New Google Meet Visual Effects & Filters You Can Try Now

Visual Effects for Google Meet

Google Meet has recently introduced a range of visual effects and filters that can make your video calls more interactive and fun.

In your Google Meet app, Move to the Visual Effects section by clicking on the three dots. Google’s immersive preloaded backgrounds are the latest ones: Valentine’s Day Grotto and Year of the Rabbit. By scrolling down, you may select more from the pre-loaded backgrounds and experiment with the fun filters.

Reactions are another new feature that consumers adore. On your screen, click the reactions icon. You may also add sound to the reactions by heading to settings from the three dots menu, then to reactions -> switch On Sound can accompany reactions.

If you want, you can also increase the lighting against a bright background from the settings menu. Go to Settings -> Select  Video -> Click on Lighting Adjustment.

Also on top of that, you would get a virtual green screen, that you may use to hide or change that dirty background in Google Meet live in your camera especially if you have to give interviews and you are outdoors or something.

In this article, we will explore some of the new Google Meet visual effects and filters that you can try out and some cool google meet extensions.

What Do Visual Effects For Google Meet Mean?

Visual Effects for Google Meet is a free extension that Google Meet used as a third-party extension that lets you choose your background throughout a meeting.

A major plugin and features that you would be getting are:-

  • Augmented reality (AR) affects.
  • Color contrasts.
  • Customizable backgrounds.
  • Makes your video call more entertaining.
  • Blur your background.
  • Helps you hide your stuff.
  • Easy to use.
  • Helps in better presentation.

Latest Updates and News Of Google Meet

Last year google announced a new update for the google meet web and app!

Google has officially announced its new Visual effects for videos “360-degree virtual backgrounds “ on both iOS and Android.

Depending on where your phone or tablet is positioned, the 360-degree background will change. As a result, if you move your phone to the left or right, your wallpaper will change to show diverse surroundings. According to Google, customers can use “multiple” new 360-degree backgrounds during video conversations, including one with a beach and another with a temple.

With the new Google update rolled out, you can now use filters and stickers on google meet videos. And you can easily use these free of cost.

  • Tap on the “Sparkle” button to open the Visual Effects menu.
  • Now you can see these are some visual effects with blur effects and background.
  • And you can also see some Style and Filters to add to your meeting

How To Use Google Meet Visual Effects Extensions

1. To begin, open the Chrome browser on your computer, laptop, or phone.

2. Then, in the search field, type in “Visual Effects For Google Meet Extension.”

Chrome Web store search field

3. You will see different Extensions like:

  1. Visual Effects Google Meet
  2. Google Meet virtual backgrounds
  3. Visual Effects for Google Meet
Visual Effects For Google Meet Externsions

4. Click on any visual effect extension you want to use.

5. Then click the Add to Chrome button to see the visual effects of the Google Meet extension.

Add Google Meet Visual effect extension to Chrome

6. Please enable page refresh or reloading, as well as visual effects for Google Meet.

7. Then, in the right corner, click the Google extension symbol, which is a logo for an image Google extension.

8. After you’ve clicked on the Google Meet extension, go to Visual Effects, select the PIN, and it’s ready to use.

If your web camera isn’t working for Google video conferencing, turn it off and on again right now. visual impacts in the year 2021

Enjoy your day with a variety of visual effects, and with each option has a pleasant day. Google meets visual effects.

What Can Visual Effects Do for You?

Everybody what’s to know why they should opt for a particular product.

Now let us look at why you should go with Google Meet visual effects.

Give a unique and personal touch to your presentation.Boost confidence in childrenCreate your party room at your place.
CustomizationMakes school presentations easy.Use of Stickers.
Easy to work with imagesEasy in adding images.Create funny memories
Works for remote meetingConceal your background.Similar to snap chat and Instagram filters.
Creating ppt is manageable.

Best Extensions for Google Meet to put amazing Visual effects

1. Virtual Background for Google Meet

Virtual Background chrome extension

This Extension lets you change the background during a call. It allows you to choose a standard background or you can customize or create a new one. You can upload or use any picture from your device storage as a meeting background.

2. Visual Effects for Google Meet

Visual Effects for Google Meet Chrome Extension

With this Google Meet extension, you can apply many visual effects to make your meeting call more comfortable. You can use blur or a virtual green screen to change your unwanted background or you can customize your virtual background even during a live meeting.

Get this Extension here

3. Meeting Notes for Google Meet

Meeting notes  chrome extension

This Amazing google Meet extension lets you capture important notes during a meeting and save them automatically. Also, you don’t have to switch windows again and again while taking other calls.

Download This Extension

4. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Google Meet Enhancement Suite Chrome Extension

After using it, I can tell you that this one’s my favorite. This Google Meet extension offers you 40 new features to make your meeting experience more comfortable.

You can use these in-call features such as Mute all, Push to talk, auto admit, change background colors, Remove all, quickly leave, and much more.

Download the Extension

‍5. Google Meet Party Button

Google Meet Party Button Extension

Express your feelings with your colleagues and friends on google meet with this Google Meet Party button extension. You can celebrate and share your happy moments with your family, and friends during Google Meet meetings.

Note: Google has no involvement in developing these extensions or does not endorse them. All copyrights belong to their respective owner.

Use this Extension from here

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In conclusion, the new Google Meet visual effects and filters bring a fresh and fun element to virtual meetings and video calls. These features allow users to enhance their video with a variety of filters, animations, and background effects, providing a more engaging and entertaining experience.

The addition of virtual backgrounds, custom filters, and new animations can help users express their personality and creativity while making their video calls more fun and engaging. These features can also be helpful in creating a more professional environment by adding a subtle blur to the background or adjusting the lighting.

Overall, the new visual effects and filters on Google Meet are a great way to make virtual meetings more interactive and enjoyable for everyone involved. With more and more people working remotely or attending school from home, these features offer a unique opportunity to spice up the online experience and keep things interesting.


How can I use the google meet extension?

To work for it you need to use Chrome. And do make sure you are using the latest version of the latter.

Can I change my appearance on Google Meet Effects?

Yes, it works just like your snap chat and Instagram filters. You can use a mask or snap can’t famous doggy filters.

How long does this extension work?

As long as you want. If in between you feel like changing your effects you can do that.

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