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Get Your Zoom Meetings On Xbox/Xbox One In 2022

Zoom On Xbox One | You have used Zoom app on your TV, Laptop or Smartphone but Have you ever enjoyed Zoom meetings on Xbox one? Although Zoom App is compatible with many devices like Android and iOS. But Zoom is not officially available on Xbox One. But don’t get disappointed this early, you can still use Zoom on Xbox One via Chromecast.

Zoom is such a trendsetter app after the covid-19 breakdown and all the gamers even loved it more for its quality services. Zoom app is creating popularity so fast in today’s digital era and leaving us amazed. So let’s Understand Zoom and Xbox first before jumping to the main topic of how to set up a Zoom meeting on Xbox one.

What is the Zoom app?

Zoom app is a user-friendly and worldwide used application for video and audio chats. It is a cloud-based platform where you can meet anyone virtually.

When you are working from home, zoom gives you the best platform to attend your video conferencing. Zoom app is also an amazing personal virtual space for having group video calls with family or friends.

Zoom Video conferencing

Zoom app is compatible with almost every platform and accessible to everyone. Simplicity is the best feature of the zoom app which gives them so many customers.

Non-tech-savvy people can also understand its features easily. I loved the way my mom connected to us on zoom meetings when we couldn’t meet.

Zoom’s user interface is designed for everyone, you can choose what fits best for your needs. They have four plans, basic, zoom pro, zoom business, and zoom enterprises conferencing.

What is Xbox One?

Xbox is a gaming console developed by Microsoft for playing video games. It was announced in May 2013 as a successor to Xbox 360. Xbox One provides enough storage space to download your high-quality graphics games and stuff.

Zoom for Xbox One

You can connect your Xbox One to Xbox Network and buy games, download and watch videos, share your recorded gameplay videos, use Skype to talk to friends and family, keep track of your friends, and achievements, and more.

Reasons to use the Zoom app

  • Simple and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • You can share your screen and explain to everyone what you are seeing.
  • Its voice detector automatically allows the camera to focus on the active speaker in group calls.
  • Zoom allows the creation of large rooms with around 1000 members.
  • Undemanding android and ios apps.
  • You can schedule a meeting on zoom.
  • Zoom allows you to record video calls for later use
  • Supports almost all browsers.
  • HD video and audio calls from anywhere.
  • Gives you virtual background which gives you freedom from your messy backgrounds
  • The one-click meeting, webinars, chat, hand-raising, etc. are all the other add-on features.

Zoom and Microsoft’s Xbox one

Wondering why Microsoft is not providing Zoom for Xbox One. The obvious reason is that Microsoft has its own video conferencing apps like skype and MS Teams. There is no reason for Microsoft to give us this facility in the near future by allowing their competitor (Zoom) to take over their video chat apps.

Maybe one day Microsoft and Zoom have some business deal and we all get to use Zoom straight on Xbox One. But, I couldn’t just lie down and wait for their collaboration one day, I need to use the zoom app on my Xbox One today.

Zoom is available on almost every platform but Xbox One is on the exception list for now. So, here I am going to discuss the way of getting our work done, which will give you the same experience as zoom calls.

Zoom on Xbox One Via Chromecast

Chromecast zoom on Xbox One
  • For starting zoom meetings on Xbox one – Connect Chromecast to the HDMI port of Xbox one.
  • Search for the TV app on your Xbox and launch it.
  • Now, it will ask you to choose between “connect your cable or satellite box”
  • Press the “A” button on your remote and then click next and skip the next option.
  • How do you want your Xbox to start, choose one from – On Start, Go to Home, or Open TV App.
  • Now, click on the next to complete the Chromecast setup
  • Now just got to your casting device (mac, pc, android or ios, etc.)
  • Find the cast option in the setting on your casting device.
  • On your device, a list will be displayed for all the Chromecast-installed devices
  • Select Xbox one to cast it on your gaming console.
  • For the final step, just open the zoom meeting from your casting device (mac, pc, android or ios, etc.) and you got there.

Now you can enjoy your Zoom meeting on your Xbox one.

Other platforms to get zoom meetings on a big screen

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All in all

Having Zoom calls on Xbox one is not a dream anymore, you can enjoy it now. Connecting to your friends and family through your Xbox is now easier after you read it.

Nowadays, most people are using the zoom app on all their devices and you don’t wanna stand out from that. Just Chromecast your calls on your best gaming console and enjoy your time. Keep reading, keep talking, and keep playing.

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