Google meet versus Zoom: is google meet better than zoom

Google meet versus Zoom
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Google meet and Zoom are both video chatting apps, both of them provide various video chatting features, with different plans. Both Google meet and Zoom offer free plans for the users but if you want a more advanced version of these applications you have to pay for that.

It’s not that Google meet is better than Zoom or Zoom is better than Google meet. Both of them provide some other features and have an upper hand on one thing or another. So it depends on you, your demands, and your situation that what you should choose. In this article, we will discuss all the perspectives possible that will help make your decision.

Google meet and Zoom both provide video conferencing facilities and they also offer similar features. You have to make the decision making different things in mind like how many maximum participants you want in the meeting; for how long you want to run the meeting; what price is affordable for you; what other apps you want to use with these apps; and what other features they provide. Let’s discuss all of these in detail.

Origin of Google Meet and Zoom

Google Meet is a video conferencing app of Google workspace(G Suite). It is a part of Google’s business platform. If you have already purchased the G suite you should try going for a Google meeting as you don’t have to spend money purchasing the application. It is also possible to purchase the tool separately.

Zoom is also a video conferencing tool that is most popular for virtual meetings and webinars. Recently in April 2020, it hit 300 million daily participants. It is the choice of those who want a large number of participants.

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Google meet versus Zoom

1. Features

Google meet and Zoom both are video conferencing tools that give you basic features like screen sharing to demonstrate data, presentations, and general examples during meetings or classes.

Both of these apps allow users to use captions for a better understanding of what others are saying during the meeting. It can help the people who have hearing disabilities, or the ones whose’ device speakers are not working properly.

3. Time duration of the call:

If you want to carry out a meeting for more than 40 minutes without spending money Google meet is the choice for you. Zoom only allows you to conduct a meeting for 40 minutes long if you are using the basic plan. In the current COVID-19 lockdown situation Google meet is giving you the benefit of unlimited time meetings but soon it is going to limit the call timing to 60 minutes.

If you use the purchased plan of these tools you don’t have to worry about timings. The call time limitation is only for the basic free plans.

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4. The number of participants:

How many participants can take part in your meetings depends on what tool you are using and what plan you have for that tool?

Zoom allows users to have participants up to 100 with their basic(free of cost) plan, up to 300 participants on the business plan, and up to 500 on the enterprise plan. On the other hand, Google meet allows you a maximum of 300 attendees even with their essential and enterprise plan.

Google meet and Zoom allow the same number of participants on their basic plan. Google meet also allows 100 attendees on their basic plan. So the decision truly depends on your choice if you want to host business meetings, Zoom will be a suitable option for you. And if you just want to take some classes or have a small meeting where the number of participants will not be more than 100 you can choose any tool for your meeting.

5. Call recordings:

Wouldn’t it be a great feature if you can record your meeting and see them later? Yes, both Zoom and Google meet allows you to record the meeting both audio and video for later use. Zoom allows you to record the meeting even on the basic plan. But on the other hand, Google meets only allows you to record the sessions when you have purchased the Essential or business plan.

So if your need is to record your video chats for any reason you should choose Zoom. Zoom allows free-users to record the sessions, not Google meet.

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6. Integration with other applications:

If an application is integrated with other applications it means it is connected with them and you can work with those integrated apps without facing issues. Zoom is integrated with 888 other tools such as collaboration, CRM, Customer Service, Finances, and Education. This enhances your experience when you use the Zoom tool.

Whereas Google meet is only integrated with Google Workspace apps, such as Drive, Chat, and Gmail. And no other third-party tool. So if we talk about collaboration with other tools Zoom wins the race.

#7. Price of plans:

Both of the tools allow you to have access to their basic plan free of cost. But if you need more advanced tools to fulfill your need you need to pay for their advanced plans.

If you are considering purchasing a plan for video chatting it is pretty clear that you are using it for professional purposes. And as you are doing so it will be your regular expense assumably. So you need to have details about their pricing of different plans.

Google workplace essentials cost you 8 USD per user per month, Google enterprise rate depends on the sales team. Google Meet also offers Google Workspace plans which include 4 plans:

Business Starter for 6 USD users per month, Business Standard for 12 USD users per month, Business Plus for 18 USD users per month, and Enterprise rates depending on the sales team.

Zoom offers you 3 plans all in different pricing bands: they are pro for 14.99 USD users per month, Business for 19.99 USD users per month, and Enterprise for 19.99 USD users per month.

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Conclusion: Is Google Meet Better Than Zoom

On a straight basis, we cannot say which tool is better for you. It depends on your needs and pocket size.

We have already discussed the various aspects on which you should make your decision. You should go for Google meet if you want cheaper plans, the unlimited time limit on the basic plans, and a gathering of fewer than 300 participants.

Zoom works better for call recordings, integrations with other tools, and more participants. Hope you find the article helpful.

Keep reading, keep growing.

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