How To Build an Attractive And Professional Instagram Profile

Instagram profile
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Instagram is a leading social media platform with over a billion active Instagram profile every day globally as per the report published in 2020.

It is another way to interact with friends, family, influencers, artists, businesses, etc. 

If you among the people who want to gain popularity or want to improve your brand awareness or want to increase your business revenue. You can achieve your goal just by optimizing your Instagram profile

Now you might be thinking about how to set up a professional profile to attract large number of audience?. 

To answers this question here we have done the research and introduced you step by step guide to reach your desired goal.

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Step by Step Guide to Build A Professional Instagram Profile

The professional profile is a mixture of a profile picture, Bio, Links, Call to action, and Content we post on feeds, stories, reels, and IGTV.

Now let’s build the things which will create an impression on your profile so that you can attract more audience.

  1. Profile Picture
  2. Bio
  3. Hashtags

Instagram Profile Picture

The profile picture is the first thing we see once we landed on the profile or from the suggested feed. This is the first step that creates the first impact on our profile.

So you must choose the profile picture very wisely. Instagram Profile is shaped round, whenever you use a square or rectangle shape profile picture.

Instagram will trim your profile picture in a round shape by removing the extra image from your square or rectangular shape picture.

Now see the below, how the Instagram application is trimming the image in the round shape from a square-shaped image when I tried to set the profile picture.

Setting up Instagram Profile Picture

So for a better profile picture, Experts have recommended a minimum of 110×110 pixels and a maximum 200×200 pixel is enough to set a stunning profile picture.

Now it’s time to choose the profile picture for your personal, creator, and business account.

If you are using a personal account then you can set any profile picture at your convenience. If you have a creator, business, or you want to gain more attention to your personal account then you must set a good profile picture that attracts the audience.

Profile Picture Highlights:

  1. Always face yourself towards the camera or pointing towards your Bio section. This will create a better impact rather than looking somewhere else.
  2. Use a headshot that means shoulder up photo rather than waist up our feet up because the Instagram profile pictures are round and small in size, if you use half or full pictures of yours then the viewers cannot see you better.
Profile Picture
  1. If you hold a business account then make sure you use a product image or lifestyle image. Prefer lifestyle images because lifestyle images will create a good impression on your profile as well as on the product conversion. Look at this Instagram profile, a person holding a camera in the water. 

This is the perfect lifestyle image for both the influencers and business owner to tell who you are and what you sell

  1. Make sure you have a perfect background. If you do not have one you can change the background using the online tool to remove the background of the picture and then download it and upload it to It allows you to set the background color of your choice in a couple of minutes. Canva is the best tool to edit the images or to change the background for free.

Now you have got to know that the perfect profile picture includes a headshot picture with a cool background, and pointing your face towards the camera or towards the bio.

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1. Instagram Bio

Bio means writing something about yourself to impress the opposite person. Have you remembered the  famous quote “the first impression is the last impression”. So to build a first impression everyone must build a professional and attractive bio. 

When we did research on how to optimize the bio, we have found some great examples which have gained more popularity on Instagram by setting up their bios in the best possible arrangement.

There is a format to set up a professional bio

  • Optimize your name or business name.
  • Break your profession or business.
  • Mention interest or hobbies or purpose in one line quote.
  • Hashtags

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2. Optimize your Name or Business name.

When we say optimize your name that means you should optimize your name keeping the target audience in mind. Usually, the target audience will be in larger numbers.

So we have divided the audience into two categories and those are.

  1. People who know you may search using your user name or your name. However, these people are the first who connect and follow you. To reach your estimated goal you should focus on the second category of people. 
  2. Now, this is the important category to increase your followers. This category of people who do not know who you are, what you do. So these people search using the profession. 

To win followers and people attention you should optimize your name as follows.

Your name | your profession

When you optimize this way, you may win the followers organically. That means whenever the people who do not know you or your name or user name then they try to search you using your profession then your profile will appear from the search bar.

This strategy will help you to drive more followers.

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Break your profession or business.

This is the second step to reach your first impression goal. Whenever Instagram users landed on your profile. They do three things first, they look at your profile picture, next they look at your bio, and then they may move to your posts.

Bio is the main factor to determine whether to follow you or not. So to make it more attractive we should break our profession into parts.

Look at some examples

Whenever people look at your bio they know you completely not just with your main profession. This is the second strategy to reach your target audience. Let’s know how this strategy works.

Let’s take an example of a software engineer peter which is his main profession. When he breaks his profession into parts then it looks like 

Peter, Software Engineer

Java | Python | Full stack developer

And now people may know Peter clearly that he is a full-stack developer and he knows Java and Python. Then people of full stack developer, Java, and Python interested people may click on his follow button.

This another way helps you to drive more followers to your Instagram Profile.

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3. Interest or Hobbies or Purpose in one Line Quote 

To let the Instagram user know what is your purpose in your life or interest or hobbies in your life this strategy has to apply to your profile. To apply this strategy you just need to write one line which derives your purpose.

Look at Elon Musk’s interest, he has mentioned “ Do Unbelievable things” once you read this line you got to know his interest. This line will create a positive impact on your profile to determine whether to follow you or not.

Do not forget describe your interest in one line to let the user know you completely and will all your target audience.

4. Links

Adding links to your Bio is the best way to drive traffic to your other pages like your products page, business page, other social media pages such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

This will help you to reach your overall purpose of the Instagram profile and also it helps to drive more conversion from your profile.

5. Call to action

If you have a creator or business account then you can add a call to action button to your profile and this will help your audience to reach you easily.

You can add a website or contact support or Email support or google maps, to gain trust by providing more convenient ways to reach you.

If you have a personal Instagram account then don’t forget to include contact information in your bio, it builds trust For personal accounts call to action button is disabled.

To enable it you should switch your Instagram profile from personal to Creator or Business accounts.

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6. Hashtags

Hashtags are important when it comes to your posts., It is another source to build more visitors to your Instagram profile.

These help to break your audience furthermore categories. Let’s take an example of the same software engineer, Peter

For his post on full-stack development, he further divided the audience into 4 categories and those are

#UI/UX designer #front end developer # Backend developer #Database structure

Now he is approaching 5 different communities through posts or stories to build more visitors to his profile.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on your regular post and 10 hashtags on your story not more than that. If you would like to add more hashtags then use the comment section to add more by adding 5 dots or dashes.

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This way you can optimize your Instagram profile to drive more visitors to your profile and win more followers. The Instagram profile is the essential tool to win all types of personal and business goals. 

Do not forget to post content every day or 3-4 times a week to engage with your existing audience and a new audience. This will help to build relationships between Instagram profile owners and followers and target audiences.

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