10 Best Browser for Windows 10 in 2021

Best Browser for Windows 10
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Generally, people always look for the fastest and the best web browser that can provide you a whole lot of other features like extensions, plugins, add-ons, etc. Your search ends here. Yes, you are on the right page. Here I have explained about the 10 Best Browser for Windows 10 in 2021 for PC and Laptops.

I hope I will be able to fulfill all the information that can be useful to you. Below are the 10 best browsers, some of them you might have never used or heard of.

Let’s Take a Look at the List 10 Best Browser for Windows 10

1. Google Chrome (King of all Browsers)

Because of its fast loading time and likability around the globe, this browser arose in the popularity charts. It was Launched in 2009, now has a huge list of competitors. Although google chrome has maintained a remarkable standard for efficiency and speed. Chrome is a brilliant web browser with an excellent library of add-ons.

It’s known for its bulky resource demand and is suitable for low-powered hardware with limited RAM size. Chrome is not at all a bad browser. It can warn you in case your email has been breached.

Its other cool features are:

  • You can bookmark any website
  • It has its app store know as a chrome web store.
  • You can organize your chrome and give it a new look by applying its pre-designed themes.
  • And incognito mode doesn’t save any browsing history on your device makes it the best browser for Windows 10.

Profile management is one of the best features that I like the most, which allows multiple users to use the same web browser without fetching their internet history to other users.

Tab grouping is another useful feature that will not create confusion between your tabs. Also, You can use Chromecast to cast the content using chrome over the WIFI network.

Another feature that makes Chrome an outstanding browser of all is its cross-device support. This feature syncs your internet history, bookmarks, passwords, tabs, etc if you are logged in to your google account.

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2. Microsoft Edge

Once used to be a devil among the browser, our older friends will remember how it was earlier. Which ultimately gave birth to Firefox and Chrome. But after so much defame, Microsoft is now on the good side and its Edge browser has been rebuilt with chromium.

This browser is Windows default browser with iOS, Android, and Mac versions respectively and this is why we have placed it on the second position in the list of 10 Best Browser for Windows 10 in 2021 for PC and Laptops.

The newer version of chromium is considerably faster than the previous one which includes some great features including an on-screen reader and its ability to cast media. Microsoft Edge can also run almost every Google Chrome Extension and a drastic improvement can be seen. This version can be run on older Windows 7 systems and macOS as well.

Its nearby sharing feature in Windows 10 helps you to share pages directly to other PCs and contact.

It protects you from annoying website trackers who might keep an eye on your activity, with its multi-level tracking protection feature. However, Microsoft is actively bringing cool features to keep up with the competition and that has made it the best browser for Windows, you will keep experiencing the new feature in the times to come.

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3. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox launched its revamped version known as Firefox Quantum for windows 10 which was designed from scratch. Recent changes like camera and microphone prompting for access again and again in spite you have granted access, will not prompt anymore. The screenshot feature has been removed from the Page Action menu in the URL bar.

You can customize your toolbar from the Firefox menu. In an upcoming version you won’t be getting FTP support, this option has already been disabled. New Firefox is way faster than the previous one and it is giving a tough fight to Google Chrome. If you want to stay in the competition, you have to accept changes.

It has redesigned the User Interface with new features which compels people to switch their browser to firefox. Very much unlike Chrome browser, it uses tracking mode protection when using incognito mode.

Some media reports say that Firefox loads user-related content first while delaying the loading of tracking scripts. Nevertheless, I am quite confident that this version will not disappoint us anytime soon. This browser can be among the best browser for Windows 10. This version of Firefox automatically blocks ads to give you a seamless web browsing experience.

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4. Opera

Opera is one of the oldest and feature-rich web browsers since 1994. It has not realized the potential it can gain from its users. Recently it was appreciated a lot because some of its features are remarkably notable which is another best browser for Windows 10.

It offers a free VPN that helps reduce tracking privately with Opera. Adblocker helps to load web pages faster and in a much cleaner environment than earlier.

Options like tab-cycler, Flow, and the workspace make it efficient to work as you like. It is the new variety of distinctive features which enhance your online capabilities including everything you need.

Earlier it was an Opera Mini which we use to open on our Java-enabled phones. That oldest version is actively being developed and is the best browser for Windows 10 in 2021 for PC and Laptops.

Though, the desktop version uses some features that are designed specifically for mobile phones. Like any other browser, opera also has a feature of cross-device sync. Opera Turbo feature compresses the traffic for those who have low bandwidth. With 1000+ extensions available on Opera gives you the flexibility to install Google Chrome extensions smoothly.

5. Vivaldi

When we talk about the Vivaldi browser, this means that this browser allows you to customize almost all its features. From navigation to UI. Yea, if you haven’t heard of such a web browser before? Give Vivaldi a try.

Another best thing about this browser is you can use Chrome add-ons. It allows you to pin the site to the sidebar, you can drag and place the toolbar wherever you feel it comfortable, adjust fonts and colors, a notes panel is also provided.

Not only this much, but you can also customize your search engine by giving it a nickname and much more. It allows you to view history in the form of graphs which none other web browser does. This web browser is pretty much the same as Opera but with a customization feature. This Web browser deserves to be on our list of Best Browser for Windows 10.

It is the fastest and the lightest web browser which allows you to add any website as a web panel. The best feature about this browser is that it allows you to post on Instagram from your PC. So, out-of-the-box, Vivaldi is the only browser that allows you to do everything you need to. How should your browser work depends on you?

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6. Torch Browser

If you use a lot of Torrent, this is the best browser for windows as it comes with a built-in torrent downloader, that lets you easily save any media. The functionality is not limited to pictures only, it has a built-in media player as well that lets you listen to the music while you are browsing for hours.

Torch Games option allows you to play games that don’t need loading or downloading. With Its Torch Facelift feature, you can choose their theme or create your own to design your Facebook the way you want. With the help of its drag and drop feature, you can share a photo or a link without copy and paste or switching between tabs.

You can also share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers instantly without interrupting your browsing. Its built-in download accelerator allows you to download content faster than any other browser by dividing the files and then downloads via multiple connections.

With ample features that any other browser does not offer. I have considered this browser to be on the list of Best Browser for Windows 10. If you are looking for the best of functionalities and features that your browser must have, you must try this one.

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7. Tor Browser

Tor browser is known for its enhanced security and privacy. If you are looking for a browser that can offer you these two features, you should give it a try. Tor is the best browser for windows 10 trending in the market right now. You will be amazed to know that the Tor browser can let you access unlisted websites securely.

If you are a movies freak, this browser is not for you as it blocks browser plugins like – QuickTime, Real Player, and flash player, etc. Another thing that Tor does not allow is the installation of plugins or add-on as they may bypass Tor and compromise your privacy.

Make sure your clock is set to the correct time else you won’t be able to connect Tor. Tor is blocked in some countries, make sure to connect to a bridge during the setup. It even has an app for android which can help you against tracking. I think this is the best feature a web browser can provide its users.

8. Chromium

It is an open-source web browser project that comes under the most popular browser, Google Chrome. In case you are on Google chrome currently, you won’t face any problem switching to its open-source which is present on Linux systems. Google only borrows the source code from Chromium only to acquire some proprietary stuff.

It’s pretty much the same as Chrome in terms of features and looks. You can almost perform those actions which you can perform on Chrome but it does not support automatic updates and player features are not available. Chromium is an open-source browser, crashes more often than Chrome.

Most of the Chrome extensions are compatible with Chromium. To download any extension you just need to visit Chrome Web-store and simply add the extension to the Chromium browser. You will be able to use the extensions like you do on Chrome.

You will see many awesome features that make Google Chrome the best browser for Windows 10, but it will not provide you with automatic updates.

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9. Dooble

Just like Chromium, Doodle is also an open-source and free browser that allows users to browse with enhanced privacy. It uses popular Qt and WebKit frameworks and also partially supports WebEngine. With its integrated file manager and provides drag and drop support. To open a file on the Doodle just click on the file and Dooble shall launch or will prompt for further steps.

It includes an FTP browser that displays connection information and directory contents. History interface is provided which includes bookmarking, searching, and editing. Though this browser does not have many functionalities to offer it’s still acquiring the position among the best browser for windows.

10. Brave

Up to 6 times faster as they claim it. Feels just like chrome and all the chrome extensions work on this browser. The best feature I like about this browser that it pays you to view ads. Simply you can earn while browsing. Because of this feature Brave stands 10th in our list of the best browser for Windows 10 which is well known for its privacy-focused browser.

Come with a built-in website tracker and ad blocker which helps you browse the content seamlessly without any interruption. You can choose your search engine from its list of 20 search engines. It has a unique option of private tabs which are integrated with Tor which ensures double privacy while browsing.

Lately, Brave browser has earned a lot of applause from every corner which assures privacy, safety, and fast performance, and that makes it to be on our list of the best browser for windows 10.

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To conclude: I have mentioned the 10 Best Browser for Windows 10 in 2021 for PC and Laptops. You just have to decide the browser to solve your purpose. I would recommend you try these web browsers and experience their features.

Each browser has something unique in terms of privacy and functionality. I hope this article will clear all your doubts about which web browser is suitable depending on your need.

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