How To Turn Your Non-Smart TV Into a Smart TV?

Turn Non-smart TV Into a Smart TV
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Are you also disheartened by the fact that you can’t watch and stream online content on your non-smart tv? well, Don’t be…Because here is the guide that will make your wish come true by telling you how to turn your tv into a smart tv.

Now you can watch everything you want on your ordinary tv without replacing it with a new and expensive smart tv.

Nowadays various gadgets are available which can turn your ordinary boring TV into a smart one. You can stream Netflix, Hulu, or prime, and many more video streaming apps on the same tv itself.

Before going forward with the gadgets you can use to turn your ordinary tv into a smart tv. Firstly, know the features that will make your tv smart.

Which tv is said to be smart?

Basic Requirements for Smart TV

The smart TVs available in the market are completely different from ordinary TVs. I am not only talking about appearance but also about the additional features that come with them. Let me explain to you all the features in detail:

1. Internet connection

This is the basic and most crucial feature that makes a tv smart. But why exactly do you need an internet connection on your tv? This is because most video streaming apps can be streamed on tv to make your experience more fun.

Also, additional features are there which are only possible because of the internet connection.

2. Voice control features

In smart tv, you would be able to use voice commands when connected to the internet. So no more fighting over the remote, just give voice commands and it will switch off and on and switch channels for you.

3. Firmware updates

Smart TV continuously improves its Technology by fixing bugs or bringing a new feature. So with time, Smart TV does not become obsolete, instead, it will run as per the trend and keep your TV up to date.

4. Downloading apps

You can download the apps like you download them on your smartphones and use them on the smart TV. You can also update apps on your Smart TV with an Internet connection.

5. Streaming services

You can use popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime video Hulu, etc, and have fun.

If you wish to know more continue reading the guide which tells you about the gadgets or media players which will turn non-smart tv into smart tv.

Gadgets that will turn your tv into a smart tv

Streaming Device and Gadgets For Non-Smart TV

Don’t take stress if your tv is ordinary. Laidback and relax because here are the gadgets that will make your dumb, boring, and ordinary tv a smart tv.

1. Chromecast or Android-based media player

Chromecast is generally the first choice of users who are fully into android based devices. It is a streaming media player device that works on a wifi connection and is connected to the tv using an HDMI cable port.

It generally costs you around 3k-4k and will give you a full experience of smart tv. Usually, Android phones or tablets are based on google Cases, so google Chromecast could be much suitable for the users. 

Google Chromecast uses smartphones or tablets as remote control devices as it is not compatible with desktops/laptops. If we talk about media players there are devices like Xiaomi MI TV stick, Nokia media streamer, Flipkart Turbo stream, Roku streaming stick Plus to choose from. 

It is basically used for screen mirroring which when connected to the TV directly mirrors the screen of our smartphones or casts screen from a number of apps like Netflix and media players.

If I am saying you can screen a mirror, it doesn’t mean you can’t watch the shows broadcasted on the tv. If you want such a thing which can do both works for you,  broadcasting the shows as well as you can watch the streaming services, you can go for the Roku, Amazon firestick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV. 

They did not cost you more than 4000 and you can do both works on one single device whereas the Android TV-based devices allow you to feature native apps for audio and video streaming which works on other devices too. Alike, smartphones and speakers you can also use Google assistant to search for answers to your questions.

2. Amazon Fire devices

Amazon fire devices are available in various forms like fire stick, fire TV, fire TV stick lite, and fire TV stick 4K. You can choose any device according to your preference. 

If you are using Android smartphones but all the smart devices in your home are connected with Alexa, you might go for Amazon fire devices. It also depends on which type of TV you have. If you have a 1080 p TV, you can go with a Fire TV. If you are using a 4k TV you can surely go with a Fire TV Stick 4K.

All the devices will help you feature the most popular audio and video content on your TV and make it a smart TV. You can also find the content on the web, or watch video streaming services on the big screen. Unlike Chromecast, it gives you a remote controller with it so your smartphone battery won’t go in vain.

2. Game consoles

Gaming consoles are fun with featured devices. Gaming consoles like Microsoft Xbox One or Sony PlayStation 4 are absolutely built for fun but besides that, they have access to apps like Disney plus, Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, twitch, and more.

You can get access to these features easily but you might face a slight difficulty in using the PlayStation or Xbox remotes. Although, you may have to buy a new one for tv purposes. 

Another catch you may find in gaming consoles is that they are not compatible with smart home products or use Google Assistant or Alexa. If you already have a Playstation, you can install the apps on it and use it. But if you aren’t a gamer, I won’t advise you to start from scratch and purchase a new one to use for TV purposes.

4. Apple Tv 4k

Besides Android, If you are using an Apple smartphone and everything in your home is connected to Apple devices, you may go for Apple TV 4K.

It has access to all audio and video streaming apps and while comparing with the android TV OS, they are a lot better than that. Also, they are not as cheap as compared to Android TV OS but they are worth the money because they offer you extremely fast and smooth services, higher storage and even you can play some games.

You can also stream audio-video from iPhone, iPad, and Mac to Apple TV via screen mirroring or airplay TV.

5. Good Old cables

This is the extremely easiest and straightforward way to turn your TV into a smart TV. They are very affordable and if you have these cables lying around at your home, you don’t need to spend a penny. This way you can connect your laptop to your TV through HDMI cables and mirror the laptop screen onto the TV.

They can be great if you don’t want to spend but if you don’t have the right cables then you have to spend something on the right cables.

You can even connect your TV to your smartphone with the help of long HDMI cables.

Although, The biggest quirk is whenever we have to stream something on our TV we have to use a laptop or smartphone with the same. You can’t keep it aside and stream the content freely on your TV. Also, the cables can be a bit messy if you are a bit habitual of wireless devices.

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The guide shows the new world of gadgets that can turn your old dumb tv into a smart one. you can choose one which is preferable to you.

Hope you find the article useful.

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