How To Create Google Meet Classroom?

Google Meet Classroom
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So wanna use google meet in your google classroom? let take a look at the below given verified ways to create and use google meet classroom.

Because the coronavirus pandemic confined individuals to their homes around the world, classroom education in schools and colleges was moved online as well.

With the impending uncertainty of everything reopening, universities have turned to Google Classroom, Google Meet, and other online class alternatives.

Google gives professors and lecturers the option of creating a unique Google Meet link for each class in Google Classroom to make taking online classes easier. This connection serves as a dedicated meeting room for various classes.

This eliminates the need to create a new Meet and then go through the process of sharing it with the rest of the class.

I wish I was better about blogging on a regular basis, but it’s difficult to find the time. Google Meet appears to be a good compromise for me.

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Ways To Use Google Meet In Your Classroom

1. Online Collaborative Google Meetings

I was talking with other coworkers about where we’re going with the new Learning Management System.

We spoke for about an hour and would typically have met face to face. I can honestly state that our online Google Meeting resulted in a lot of discussion and collaboration.

We all thought it was a good method to collaborate, and I don’t think a face-to-face Google Meeting would have yielded any better results.

2. Make-up Sessions

For anyone who missed a Google Meeting, I offered a ‘make-up’ session. This could have been done with screencasting software. And I may still do so for Google Meeting make-ups, but having the option for others to ask questions (even though the chat window) and record to YouTube has promise.

Because timing is so important, I believe this could have been even better if I had scheduled the Google Meet at a different time. In addition, I need to devote more time to the YouTube process.

3. Technology Troubleshooting

Recently, I had a quick Google Meet with a colleague to try to troubleshoot how to use our school’s Google Apps control panel for Chromebooks. It was crucial to be able to screen share in this case.

We happened to be online at the same moment, so we quickly set up a Google Meet and worked through the problem.

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4. Guest Speakers

Using Google Meet, I was able to talk with a college class remotely. The only issue I had was with some audible feedback (likely due to the speakers in the classroom). But, with the help of a coworker, I was able to ‘co-speak,’ which worked very well.

We got used to the feedback delays, but having the ability to bring in other voices into a session has a lot of promise.

‘Sub Days’

At one of our high schools, I have a colleague who (sadly) had to take some time off to care for some family health difficulties. Being absent at this time in the semester created some concern because the course she teaches is at an AP level.

She was, however, able to collaborate with the school’s technology coordinator to remotely teach the class. Despite being physically separated from the building, the IT coordinator set up a Google Meet with her class and was able to deliver the course.


We have a number of applicants who do not live in our state, and while we have previously used Skype for folks who needed to interview remotely, Google Meet would be beneficial to our interview committees as well.

There are those who want to be on a committee but can’t be present for the interview. Google Meet could be a wonderful way to interact with applicants and hiring committees for a more personal experience while maintaining the convenience of remote access.

Remote Coaching

Due to health difficulties, one of our instructional coaches is unable to physically visit classes, but she can now ‘hang out with the teachers at her elementary school and give some coaching benefits without having to physically be present.

While this is a fantastic idea, it would require some preparation because a good classroom observation includes a picture of the entire classroom, not just the teacher.

Writing Conferences

We haven’t done much with Google Meet with students because we had it turned off for kids until recently, but finding time to Google Meet with students is one of the problems of doing writing conferences.

One of our high school instructors has started using Google Meet to host student conferences outside of the school day at one of our high schools. The ability to incorporate a Google Doc into a Google Meet makes this a fantastic tool for dealing with pupils.

Back to School Nights

In my district, we seem to be struggling more and more to get more people to attend Back-to-School Nights.

Granted, we only provide these once a year, and if a parent is preoccupied with something else, they will miss out on the opportunity to meet with teachers. A teacher may give a ‘make-up Google Meet’ for Back to School night or perhaps a monthly Google Meet for more frequent class updates via Google Meet.

For schools with teams (like our middle schools), the team might host a Google Meet to allow all teachers to participate in the discussion.

Parent Conferences

As a continuation of the preceding notion, a conference with a parent and the other teachers who are working with a student may be held remotely.

Because a Google Meet may be held using a phone number, the parent does not need to have a webcam or laptop to participate in the meeting. Because the student might be an active participant in the Google Meet, it could also be a wonderful approach to hold student-led conferences.

Study Sessions

This is clearly more applicable to high school kids, but we have a number of teachers who give study sessions prior to tests, or students who choose to study together prior to exams or evaluations. With the ability to screen share and share Google Docs, Google Address may be able to meet this need.

These could either be organized by a teacher as the Google Meet leader (which would require some organization depending on the number of students) or spontaneously by students who just wish to collaborate. We rarely have student groups larger than 15, so this would be a good fit for those numbers.

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5. Generate a Google Meet Link From Classroom

You can create a link to a Google Meet that you can use again and over again as a teacher in Google Classroom.

This link can be made in a variety of ways, but the easiest is from the Class Stream header.

To make a Google Meet link from Google Classroom, follow these steps.

  • To create a meeting, go to the Google Classroom Class where you wish to hold it.
  • Click the “Generate Meet link” in the Stream header.
  • To create the link, click the “Generate Meet link” button in the pop-up.
  • “Save” should be selected.

The link has been activated. You can copy the link by clicking “copy.” From so on, you’ll see the link in the header as well.

You can also get this link from the icon at the top of the Classwork page or from your Class preferences.

Share the Google Meet Link with Students

There are two basic ways for teachers to share this link with students.

  • OPTION 1: Paste the URL into a Google Classroom assignment, announcement, or anyplace else you’d like to distribute it.
  • OPTION 1: Paste the URL into a Google Classroom assignment, announcement, or anyplace else you’d like to distribute it.

Student View of the Google Meet Link in Google Classroom

Students will see this link in their Google Classroom header and on the Classwork page if you make it visible to them. To open the Google Meet, users simply need to click it.

About the Google Meet Link

When you make a Google Meet via Google Classroom, it’s referring to as a nicknamed link by Google.

According to Google, nicknamed links cannot be rejoined AFTER the host has left the meeting.
However, during my testing, I observed that the link might be opened before the teacher/host begins the Meet. When children are in unsupervised video meetings, this can surely generate problems for teachers and schools.

My recommendation right now is to hide the Meet link from students until you need it.

Reset the Google Meet Link

I recommend that you reset the Google Meet URL each time you want to meet with students. Because it can be reused. Although it is an additional step and it just takes a few seconds.
To re-establish the Meet link, go here.

  1. Go to the Class Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the “General” section.
  3. Next to the Meet link, select the dropdown menu.
  4. “Reset” is the option to choose.
  5. You’ll see a new Meet link that you can copy or make accessible.

Note: Educators and IT administrators preparing for school closures can use Google Meet’s premium video conferencing services. It includes larger meetings (up to 250 participants per call), live streaming, and meeting recording, until September 30, 2020.

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Overall, I’m excited to see how Google Meet integrates with our educational ecosystem. I’m sure there will be some kinks to work out along the road. But I think this is one area where we could do some really cool things with our peers, students, and parents.

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