How To Go Live On Kik App In Seconds (New Update)

As you know Kik is one of the best chat messaging apps to talk with friends and strangers all over the world. Now Kik is updating the new features to go Live on Kik. Before this you only can share photos, videos, gifs, stickers, and emoji’s in a private or public group.

Now you can go Live for free and you also watch other users streaming videos and send emojis and gifs to them.

I guess you are also excited to use these features to show something to your friends or the public. So today you will know how to go Live on Kik for both Android and iOS users. Not only this you can earn money by streaming.

What is Kik Live ??

Kik live is a new update feature on the Kik app for live streaming. Kik live is just like Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok. People will join your live streaming when it’s available in the Kik Live section. It is the best way to interact with people and get to know more all over the world. Kik Live features are very useful you can:

  • Make friends.
  • Talk with new people.
  • Earn money or rewards.
  • Increase followers.
  • Increase your business profile.
  • Increase your knowledge about the world.

How does Kik Live stream work?

It is so simple to go Live and stream on the Kik app. When you start streaming it will be put on the stream section, so when the user visits the live section of Kik they can see your stream. There are other streamers so you have to compete with them in order to get more views on your streaming and followers on your profile to get popular.

If you want to increase your viewers, followers, diamond, and hearts you have to upload a good profile picture on your account. Instead of it, you need to write an eye-catching description of your stream or title.

If you are successful in getting the attention of users then they will send you gifts and hearts. It will help you to increase the status of your stream from newbie to leaderboard. Once you reach the leaderboard status then you will get more viewers on your streaming video. Thus you can be famous or earn money.

What are the rules of Kik Live?

Everyone wants to be famous in their life. People do a lot of things to be famous. So the Kik app has some rules for stream. Kik wants to make a clean environment for users who watch other streams. Kik doesn’t like to disturb people because once people become disturbed by any chance then Kik will lose a lot of users and go down which is not good for Kik. So the Kik app makes some rules to go Live on Kik.

  • You can’t use bully language or hate speech.
  • You can’t use nudity for streaming.
  • Under-age users are allowed to go live on Kik.
  • You can’t stream with Minors or include them.
  • If you try any illegal activities then your account will be banned.

How to go Live on Kik

To go live on Kik you need to create an account on the Kik app and upload a good profile picture. After setting your profile section you can start streaming and chat messaging ok Kik.

Other people can also request to join you while you are streaming. You can challenge other popular live streamers inside. You can use the Kik app on Android or iOS platforms and the process is the same. So let’s get started to go live on Kik:

Step-1: First, open the Kik app, or if you don’t have the Kik app then download it on your phone or tablet and then open it.

Go live on Kik

Step-2: After opening, log into your account. New people will create an account. If you are using the Kik app for a long time or you forgot your login details then recover by the recovery option.

Go live on Kik

Step-3: After logging into your account, tap on the Live TV icon in the home section from the bottom right corner. It will look like a YouTube icon in black and white color.

Go live on Kik-1

Step-4: After tapping on the Live icon, you will land inside the world of the Kik streaming platform. Here you will watch a lot of streaming videos of users. You can start your own love streaming by simply tapping on the Go Live blue button.

Go live on Kik-2

Step-5: Now you will see the checkmark Term & condition icon, you need to accept the terms and conditions of the Kik Live features. Without check-marking on the Terms of Service and Live streaming content and conduct policy, you can’t do your streaming.

Terms and conditions to go live on Kik

Step-6: After you accept the Terms and policy of the Kik Live features just tap on Got it blue button. Now you will go to the final stage before starting your new streaming.

Go live on Kik-3

Step-7: You are in the final stage now, here add a description of your live streaming. You can also tag your friends or other streamers so that they can join you and watch you live. Now you have to tap on the start blue button. Now you are ready to live chat on the app.

Go live on Kik-4

How to join Kik Live?

You can join Live with someone easily. On the Kik app, there are many users who go live streaming, talking to you, sharing information, and other things. If you don’t want to chat then going live or joining a live stream is a better option. If you want to join other live streaming then:

  • Open the Kik app.
  • Tap on the Live button from the bottom right.
  • Choose the person or people to join and watch live streaming.
  • You can join by selecting the categories like trending, favorite and new.

Thus you can join and watch live sessions of people who are streaming. If you want to leave the live session then simply click on the X button from the upper right corner and you exit.

You also can request to join the live streaming and talk to each other during their streaming. For this tap on the + button from the bottom right corner and select the Guest option. Moreover, if you see the live session is trolling someone or bullying or the content is illegal then you can report their live stream from the upper right side.

How to cancel Kik Live?

If you have done your live streaming or someone is disturbing your live session or you want to end your session, you can exit or cancel Live. It is as easy as you do on Instagram or Facebook.

To cancel or end your live streaming:

  • Tap on the X icon from the upper right corner.
  • Tap end stream.
  • Again tap the X icon.

After live streaming, if you want to check how much you earn diamonds or how much you make progress during live streaming, tap on settings from the bottom left corner.

How to disable Kik Live stream

There are some users who don’t like live streaming or live chatting. Live streaming is not pleasant for all users. They just want to chat with friends and family. So adult live streaming can be inappropriate for them. They wonder if they can disable or remove this live feature.

In this article, I’ll also tell you how to disable your live feature if you don’t like it. To remove or disable live stream from the app:

You need to uninstall your current Kik app and download an older version of Kik messenger. You can download the application from websites that allow you to install any version of the Kik app. Or you can download it from AndroidApkFree or Updown.

After downloading the old version you have to link your current Kik account to the old Kik app. You need to log in to your account. Once the connection is successful then Live features will be deleted automatically from the app.

Things to keep in mind while using Kik Live.

There are some rules that you should keep in mind while using Kik Live and if you violate them as a consequences your account may get blocked or suspended. So its better to be safe then regret later on.

  1. Age restriction:- If your age is below 13 then your account would be suspended. Kik is only for users whose age is 13 or above 13 years.
  2. No fake names:- if you are pretending to be somebody else then this would also lead to suspension of account.
  3. Use of derogatory remarks:- Kik has zero tolerance level for racist remarks or verbal abuse and if you are found guilty for the same then you might never be able to use your registered account.
  4. No explicit content showing:- Kik does not promote any pornography.
  5. no self harm or no streaming of illegal things for promotion

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Final thoughts:

Live streaming is trending nowadays. You can earn money from live streaming and promoting your business. You can become famous and gain a lot of followers if your stream is good.
I hope now you all understand how you could do live streaming with the help of the above ways. So enjoy your live streaming, make new friends and spend your time with them.


Is live streaming free on the Kik app?

Yes, live streaming is totally free on the Kik app. You need a subscription or pay money to go live on Kik. And you can go live whenever you want and wherever.

You only need to send the money on the Kik stream as a gift. If you want to send gifts to someone streaming then you need to spend the money and purchase it.

Is it safe to live stream on Kik?

Well, it’s safe to use live streams on Kik. But it also depends on you. If you create your streaming videos and talk with new people worldwide without realizing any personal things, then it’s safe.

Most of the people are adults on Kik so if you don’t like adult messages or these types of things then don’t go live, You can’t handle and it might create a little bit of a problem.

How can we know if someone is online on Kik?

When you message someone, you see the delivered (D) or Read (R) symbol beside the message then the person is online.

Does Kik have an audio call feature?

No, Kik doesn’t have an audio call feature. You can do chatting, video call, or live stream on Kik.

Can we be scammed on Kik?

Yes, if you trust people or share your personal information you could be scammed easily on Kik.

If someone is verbally abusing or using derogatory remarks can I report them during the live stream?

Yes, if you come across an instance where someone is using racist remarks, you can immediately inform Kik of this same. And the relevant action would be taken again them.

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