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How To Find Roku IP Address With or Without Remote?

There are basically three ways to find Roku IP address without a remote. By the way, Above all the easiest way is to use your remote, go to your Roku device settings, and Take a look at the networking option under the about section, you’ll see your Roku IP address written.

How to find Roku IP address without a remote?

Since that is not an option for us, let us explore new ways to do so.

  1. Using Remoku Mobile app
  2. Using Chrome extension 
  3. Via customer support

So without further ado, Let’s get to the details of each section and find out the secret procedure to do so. 

1. Using Remoku Mobile app

So, After the ‘with remote’ option, the first alternative that we have is to use the Remoku Mobile app. We all know that Mobile is the only thing that never gets out of our sight. So there is no way, we cannot use this option.

Firstly Download the Remoku Mobile app on your phone and to find out the Roku IP address let’s get back to the simple process right away!

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Go on the Settings option.
  • And under that, you will find your Roku IP address under the About option.

Well, the steps are exactly the same as with your remote. The only difference is you won’t neglect your mobile the way you neglected the remote. (LOL)

2. Using the Chrome extension 

So the other alternative or let us say, a little hard way than before is via the chrome extension.

Remoku, a Roku remote add-on for Google Chrome, makes getting your Roku’s IP much easier.

Remoku is a web program that allows you to operate your Roku across your network using a virtual remote on your computer. As a result, it requires a feature that allows it to locate and connect to Roku devices on your network. That’s exactly what you’ll be counting on in this situation.

1. To access the Chrome Web Store, first, open Google Chrome. (There’s probably a link in your bookmarks bar if you don’t know where it is. If you don’t have one, search for “Chrome applications” on Google, and the Chrome Web Store should be the top result.)

2. When you’re at the Chrome app store, type “search” into the search box.

3. Search for “Remoku” in the Chrome app store once you’re there. The one you’re looking for is the first and only result.

4. To add it to Chrome, choose to Add to Chrome.

5. Chrome App Page Remoku

6. Remoku may be accessed by clicking the symbol in the top right corner of your Chrome window. The virtual remote will open automatically.

7. Remoku is now available on Chrome.

8. You’ll see your app’s menu across the top. Make a selection of options. All of the methods for connecting to your Roku may be found in the top box of the settings menu.

9. Most people will be OK with the default IP address, but if you’ve made any modifications to your network, be sure the setup matches. The next line allows you to define the number of Rokus on your network and begin looking for them Remoku Settings. 

10. Remoku will search your network’s IP address range for IP addresses that belong to Roku devices. It’ll list them for you after it detects them, and you’ll be able to identify your Roku IP address.

You only need the first two lines. Make the IP address pattern in the first line fit your network. Most people will be OK with the default IP address, but if you make any modifications to your network, be sure the IP address is correct.

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3. And the last one but not the least is via customer support.

You can contact customer service with your Roku serial number. You may reach them via live chat, web form, or phone at +44 203 684 1123. And ask them right away.


So, In all, I think you got a way of finding your Roku IP address easily. In case we forget about something or you might want to add on, Comment down below. We are pretty sure that we’ll get back to you.

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