Apple Music Vs Spotify- Which is the best?

Apple Music Vs Spotify

Apple Music Vs Spotify | Who doesn’t like experiencing uninterrupted music? Whether you are outdoors in a metro or lonely at home, we want music all the time. There are hundreds of music apps available from which you only go for the best.

The guide will provide you with a comparison between two leading music apps in the market i.e., Spotify and Apple Music. “Apple Music Vs Spotify” is all about choosing which app will provide you great music experience.

Again, I can’t choose what’s best for you, It fully depends on you, but I can give you all the facts and figures about pricing, streaming quality, variety of options, content, recommendations, and more which help you in opting for the best.

So, let’s get started;

Apple Music Vs Spotify: Pricing

First thing first, whenever we opt for any app that contains subscription charges, we always choose the cheapest. In this case, both charges are the same ($10, AUS 15). And, if you are a student, it is $5. 

Apple Music offers three basic plans; Individual, Family, and student plans ranging from $ 4.99 to $ 14.99/ a month. Whereas, Spotify offers four plans namely individual, duo, family, and Spotify student plan with the same Ranges. 

Both apps offer a free trial period where you can experience it before you pay for it. Both are opting for the best strategies to gain customers.

For instance, Spotify offers 3 months free trial to its new users whereas apple music offers six months free trial for new users through best buy.

Spotify offers a great experience even if you are a free user. The music and podcasts are however ad-supported.

If we talk about Apple music there is no chance for free membership but you can play music from your iTunes library seamlessly.

Overall, I think Spotify has an edge over apple music in terms of pricing and smooth on-demand music experience.

Apple Music Vs Spotify: Which has more content? 

Are you more into music tracks or podcasts? I am asking this with the sole purpose of your preference.

There is no one to beat apple music’s 75 million total music tracks but you will be content with Spotify if you are more into 2.6 million podcasts on Spotify along with 70 million music tracks and albums.

Each day, the playlists are updated with 40,000 new songs on Spotify whereas Apple music has a whole different catalog for podcasts on Apple Podcasts. 

Apple Music also features “matches” if you want to match your iTunes catalogs with it, you just need to turn on the iTunes music library for the same.

In the end, It just depends on your preferences, Both are updated regularly with exclusive content and tracks.

Quality streaming

Both Spotify and Apple Music have standard quality tracks where you can change the bit -rate of music/audio files.

Basically, Spotify uses the Ogg Vorbis format to play content at different rates. It starts with 96 kbps and ranges to 320 for the highest bit. 

Soon Hifi Spotify launches and changes the current format of streaming. This was all about Spotify. But now when we talk about Apple music it has a low less feature where you can stream higher-resolution music ranging from 16 44.1 kHz up to 24 bit 192 kHz.

If Wanted to stream high-resolution music a good pair of wired headphones will Cherry on the cake

To conclude this will go to Apple Music instead of Spotify because Apple supports higher resolution streaming and Spotify doesn’t.

Query response

If you are having any complaints with Spotify or Apple music you can immediately report a playlist.

On Spotify when you report a playlist the report is submitted and the playlist in question will have its metadata immediately removed including its title description and custom image. There is no internal review process that verifies the report is legitimate before the metadata is removed.

Whereas Apple Music connects its responses to three different kinds of resource collection results and errors.

Once you add the appropriate Token to the header, you can compose your request to get data from the API and handle the request.

Sometimes, request handling procedures at Apple music can be tricky as you have to verify your information appropriately for any proceedings. Overall, Spotify got a clear edge in handling its users’ queries or issues over Apple music.

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iCloud locker

Apple Music and Spotify, both have something that makes them stand alone from others. Apple music’s biggest special feature is the iCloud music library which allows users to access the music MP3 libraries of their tracks wherever they go

Earlier there were bugs in the apps and it asks you to install iTunes first, thankfully it is all sorted now for all.

This feature is not available in Spotify, as Spotify lets users listen to MP3 tracks in the app itself. Moreover, you are not allowed to upload it anywhere or download it offline on the iCloud locker. It is a useful feature that makes Apple Music different from Spotify.


In the end, it all depends on your preference for which app you are comfortable with. But, you should know what feature each one has to offer you.

As mentioned earlier, you must try the free trial of Spotify and Apple Music prior to upgrading the subscription. 

Hope you know all the detailed features of Apple Music and Spotify by scrutinizing the guide. Keep reading, Keep streaming!

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