How To Block Ads On Instagram

How To Block Instagram Ads
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Although Instagram is a perfect social media platform with almost impeccable service, one thing that stops Instagram to make our favorite is its annoying ads. How do we block ads on Instagram?

At first, there were not many ads on instagram but as time passes by more and more ads started to pop up in between your post, reels, or videos.

But now this ad has become an eyesore. How do we get rid of these irritating ads? Is there any way to get rid of them?

Don’t fret, I have a precise solution for you that you can implement to deal with this problem.

Without further ado let us get started.


Kinds of Ads on Instagram. 

Instagram has an algorithm that recommends your product or shows the product’s advertisement. Instagram is pretty much similar to Facebook in this.

In simple words, when you like a particular page or product based on your number of searches Instagram would show you the ads.

  • It can be shown in between your stories.
  • Your posts.
  • Your reels.
  • Your videos.
  • Or maybe when you view someone’s account.

Images: Images can have square, horizontal, and vertical ads. 

Video: video ads are in square or portrait format. 

Gallery of carpet: these ads appear in the feed and stories in a square or vertical orientation. 

Instagram stories: these are full-screen vertical format. 

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Ways To Block Ads On Instagram.  

Here are some ways in which you can block your ads on Instagram.

Remove Ads From Ad Post Itself.

The simplest way to remove ad is to put the ad on not interested mode.

To get a hang of what I mean follow these steps to do so.

  1. Click on any post that you don’t want to view.
  2. Now on the right side of the said post, there are the three vertical dots (:) click on them.
  3. Once you have clicked on it, you would see two options. On that select Not interested.
Not interested option.

Once you have selected that your post would automatically be blurred or censored or hidden.

This way Instagram would not show you ads or posts regarding that product or account.

Just let the image given below.

Post being hidden.

This way you can eliminate the possibility of ads showing on your feed. And if you want to review the particular post just click on Undo. And you would be good to go.

Block Ads via Report Option.

Another best way and handy way to block ads are via reporting.

Sometimes we get repeated ads from the same account or we see the same post ad over and over. In that scenario what you can do is follow up this step.

  • First, open up your ad post.
  • On the right side of the said post, there are the three vertical dots (:) click on them.
  • Once you have clicked on it, you would see two options. On that select Report.
Click on report
  • Then there would be a bunch of reasons why you want to report. Click on I don’t like it.
I don't like it

Verify it. Once done you would not see posts related to that again.

Block Ads via Blocking Account.

These steps should be done when advisement of a particular account is all over your feed.

  • Open the Account your want to block.
  • Once you have opened their profile, on the right side of the said post, there are three vertical dots (:) click on them.
  • Select the Block option.
  • Once done Instagram would place restrictions on that account and you would see fewer or no posts from their.

Block Ads via Ad Blocker Apps.

Not every time you can manually click and report or block ads. To deal with this problem what you can do is block them via using any ad blocker app.

Chose one which is operatable on your device.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you turn off ads on Instagram? 

Turning off your ads is as easy as pie. All you need to do is follow up on the above method and you would be good to go.

Does the Ad blocker app work on Instagram? 

Yes, Ad block apps work perfectly fine on Instagram.

Some of the Ad blocked are

  • Adblock.
  • Adblock plus.

Is the ad blocker app “AdBlock” safe? 

There is no definite answer to this question. If you are using this app correctly then it can be safe but it can also be dangerous if you use it incorrectly. 

Do the above-mentioned methods work for all devices?

Yes, be it an android or iOS user you can even use the above steps on your computer and tablets.

It would work perfectly fine.

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Final thoughts

Blocking your ads on Instagram is quite manageable. You just need to be clear on how to do it.

In this article, we have shown you how you can hide or block the account or maybe use blocking apps to block your ads.

And if you still have any doubt feel free to reach out in the comment section we will be happy to help you.

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