Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting Itself? [Fixed]

Why does my iPhone keep restarting Itself
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Well, if you are here it simply means that your iPhone keep restarting again and again too.

Surely you have some questions in your mind like: Why does my iPhone keep restarting itself? or How to fix my iPhone keep restarting loop.

Let talk about the problem and its solution…

iPhone is the world’s topmost branded and popular smartphone. It is developed by Apple.

iPhone’s unique feature makes it special. Also, its user interface is so good, so that every person must want to use an iPhone once.

But it’s an electronic device so sometimes problems occur in them and today we talk about such a problem in this article.

What problems users face are that Some users find that while using their iPhones it suddenly restarts in the middle of the session. Some users face that the iPhone continuously restarts and it’s totally unusable.

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Why does my iphone keep restarting itself And How to fix?

The Apple logo appears and disappears on the screen over and over again. So Why does my iphone keep restarting loop?

There are possibly many reasons. So read this article in which we tell what are the ways through which we solve the restarting issueS? And, what are the possible issues behind them?

Before troubleshooting, if your iPhone operates, then the first thing you have to do is backup your phone. Go to settings >> click on your Apple ID >> iCloud >> and select iCloud Backup.

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1. Restart Your iPhone

Whether you are using any of the iPhone models, the first option you have to try is to restart the Mobile.

  • For iPhone 6, hold down the power button and the home button at the same time. Do this for 10 -12 seconds and your phone will restart.
  • Hold down the ON Button and VOLUME DOWN Button at the same time For iPhone 7. Do this for 10 seconds and your phone will restart.
  • For iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, press the volume up button, release immediately and press the volume down button. Now, press the Power Button until the Apple LOGO appears.
  • For iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS, press the VOLUME UP BUTTON, release immediately, and volume down button. Then hold the side Power Button until the Apple logo appears.

2. Updates may leads to this issue

Check whether you recently updated your phone and this leads to a restart problem.

Sometimes, the new updates also don’t set the phone correctly and lead to such issues.

So, restore your phone to an older update and check if this issue will be solved or not.


If you are using an old version then also a restart issue will occur.

For updating the iPhone, Go to settings >> general >> software. Also, go to the Appstore and check whether all the apps are updated or not.

3. Check if any app causing this issue

Check whether you recently installed an app just before the problem started, so uninstall the recently installed app immediately.

You can also check the analytics data, in this list if you find an app that has occurred most, uninstall the app and it may fix your iPhone.

4. Restore your iPhone using iTunes

For this, your iPhone needs to be connected to a computer to restore.

This special type of restore using iTunes is deeper than a regular restore and can solve many problems. When we restore your iPhone, we’ll eliminate the possibility that a software issue may cause this restart problem.

5. Reset all settings of your phone

Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset all settings. These will restore your iPhone settings to factory defaults.

6. Remove your sim card

By removing SIM Cards, it cuts the wireless carrier, so it also helps in troubleshooting issues.

After this, you can again insert your SIM cards and it comes to its normal position.

7. Your mobile may want repairing

It also happens that due to a hardware issue restart problem may occur. There may be a problem in the charging port, sim slot, or any inside the short circuit, and other issues also lead to these.

So visit your nearest Apple Store and ask for repair service.

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So here we mention what problems are the underlying problems that lead you to this restart loop. And mentions the possible ways in which you can solve this issue.

Apple has always been a trusted company from the beginning and its products like MacBook, iPhone, iPads and many more are constantly winning customers’ hearts due to its best services and user configuration.

But sometimes also many conditions are responsible and may lead to such issues which we talk about in the article written above and also describe the possible ways on how to solve this problem.

I hope you find this article useful.

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