10 Best Tools For Working Remotely From Home

Tools For Working Remotely From Home
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Are you working from home and looking for the best Tools For Working Remotely From Home? Well there was a time when companies wanted their employees to come to the office and work there. 

But as time changed, trends changed, mentality changed, and mainly due to Covid 19, most of us want to work from home for safety reasons. 

Even the companies themselves want their employees to work from home, Right? To be honest I am also working from home. Working from home is comparatively easier than working in the office. But you know what? 

The actual problem arises when you do not have the proper knowledge about the Tools For Working Remotely From Home, which help do your work from home. 

So today in this article we will tell you about 10 Best Tools For Working Remotely From Home which will make your work very easy. So without any further delay let’s dive into the main topic.

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10 Best Tools For Working Remotely From Home

1. Zoom App Tool For Working Remotely

The video conferencing apps play a handy part in work from home jobs. Zoom conferencing app allows you to video call with your colleagues and staff. When you need to show something or need to attend a meeting with your boss. 

The zoom app allows you to attend the online meeting, or you can host your meeting and send them by invitation link. You can share your computer/laptop screen. Not only that but you can also chat on the app, make HD calls and share files across the internet. This app allows up to 1000 participants at a time.

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2. Virtual Office Tool For Working Remotely

How often did you feel awkward about your background while attending a video call meeting? I am a regular victim of this. Lol. 

Most of the time I get a sudden call from my boss to attend an urgent meeting, and random stuff in the background spoils the impression, doesn’t it? Thanks to the virtual office for solving this problem. 

The virtual office has different types of background templates that can be useful during live video calls. You can set any background on calls, and eventually, nobody knows where you are, at home, party, or beach. This app is a must-use tool for everyone. You can give it a try for free.

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3. UnRemot Tool For Working Remotely

If you want to stay connected with your colleagues during working hours, then you can find UnRemot very useful. 

This tool allows you to create a water cooler and share the link with your buddy to join you on the video call. 

You can add different types of locations from the provided templates. Not only that but also you can share files, chat with your team members.

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4. Google Drive

Who doesn’t know about Google? Well, if you are working from home and looking to share files with your office staff, google drive can be a good platform to save and share the file with people.

You can create a custom link and share it with the people you want to access the file. In a free account, you get 15 GB of free space to store files, I think that is enough. The best thing about Google Drive is you can set the password on the file.

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5. TeamViewer Tool For Working Remotely

Teamviewer is the software that is known for sharing files across the Internet and accessing the remote computer in real-time. This is free-to-use software that is available for both Windows and iOS. 

You can use this software to take access to the remote computer or give access to your computer. 

When you launch the software it generates a random ID & Password, that can be shared with others for accessing the computer remotely.

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6. ProProfs Project

If tools can be very useful to you if you are running a team to work from home. This tool allows you to set the task for your employees and deadline too. 

If you want this tool to work for you, then also it helps you to set the targets, generate invoices. You can track the time of any task you are doing or given to the team. 

This tool allows you to track project progress, set project starting and ending dates.

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7. Slack

If you are working with a large team and finding it difficult to manage all of them together. Slack is here to get you rid of this. With the help of slack, you can communicate with all of your team members in one place. 

Generally, it was found that on work from home you need to interact with the team all the time. So therefore every user has a different way to communicate, but slack makes it easy for you. 

You can easily get in touch with all of your team members and share your thoughts and tasks with them.

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8. Dropbox

How often you have stuck while sending large files over the email. On Gmail we are restricted to send a maximum 25MBs file, while working from home sometimes requires us to send bigger files, right? 

Here comes the dropbox. On Dropbox, there are no limitations for uploading files. You can upload as big as you want. It’s a cloud-based technology that keeps your files in the cloud. 

Once you upload the file, you can share the file with your team members. Dropbox is one of the useful tools for working from home.

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9. Krisp

Background noises are the culprit during important calls. When you work from home and make important calls or receive a call from the boss, there are different types of background noises, so how to get rid of them? 

Well, here Krisp comes as a solution to background noises. You can try this software, which is highly reputed and known for canceling the unwanted k noises from both sides of the calls. You can grab this app for both Windows and Mac. 

This doesn’t cost you anything but can be very useful in terms of canceling the background noises. You get the options in the settings to set the microphone and for removing the background noises.

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10. CallHippo

CallHippo is a cloud-based service that allows you to make calls with the help of CallHippo. You can stay in touch with your clients, and staff with this. The interface of the software is simple to understand and very user-friendly. 

CallHippo offers you different types of features in the dashboard like Mobile App, Power Dialer, and Detailed Call Reporting. 

This software makes you tension-free for analytics because one of its features provides you with advanced analytics.

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Well, work from home is on the boom, and most of us are working from home. So what are the best tools that can be used while working from home? 

As I’m working from WFH, I tried different types of software that can increase my productivity and save time. But finally, I short-listed the top 10 tools that you should use. This post is all about the 10 Best Tools For Working Remotely From Home. 

You can go through these apps and choose which suits your requirements. We hope this article was helpful for you. You can share this article with your friends and family to increase their productivity. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Tools For Working Remotely From Home, you can leave us a comment below.

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