Top Stock Apps for iPhone

Stock Apps for iPhone
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Do you know that after this pandemic a whole new group of people has started investing? The number of investors has been growing every day. And this is possible only because now you can trade by yourself using stock apps for iPhone.

There are many applications in the market for trading and stock market purposes. These applications act as a broker between the investors and the depositories(stock market). Various applications give you different features and each of them has its pros and cons.

Each application will give you a unique set of features, before you decide to have an account with any app have detailed research about it. You need to make sure that the application provides you the features you need. Not the unnecessary one which you are never going to use. We will discuss different stock apps for the iPhone.

There is a list of applications that iOS users can use for brokerage and stock market purposes. It will be better if you go through the lists of top stock apps for iPhone before you decide to have your Demat account open.

Because if you start using a platform and then become dissatisfied with it, you have to switch to another app. So it is always better to choose the right one.

The best stock apps for iPhone will be those that offer low or no monthly fees or account minimum requirements, fewer transaction fees, and provide more features and options. Here are some Top stock apps to use on your iPhone.

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Here is The List Of Top stock apps for iPhone

1. SoFi

This Stock application allows you to create a new account, have a look at the market, trade-in your favorite stocks. SoFi charges you know fees for both active stock market accounts and managed accounts.

Neither does it charge any commission for stocks or ETF trades. You can trade in cryptocurrency but it doesn’t offer to allow you to invest in mutual funds.

This is a basic mobile application where you can manage your cash, can lend it, and invest it. Although it provides you a good ecosystem of cash management it doesn’t have advanced charting or active trading features.

So it might not be a great option for you if you are a professional investor or trader. SoFi is a great application for beginners, as it provides all that a beginner could need.

2. Webull

Most of the time a big share of our profit is deducted as a part of brokerage fees, security fees, and other expenses. So our concern is to avoid such fees.

Here comes the role of the Webull mobile application: it has an account with no minimum balance requirement, no account fees, and no Commission charged at all. Many other brokers and mobile applications charge for these things. Webull charges fees for margin borrowings and advanced market data.

This application trades in stocks, ETFs, options, ADRs but not mutual funds. In this application, you can file tools for both beginners and experienced traders but the mobile application interface can be a little tough for beginners.

There are tools for active charting and investment research that are very useful for active investors. This application keeps updating the features and brings new features to the market from time to time.

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3. Schwab Mobile

It is an all-rounder stock market app for iPhone. It offers accounts with no minimum balance requirements. On this stock marketing app, you don’t have to pay any recurring fees or commissions for trading in stock and ETF.

Schwab mobile application gives you the facility of Schwab intelligent portfolios and no-fee Robo advisors. Here you can have any kind of investment account taxable or retirement account or investments outside of the stock market.

Schwab also has its website where you can view your account, research about new stocks, enter in trade, view positions, and many more. You can do all these while using their mobile stock app too. It also provides you voice-driven mobile assistance so you don’t have to put in more effort.

And this way you can make quick trades and get answers to your queries. Customers of this app are quite satisfied with the application. You don’t have to maintain any minimum amount in your account and you can trade in stocks, fractional shares, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed income, options, futures.

4. Thinkorswim

Online stock market applications for iPhones will work best for experts in the field. Thinkorswim offers you the most advanced investment tools and resources. It charges you no recurring fees, no Commission for stocks or ETF trades, and no minimum requirements for or account balance.

You can use this platform anywhere you want like web, desktop, or mobile. It will give you the same features everywhere. So installing this application on your iPhone would be great if you are interested in the stock market.

It offers you advanced features like profit-and-risk analyses, multi-touch charts, Live News stream, chat-based support with experts to get your queries answered. This app trades in stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, fixed income, futures, and Forex as well.

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5. TradingView

TradingView is the Apple store 5-star rating app. This app is a result of HTML5 development which means you will experience incredibly responsive software design. Application has been the best stock market charting software and best free charting package according to some awards.

This application offers you a vast section for indicators, charts, and drawing tools. Here you can trade in stocks, ETFs, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and much more. But this application is not free if you decide to go for a pro package. The pro package is for $9.95 per month and pro plus $19.95 each month.

6. Betterment

This mobile application gives you a personal assistant. This means when you create an account here it will ask you certain questions like what’s your age, what are your investment goals, and how much risk are you willing to take.

It records your answers and suggests you an expert-designed portfolio that fulfills your needs. These are created by full-time investment professionals. You can create two kinds of accounts under Betterment: the standard account and the premium account.

Betterment charges 0.25% for standard accounts and 0.40% for premium accounts. It only trades in ETFs and creates the best deal for you. It has tax-loss harvesting techniques to reduce your tax amount under a taxable investment account.

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In the end

There are many other stock applications that you can use on your iPhone. we cannot tell you the best stock application to use in your iPhone as it depends on what you need. There are different requirements for every investor or trader.

If you are a beginner you should go for the application which doesn’t charge you much and gives you basic needs. And if you are an expert you should go for the applications which give you advanced tools which can help your research. We hope you found the article useful.
Keep reading, keep growing.

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