How To Use Instagram Geotag To Catch Up With More Followers

Did you ever use Instagram geotag feature? One of the best features of Instagram is the ability it gives you to reach people all around the world.

When you share anything, like a video or photo on your Instagram, it could be seen by people who are in London, the USA, New York, or anywhere in the world. Now we are going to learn How to use Instagram Geotag?

The reachability of Instagram is really amazing. You can easily showcase yourself to the targeted people on Instagram. Well, here you will understand the use of Instagram Geotags.

Whether you are a local business that wants to reach nearby customers or want to be a global brand, all you need to do is target the audience in specific regions.

As we all know that every brand has its own identity. So your brand also needs an innovative way that can create as much reach as possible. 

Make sure that your brand is reaching the right people you are targeting. In this article, you are going to break down everything that you need to know about Instagram geotags and also you will get to know how you can use these tags. 

What do you mean by Instagram Geotag? 

An Instagram is basically a specific location that is down to the latitude and longitude of where you have stored your all Instagram contents. Basically, it is gathered from the physical location of your mobile device that allows your customer to reach your location. 

When you share anything on your Instagram account and put a physical location on it. it will help your brand to increase engagement with the users. If anyone makes a search on the location that you tagged, he will be able to see your post in which the location is tagged.

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What are the features of Instagram Geotag? 

There are a few features of Instagram Geotags that we should know about before getting into how to use it to engage with the audience. As we all know that location-based contents are easier to find, tag, and update. 

Some of the Instagram geotag filters that you should be aware of.

Creation of a location

If there is no geotag for your Store location, then you can easily create the location for your business or your Store. 

To create a location for your place, you have to go through Facebook’s ‘create the location’ setting in your Facebook account.

Simply just go to create a new post on Facebook you have to click on ‘check in’ and then enter your brand’s name. From here you can easily set up information about your brand and submit it. 

Now when you search on Instagram you can see your results. You just have to use the same name for the location. And when you find that location, add that location to your post. 

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Use of stickers in stories

Instagram stories allow users to use various stickers on photos and videos that are based on your Geotag. When you select the location sticker you can see the various locations on your profile. You can make Instagram stories creative by using stickers.

If you found no location there then you can also add any location from your Facebook application. 

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Use of hashtag for location

Here is also a great way to locate your content by adding a specific tag through hashtags. Hashtags give your content more visibility on Instagram. You can also tag famous places near your Store or near your area. 

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What are the ways to engage users through Instagram Geotag? 

Now I think from the above article you have already got to know how you can use Instagram Geotags. But now the question is how can you use Geotags further to engage your audience. 

When people are searching near your area, they will definitely get your Store on their location. Because of the ease of use, it engages more and more people in your business. 

Also, it totally depends on the users. what they are following and what are their favorite contents that they can watch on their feeds. Geotagging is a better way to engage your users and get more followers on your content. 

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How can you create a custom location tag on Instagram? 

There are some easy steps that can help you to create a custom location tag on Instagram. 

Login to your Facebook account

Since Instagram and Facebook are tight together as Facebook owns Instagram. You can start by logging into your Facebook account. 

Tap the check-in option which is at the top of your Facebook thread

You can see the check and option which is under the status bar, tap on it. 

Enable the location services

To enable location services you have to go to settings, then click on privacy, then to location services that allow Facebook to know about your location. 

Give a name to your location

When the GPS application has narrowed your location. Then you have to type the business name. Make sure that when you are typing the business name, you should use capital letters for the first word of each name. 

For example:

Lily’s Flower Shop, not LILY’S FLOWER SHOP. 

Add your location

After you name your business then look at the bottom of the screen for the add location button and then tap on it. 

Choose the category for your business

After you add your location you will directly be taken to a category section. You have to choose your category according to the business if you have a flower shop you have to choose a flower shop as a category. 

Pick a physical location of your business

Picking up a physical location is for the followers to determine how far your business is away from their location. Physical location literally helps your customer to reach you. 

Claim your location from Facebook

When you complete these steps you need to do a Facebook search for the name of the business which you have chosen. You can see when you search for your business name you should get a pop-up when you find it and you will be taken to a page that says “claim this location”.

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In the above content, I hope you get all the things that you need. From this content, you have learned how to use Instagram geotags to engage the audience of your business. 

I hope this content is useful to you. Ask them in the comment section. If you have any issues regarding this content. I will try to solve your queries as soon as possible.

Thank you and keep smiling. 

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