How To Skip or Block Ads On Hulu?

How to block ads on Hulu
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No one likes to be interrupted while streaming their favorite shows on Streaming platforms. Few platforms are ad-free but Few like Hulu ruin the peaceful experience of streaming by continuous commercials.

Wonder if there was a way to block ads on Hulu? All these ads, again and again, disrupt the exciting experience of peaceful streaming. Unlike other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu makes revenue through its ads. 

Probably, that’s the reason Hulu shows so many commercials in a single show. The more irritating fact about it is these ads are unskippable so you have to watch the whole ad in order to continue with the show.

Yes, there was a way to block or skip these ads on Hulu The guide is all about how you can block or skip interrupting Hulu ads with a snap of a finger.

Ways to Skip/Block Hulu ads

There are more than one ways to block Hulu ads. Either through the computer, smartphone, or via third-party apps or extensions. We’ll discuss each of them in detail so stay tuned with the guide to know more.

How to skip Hulu ads from the computer (Switch subscription plan )

There is always an in-app change where you can block Hulu ads. You probably have Hulu + Live Tv subscription which comes with commercials.

If you switch the subscription plan to No commercials, they will cease to continue with the same plan. To switch subscription plan from Hulu Live tv to 

  • First thing first, open Hulu’s website
  • Now in the upper right-click on your name. 
  • Now select an account. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom to see your subscription’s action. 
  • Click on manage next to advance.
  • Scroll down to the switch plan section. 
  • Now click the switch inside the no commercials plan.
  • Click Renu changes near the bottom of the screen. 
  • On the next screen, you will see if you will be charged with which plans. 
  • Now click on confirm near the bottom of the screen.

How to Skip ads via Android phones

The steps to block ads, if you own a smartphone, are pretty much the same. But to avoid ambiguousness, the steps are here.

  • Open the Hulu app on your smartphone.
  • Tap the account in the bottom right corner,
  • Now it will ask you to enter your password. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom for your subscriptions action. 
  • Then tap manage next to add ones. 
  • Now scroll down again and click on the switch plans section.
  • Tap The Switch inside the non-commercial section.
  • Tap review changes near the bottom of the screen.
  • The next screen will show how much( if any )will be charged to switch plans and tap confirm near the bottom of the screen.

How to block/ skip ads via extensions

1. Adblock Plus

The first one on the list is Adblock Plus. This is the easiest method you cannot resolve your problem.

It is a Chrome extension that helps you to resolve the interrupting add issue. It does not actually remove the ad but it basically replaces it with the blank screen.

I would not say it works with everything but with some ads it shows an error too. If you find this problem with you also you can simply disable the plugin temporarily.

Overall if it’s alright for you to watch a blank screen instead of Ads you can opt for Adblock Plus.

2. Hulu Ads Skipper

The next one on the list is Hulu at Skipper extension. It is the Adblock Skipper extension that works in the Chrome browser.

It lets you block ads on Hulu; it is currently available on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other chromium-based browsers. It’s very easy and effective for you. you can just go to Chrome and visit the Hulu ad Skipper dashboard.

Add the extension to chrome and it’s done. Enable the extension when you need it.

3. Blokada

If you are a smartphone user this might be the appropriate choice for you. It is a third-party application to block ads when you are watching Hulu. So no one will interrupt you MI streaming videos or movies on the phone.

If you want to enjoy the features of Blokada you can download and install the app by the link once you download it open the application and top blacklist.

Now tap on Goodbye ads and you will find you as gone when watching the next time. Again this will work for some but not all of them so you will find difficulty in using the app.

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The easiest and effective way above all the methods is Go premium(Method 1). This might add to the existing subscription charge.

Even though, If you don’t want to charge extra just to block/skip the ads on Hulu, you can opt for Chrome extensions. They will block the ads for you.

Hope you will enjoy smooth video/movie streaming from now on!

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