Why Is My Vizio Tv Smartcast Not Working

Vizio Tv Smartcast Not Working
Why Is My Vizio Tv Smartcast Not Working
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Is your Vizio tv stuck on Smartcast and not working properly? Now you may be thinking, “Why Is my Vizio tv Smartcast not working”. Here is the answer to your query and how to get solved the problem.

Casting refers to getting the data of other devices like mobiles or tablets on the Smart Cast TV without installing the apps or using any TV apps. You can just enjoy the streaming content from your mobile device or tablet to a bigger screen.

We can enjoy the casting service by the built-in technology of Chromecast that is available on our mobile phones or other devices. But sometimes there is an error that “Smartcast tv not working or not available” so we came with this article so that you can fix the error and enjoy the casting service.

If your Vizio smart cast tv shows the message “Smart Cast TV is Not Available/ SmartCast TV Input Not Loading” then there may be various possible issues for this error.

May be technical issues, an error in your network, or any other reasons causing this problem. Let’s discuss in this article how to solve this problem and what are the possible reasons for this issue.

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Reasons with solutions if your Vizio tv Smartcast not working

#1. Due to internet connection

The Internet plays an important role in casting SmartCast tv. Many people don’t check their internet connections when they face these types of problems.

With the help of the internet, the content is transferred from your mobile or other devices to the TV directly, so if there is a problem with the internet connection it can not be done easily.

Also, you may have an issue with your router also as sometimes it may be responsible for the weak internet connection or no internet connection. 

Check Your Internet Connection 

So the first step you move towards solving this problem is to check your internet connection –turn on the Vizio smart cast tv >> go to the Network Menu >> select test connection. And check whether your tv is connected or not.

If not connected but not getting the speed that means slow connection.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have an internet connection with a private network not at WIFI from school, hospital, or any other place.
  2. Change the direction or position of your router or bypass the router, move it closer to your Vizio tv and place it higher than your Vizio smart cast tv. You can also connect your Vizio SmartCast TV directly to the modem.
  3.  Unplug the router from the plug wait for some time and again plug it back and turn it on. Connect it to your smart cast tv and check whether the issue is fixed or not
  4. When all the mentioned steps don’t work for you then contact your internet service provider.

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#2. Network can cause this issue

Check whether your Smartcast tv or casting device is on the same network or not as if they both have different networks then also it leads to this type of problem. So, to overcome this issue you can use another network.

Connect your smartcast tv with different network

You can connect your Vizio Smartcast tv to a different network to check whether the current network is causing this issue. To check this enable hotspot in your mobile and connect it to your Vizio smart cast tv and check whether it is working or not. If it works then contact your internet service provider to help with this issue.

#3. May be DHCP Settings cause this issue

Vizio Smartcast tv not working/ available issue may also be caused because DHCP is not properly configured or enabled properly on the network.

DHCP provides a unique address to every device connected to that network. And sometimes it would also cause this issue.

Change or configure your DHCP settings

Follow the mentioned steps to change or configure your DHCP settings.

  1. First, shut down your Vizio Smartcast TV.
  2. Turn your pc on and open any web browser in it.
  3. Type your router’s URL and visit the page.
  4. Enter your username and password. Get log in to it.
  5.  Go to router settings and click on DHCP you can find it in the network settings/ setup/ advanced section.
  6. Check whether the DHCP is enabled or disabled. If disable then enable it or if already enabled then disable it and enable it again.
  7. SAVE the settings and close the settings page.
  8. Turn on your Vizio smart tv and check if the issue is solved or not.

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#4. Do Power cycle your VIZIO smartcast tv

It will erase the temporary files or configuration and fix minor bugs also which will help you in solving this problem. To power cycle your device, follow the steps written below:

  1. Turn off your smart tv and unplug it from the plug.
  2. Also, unplug your router from the power supply.
  3. On your smartphone or casting device uninstall the Smartcast app and install it again, then restart your smartphone.
  4. Wait for at least one minute.
  5. Now start your VIZIO Smartcast TV & router and turn it on by plugging it back into the power supply.
  6. Connect same wifi or same network to all the devices
  7. Check whether your problem is solved or not

There is another method also for doing this, it’s the soft power cycle 

  1. Turn your Vizio smart cast tv on, take your Vizio remote press the menu button.
  2. Select the System option from your tv remote control.
  3. Now select the reset and admin option.
  4. Select the Soft Power Cycle option, select YES to confirm the power cycle.
  5. Your TV will turn OFF and turn ON automatically, while doing that turn off your router.
  6. At the same time also start your router and smartphone along with the TV.
  7. After turn on your smartest, tv waits for some time and Connects the devices to the same network.
  8. Check whether your problem is solved or not.

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#5. Factory reset your VIZIO Smartcast TV

This will help you to solve the issue that smart cast tv is not working or not available. There are two ways in which you can do Factory Reset Vizio Smart TV. let us discuss one of the methods first.

Method 1

  • Turn the VIZIO SMART CAST  TV on, press the menu button from the remote.
  • Use the arrow buttons on the remote and go to the System option and press OK
  • In the SYSTEM settings select the RESET AND ADMIN and press OK.
  • Now select the RESET TV to FACTORY DEFAULTS with the help of your remote and press OK.
  • It will ask for the parental code if you set the parental code then enter the code which you set, Otherwise, the default parental code is 0000 enter it.
  • Select reset and press OK
  • Wait for the TV to turn off and the reset process starts.
  • After the reset process has finished your TV will turn ON and the setup process will start.

That’s how we do the factory reset for your Vizio Smart TV. There is another option also available to us for doing the same factory reset to do this follow the steps written below:

Method 2

  • In a Smartcast TV hold and press the volume down button and input button for some time, this button is on the side of the SMART TV
  • After 15-20 seconds, a pop-up will come with a message that holds it for reset the tv to its default settings.
  • Now the reset process will start. After the reset is done your tv will turn back on and the setup process will start.

After doing this check whether the issue is solved or not.

#6. Check your TV’s Software updated or not

Sometimes there are new updates available and if you missed any updates then also you will face such types of issues. So how to check if your Vizio Smartcast tv system is updated or not. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to settings >> Systems >> System Updates
  • Here you will see whether your tv system is updated or some updates still available 
  • If there are updates available, select Install the updates
  • After the installation of your updates, your TV will restart.

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#7. Sometimes you just need to TURN ON and OFF the device

We had seen from our childhood that sometimes turning off and turning on also solve many of our technical appliances/ devices problems.

So it worked as a reboot and surprisingly our problem was resolved. Always do this first with your router, your TV, and then to the casting device.


SO many users have been reported that their Vizio tv Smartcast not working properly. Or It suddenly stopped, or they set the first time the SmartCast TV but it don’t work for them.

That’s why we came with these articles that solve the user’s problem. As technology is evolved & updated day by day so it’s being difficult for the users to compete with that and also the ways are changing for resolving the user issues and problems.

So I hope you will find these articles hopeful.

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