How To Play Music On Your Apple Watch?

Wanna play music on your Apple watch? Then, of course, This article is for you. if you can’t live without music you need music anywhere you go.

I am also in your category. As we all know that music is the best way to enjoy your every moment. It will not be tough for you to play music on an apple watch.

But do you know that you can play music on your apple watch too without headphones? As you know, the Apple Watch is a portable device that you can wear and go anywhere you want to go.

The Apple Watch does not allow you to play music at a lower volume. You cannot play direct music on Apple Watch.

To play music, you can use any other device like Bluetooth speaker headphones or earphones.

Listening to music on the Apple watch is a different experience. You can really enjoy it. Literally, you can use your apple watch to play music without headphones.

Apple Watch also allows you to listen to various audiobooks, music, and other things like listening to stories, etc.

The Apple Watch has a built-in speaker. You can easily control the volume of your apple watch without facing any issues.

Pair your device with apple music. Also, Spotify can be easily paired up with your device.

Let’s see what you are going to get inside this article if you are interested you can read more

How to Download music on your Apple watch?

To download the endless streams of songs to your watch just follow the steps shown below:

Step-1: Connect your Apple Watch to the charger. Also, make sure the charger is connected to a power source. Then open the Watch app on your iPhone. After opening the app.

Step-2: Find the Music option on the My Watch screen. Select a music option. Now you have the option to download your kind of music to your watch. There are two options for this

You can manually select a song, album, or playlist. Alternatively, you can select the heavy rotation function.

The software will then automatically select songs based on your normal listening habits.

Step-3: To manually select music, under Playlists & Albums, select + Add Music and select the one you want.

Step-4: When you select a playlist option, you will see several options. B. My top-rated, recently added, recently played, top 25 most played, purchased.

Step-5: You can also view custom playlists that are already on your iPhone or iTunes. After syncing, the songs will appear on your Apple Watch.

Step-6: The longer the playlist, the longer it will take to copy to your Apple Watch. If you want to use “heavy rotation”. Turn on the feature and turn it green.

This way you can easily download music on your Apple Watch.

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How to play music using your Apple watch?

Music Playing on Apple Watch
  • Touch the Apple Watch screen and hold it for seconds when you are in the music app.
  • This will enable you a couple of options like Shuffle, Repeat, AirPlay, and Device.
  • Select the Device option from all these.
  • It will allow you to switch between iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Choose Apple Watch.

Next what you have to do is connect your Apple watch with a Bluetooth device.

  • When you choose the Apple watch device a screen will appear. Asking you to “Pair a Bluetooth headset to listen to music on your Apple Watch.”
  • From Settings, choose a paired device from the list.
  • Choose the device which is available with you to play the song.
  • Now you are connected with the device and are ready to play the music.

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How to Play Music On Your Apple Watch (Sync with iPhone)?

To play music on your Apple Watch by syncing with your iPhone, let’s get to the steps below;

  • Locate and open the Music App for your Apple Watch.
  • If you need any unique tune app, you need to download it on your Apple watch.
  • After efficaciously downloading the app. You can get admission to that for your watch.
  • Open that software and now you’ll be capable of scroll via tune saved for your Apple Watch and picking a song.
  • Scroll to the pinnacle for the choice to shuffle all songs on the Apple Watch.
  • If your iPhone is nearby, the Apple Watch will provide a choice to pick “On iPhone” to browse and play the tune this is on that tool.
  • After deciding on your tune you need to join the Apple Watch to a Bluetooth audio tool to pay attention to the audio.
  • The watch will ask you to “Pair a Bluetooth headset to pay attention to tune for your Apple Watch.”
  • From Settings, pick a paired tool from the list.
  • Choose the tool that is to be had with you to play the song.
  • Play your tune out of your watch now.

The Apple watch controls while you listen to music

  • The crown (the dial on the side of your watch) to turn the volume up or down. You can also use the Bluetooth device to adjust the volume of your music.
  • The buttons for pause, skip forward, or skip back will be on the screen. Shuffle between songs by swiping left and right on the screen.
  • And you will be able to access the music list. The three dots in the lower right corner of your watch face let you choose to remove songs from your Apple Watch.
  • If you want to remove the title, look for the three dots in the lower right corner of your watch face. You will also be given the option to delete songs from your Apple Watch.

Use other third-party apps

  • Other audio apps that you can install and listen to on your watch are TuneIn Radio, Radio FM, and Music TV.
  • Some apps are designed primarily for the iPhone and have limited or no compatibility with Apple Watch and Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

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In the end

You can listen to music with your Apple watch. No matter what you are doing, running, just chilling, exercising, or whatever else.

Now you can download music to your Apple Watch, sync it to your iPhone, and access and control various music apps from your watch.

I hope you found this article useful. You know how to listen to music on your Apple Watch. Keep reading and keep growing.

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