How Much Does It Cost For an iPhone Battery Replacement

Cost For An iPhone Battery Replacement
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The iPhone battery replacement program is available in India as well. Apple released an update to iOS earlier this year that included a Battery Health feature that gave users more information about the health of their iPhone’s battery. Here in this post, we will discuss the iPhone battery replacement cost for different iPhone models.

Users of iPhones running iOS 11.3 or later can check the health of their battery under Settings or the Battery.

Qualified professionals will replace your iPhone battery at your home. The professionals will come to your home or workplace with portable equipment and an ESD kit to replace your iPhone battery.

You can also get your iPhone battery replaced at any certified service centers.

Why Replace an iPhone Battery?

Although all smartphone batteries deteriorate over time, it was reported that iOS version 10.2.1 lower the peak performance of older iPhone models with poor batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Apple claims that older iPhones are causing the shutdowns by consuming more power than the battery can give in a single charge. The drop in peak performance should be evident only while running the most demanding apps at first.

iPhones (like all other smartphones) use lithium-ion batteries, which degrade over time due to the battery’s chemical composition. The iPhone battery, according to Apple, is meant to retain 80% of its original capacity after 500 full recharges.

The performance of an outdated iPhone battery can be restored by replacing it with a new one. Furthermore, a new battery will allow your iPhone to survive longer before it runs out of power.

Following these instructions will allow you to check the health of your iPhone’s battery (available on iOS 11.3 or newer versions):

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Select Battery, then Battery Health.

This will display your battery’s maximum capacity. You’ll be able to disable this here if your iPhone’s performance is being throttled owing to a low battery. Disabling performance throttling, on the other hand, may result in unexpected program shutdowns or crashes.

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When should I replace the battery in my iPhone?

The following are some of the indicators of iPhone battery health and whether or not you need to replace it:

  • The battery backup is insufficient.
  • The battery has bulged, pushing the display higher.
  • iPhone is getting hot.
  • The iPhone will not turn on.
  • iPhone is keep restarting.
  • iPhone shuts off for no apparent reason.

Let’s take a look at iPhone Battery Replacement costs for different iPhone models

The cost of replacing an iPhone battery ranges from $2000 to $5500, depending on the model. The prices for various models have been updated as follows:-

iPhone XiPhone Battery Replacement CostWarranty period
iPhone X$5,500 6 Months
iPhone 7iPhone Battery Replacement CostWarranty period
iPhone 7 Plus$2,500 6 Months
iPhone 7$2,4006 Months
iPhone 6iPhone Battery Replacement CostWarranty period
iPhone 6s Plus$2,400 6 Months
iPhone 6s$2,000 6 Months
iPhone 6 Plus$2,000 6 Months
iPhone 6$2,000 6 Months
iPhone 5iPhone Battery Replacement CostWarranty period
iPhone 5s$2,000 6 Months
iPhone 5c$2,000 6 Months
iPhone 5$2,000 6 Months
iPhone 4iPhone Battery Replacement CostWarranty period
iPhone 4s$1,500 6 Months
iPhone 4$1,500 6 Months
iPhone SEiPhone Battery Replacement CostWarranty period
iPhone SE$2,000 6 Months

Under Warranty, an iPhone Battery can be Replaced

If your phone is still under warranty Apple’s standard one-year guarantee covers damage and issues that aren’t your fault and the battery has worsened, it’s a no-brainer to request a free replacement.

After 500 full charge cycles, Apple claims that a 20% capacity reduction is normal. You may be qualified for a free replacement if your phone battery has lost greater capacity in a shorter period of time. At the very least, it’s worth visiting an Apple Store to find out.

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If you have a Recent iPhone Model

Even though your phone is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, it may still work admirably.

In fact, if your phone is being throttled due to battery health, replacing it will give it new life. Apple’s battery installation rates are pretty reasonable, and far less expensive than purchasing a new phone. In this scenario, it is unquestionably worthwhile.

Apple charges $69 for an out-of-warranty replacement battery for iPhones older than the iPhone X. If you have an earlier iPhone, such as the iPhone SE, you’ll have to pay Apple $49.

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Unless your iPhone is damaged, the battery that comes with it should last a few years if it is a modern model.

You can also check out your battery’s health and troubleshoot from your basic Settings by looking at the battery’s specific health with iOS 11 and up.

Apple offers replacement batteries at low costs, even for some of its older models, to help you extend the life of your device.

A third-party vendor or repair shop will likely be a cheaper option if you’re confident and know what you’re doing, though you’ll lose Apple’s guarantee in many circumstances.

To receive quality work and maintain your warranty, we recommend starting with the pros at Apple or Best Buy.

While you’re looking at battery replacement choices, you might want to check out our guide on extending the life of your smartphone battery.

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