stick Lite
  • Portal TV
  • TiVo Stream
  • Blu-ray Players

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This guide reveals a new world of gadgets that can turn your old silly TV into a smart one. You can choose which one is preferable for you.

So, don’t waste your money on something that you can achieve. Just buying a few things you can easily get smart tv on a limited budget.

I hope you found this article helpful. And with this one i bet you can now turn your old tv into more modern one.

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