How To Fix Kik If Not Working (2023)

How to fix Kik not working

Kik is a popular messaging app that allows users to chat with their friends, family, and colleagues. However, like any other app, Kik can sometimes experience technical issues, leading to it not working as it should get fix. This can be frustrating, especially if you rely on Kik to communicate with others.

If you’re experiencing issues with Kik, such as the app not loading or messages not sending, there are a few things you can do to fix it. In this article, we’ll discuss some common problems that can occur with Kik and provide solutions to help you get the app up and running again.

Whether you’re using Kik on an iPhone or Android device, the fixes we’ll cover in this article should work for you. We’ll also provide step-by-step instructions to make it easy to follow along.

So, if you’re having trouble with Kik and need help getting it working again, keep reading to find out how to fix Kik if it’s not working.

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Reasons Why Your Kik Has Ceased To Function.

Before we move to the main part of the article, let us look at some of the reasons why you are unable to operate your kik.

So that we can have a glimpse of the dilemma we would be dealing with.

  • Crashing and login problem.
  • Sending a message takes forever.
  • Unable to change your profile icon or username.
  • Receiving messages after a decade or so.
  • Your Kik screen is glued to one section.
  • Unable to send messages.
  • Unable to see photos or videos.
  • Incapable of creating a new account.

Kik Not Working? Methods To Fix Your Kik

Let us look at some of the banal reasons why you are unable to operate your Kik and in what ways you can prevent this problem.

#1. Issue With Network Connection.

The first and foremost reason why your Kik has stopped working is due to a poor connection.

So when you are facing an issue with your Kik. Check if your Kik app is still connected to the internet. And if it does check if the internet connection is good or not.

Check out the speed of the network. If the network connection is poor then your Kik app will not be open.

And if it was your internet connection that was impeding you to chat.

Once the issues are resolved your Kik will work smoothly.

#2. Restart Your Kik.

But what If your network connection is excellent? What to do next?

This goes without saying the next step is restarting your app.

Firstly, close your app and reopen it after some seconds.

Wait for at least 30 seconds, then try opening up your Kik. This should help you with your problem

#3. Restart Your Respective Devices.

You have checked led your internet connection. You have checked to restart your app. Still, you are unable to overcome this hurdle.

In that scenario, you need to power off your phone and restart it again.

The reason is that sometimes due to working for a longer duration or maybe overusing your devices.

This might lead to errors and bugs. So to deal with this trouble you need to restart the device.

Starting again your device eliminates errors and bugs from your phone.

Once you have restarted your phone. Check the opening if your Kik app works properly or not.

How To Restart:- Android

  • On the right/left side of your device, there would be a smaller button on the side of your phone.
  • Long press that button until the restart option shows up.
  • Click on that and your device would restart again.

How To Restart:- iOS

  • Long press the power button on the side.
  • After waiting for 1 minute, restart your device again.

#4. Check For The Latest Updates.

Still your Kik not working? In that case, you need to check whether you are using the latest version of Kik or not.

Sometimes using an older version affects the operation of the app.

How To Check For Latest Version?

  • It is quite easy to check if your Kik app is updated or not.
  • Open up your “Play Store or App Store”
  • Now look up the “Kik app” and see if there is an update option.
  • Update it if the option is given below your app and if not it means you are using the latest version of Kik.

#5. Reinstall Kik App.

You have done all the above mention remedies but still, you are unable to make your kik work again.

In that case, you need to uninstall your app and again install it.

The reason why is your app might be having some technical glitches. Which in turn affects your app operation.

Before you uninstall your Kik, make sure you have a backup of all of your data on Kik if you want.

If not you uninstall your app directly and reinstall it.

#6. Clear Cache On The Kik.

Once in a while, you need to clear up your cache. Over a period of time, a load of unimportant data is stored so to clear them up you need to cache them.

So, to clear the cache for both Android and iOS users follow up the steps mentioned below and you would be good to go.

(For Android users)

  • Go to the “Settings” option on your Android phone.
  • With the help of a search bar search for “Kik”
  • Select that and click on clear.

(For iOS users)

  • Go to the “Settings” option on your IOS phone.
  • With the help of a search bar search for “Kik”
  • Select that and click on clear.

#7. Login And Log Out From The Kik App.

The next common solution you can do to resolve your use is to log in and logged off again.

This way any technical glitches or problems you are facing will hopefully go away.

#8. Force Stop.

If the bone of the solution works for you then the last option is for you to force stop the Kik.

How you can do it? This is by following the steps mentioned below.

(For Android users)

  • Go to the “Settings” option on your device.
  • Go to the “Application Manager” and tap on it.
  • Open the “Kik” app
  • Select force stop and tap Ok.

(For iOS users)

  • Go to the home screen, while the Kik app is running in the background.
  • Double-tap on the home button.
  • Sliding up on the Kik messenger will force it to close.

How To Fix Video Calls If Not Working On Kik?

The first thing, you should check is your internet connection. If you face the problem of making or receiving calls. I

Check if your network connection is still stable or not. And if it is stable then you need to go to airplane mode and turn it on and off.

If you are still facing the problem. Then you need to check the setting of your device and make sure that the Kik app is enabled to access your camera.

If you have tried the above-cited methods then you try out the below-mentioned ways,

  • Restart your device.
  • Switch on or off your network connection.
  • Check your connection is stable by going to any website.
  • Force to stop the Kik app.
  • Check updates on your device.

How To Fix The Kik Captcha If Not Working?

Like all the other websites or apps, Kik also uses a captcha code for the verification process. However, users face issues with captcha codes. Try to fix this issue by:

  • Refresh the captcha.
  • Reload the app.
  • Reinstall the application.

How To Fix The Kik Camera Not Working?

This is the most common issue that users face most of the time while using the Kik app. This issue is caused by hardware or software problems but you can fix this problem with some easy tips:

  • Restart your device.
  • Go to settings and go to the camera.
  • Check for permission.

If you are still facing the problem then you have a Factory reset option. But this option will delete everything on your device.

Final words:

In this article, we have mentioned the different ways in which you can fix your Kik app if it is not working.

So far we have mentioned how you can fix your kik if it is not working. By restarting, reinstalling, clearing cache, force stop, and many more.

And still, if your Kik is still not working properly then contact the Kik Support Team and tell them about your problems. They will help you to resolve your problems.

And if you still have any doubts, feel free to reach out in the comment section we will be happy to assist you.

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Why is Kik not working?

If your Kik app not working then try to shut down the Kik app and reopen the app. You should also check your Apple store or Play store and find is there any update available for the app.

Why was Kik shut down?

The company claimed that it was discontinuing the messaging service so that it could concentrate on developing the Kin cryptocurrency. In a blog post, Kik Interactive stated that a Kin legal dispute with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) forced the company to make the decision.

What are the alternatives to the Kik app?

If you want to switch from kik to another messenger app then there are many options available in the market.

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Viber
  • Line
  • WeChat
  • Snapchat
  • Hangouts
  • Tango
  • Telegram
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