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Pros and Cons of the 5G technology
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Welcome back readers, we are back with the blog on “Pros and Cons of the 5G technology”. You might be hearing the news regarding the 5g technologies.

Even some of the brands like Motorola, Nokia, and many more have even announced their 5g handsets. 

Some of the companies have even introduced those handsets. But let me tell you that the 5g connectivity is still under the research and development phase. But who knows it might get available soon. 

So in this particular blog, we are going to deal with the 5g technology, advantages, features, and so on. Well, the journey from 1g to 5g technology is quite interesting.

So in the next section let’s check out the journey right from 1g to 5g.

The Journey From 1g To 5g Technology

1G or you say the first generation of the mobile network was established in Tokyo in 1979 by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. And guess which was the first mobile to incorporate with the 1g technology?

Well, the first mobile to deal with that 1g technology was the Motorola. But sadly, things not went according to plan. The 1g network was full of bugs. The voice quality was not up to the mark during the calls.

It was not secured as the call was not encrypted. Also, it did not facilitate roaming calls. With these drawbacks, the stability and security of the network where needed. And this is what let the up-gradation to the 2g technology.

2G or the second generation of the mobile network for was started in Finland for the first time, around 1991. This time the mobile network was established under the GSM standards.

With the 2g technology, the issue of encryption and voice clarity in the 1g network got solved. 2g brought the revolution with itself, not only in the communication but for the first time the SMS and MMS were introduced.

For the first time, it gave access to the internet. However, the speed was a little slow but it managed to provide a speed of 40kbit/sec. Also, with the EDGE almost 500kbit/s speed can be achieved.

3G technology developed, promising a higher speed for accessing the internet. It was launched in 2001. For the first time data was being transferred as data packets. And people used to get a maximized bandwidth.

Greater bandwidth means the more awesome speed of the internet. The phones with the front-facing cameras started rolling out. For the first time, people were able to video conferencing and many other things that were not possible with 2g.

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The Era of Data

The popularity of the internet was growing every day and with this, the internet got flooded with data. Although the 3g network was doing great, now it was time for the 4g. 

The 4g network started in the year 2009 in Norway and soon it revolutionized the whole telecommunication industry’s history. People are now able to access the internet at a pretty awesome speed. Even the speed goes till the gigabit/s for a stable user. 

The streaming of high-quality videos became pretty simple. People started indulging in high-quality video conferencing. Even the call quality got enhanced. But accessing the 4g network you need a 4g enabled handset too. 

Things are changing so rapidly, the fast internet also gave a boost to small industries and even the bigger ones. This was the era when youtube and YouTubers got recognition.

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Introduction To 5g Technology

Although, the 5g technology is still in the making the rumors and news might be increasing your curiosity about the 5g technology.

The 5g network was about to be rolled out by 2020. However, the 5g enabled handsets are getting rolled out that points toward the coming of the 5gh technology.

As of the news coming daily 5g deals with those big data. With the information flooding on the internet daily, there needs to be an even enhanced technology to deal with that. And exactly what the 5g technology does. 

This fifth generation of the mobile network has more to do with just providing an enhanced internet speed.

It is integrated with the internet of things(IoT) technology. The technology lets you connected all your devices, machines and you connected to a network. So just one click for all those works.

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How Does 5G Works?

5G comes into the 5th generation of network technology. 5G is the next generation’s wireless technology, which is lighting fast, and transmits data much faster than earlier 4G LTE.

Not only that it also more capable to handle more devices connected to it. And one more best thing about 5G, which is not enabled in 4G.

It’s less power-consuming and energy-efficient. As experts say 5G allows you 10 times faster speed than the 4G, which means you can get downloading speed up to 20Gbps and upload speed up to 10Gbps. That is super fast, isn’t it?


Well, there is a long list of advantages of the 5g technology, here we are going o share some of them.

  • A larger bandwidth 
  • No doubt an awesome speed of about 20Gbps. 
  • All your devices will run at your fingertips.
  • An uninterrupted internet usage
  • Remotely control all your devices
  • Can be even beneficial to companies and industries
  • Downloading speed up to 20Gbps and uploading speed 10 Gbps.

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So with every new invention, there is a positive and a negative side. And the same is with the 5g technologies. So here goes the disadvantages of the 5g technology. 

  • As the technology is still in the making we can say that it wouldn’t be that stable. 
  • People will need to change their devices in order to use the 5g technology. As the old device might not support the 5g technology. The same thing happened when the 4g came into the existence. 
  • As it is still in making security and reliability can be an issue. 
  • It might be possible that the infrastructure of this IoT-based technology cost higher than your expectations. 
  • No courage for everyone in the beginning. Offering this service for the entire country will cost too much, so maybe the courage area will be limited in the starting phase.

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Below we are going to solve some of the frequently asked questions related to 5G technology.

5g Technology In World? 

Well, countries like China, South Korea, and the United States are racing in the process of developing and deploying the 5g technology. 

However, South Korea became the first country to deploy a 5g technology. And by the coming year, it will lead the 5g technology. The other countries are too in the race. 

What are the 5g & Pros and Cons

Well, we discussed above only but let me briefly explain the 5g network again. 5g technology is the fifth generation of a mobile network. The technology offers you a pretty awesome speed of internet with up to 20Gbps speed.

So with this technology now you can download a movie in just seconds. With this IoT-based technology now all your devices and machines are gonna be wirelessly connected with your device.

Who Invented 5g Technology?

Well, it is pretty tough to name a single company or a single person. There are several tech giants working together day and night in order to establish the technology. One of the names among them is Qualcomm. 

Why 5g Technology?

Well, the primary reason can be the speed of the internet. Also one of the reasons can be dealing with those floods of data.  

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Well, that’s all about the “Pros and Cons of the 5G technology ”. We here tried to provide all the information related to the 5g technologies in a very simple and clear manner.

Hope this particular piece of knowledge might be helpful to you. Also, we discussed some of the common questions that you might have been searching for.

So that’s all for now, we will be back with another blog. For more such blogs on technology and gadgets keep visiting us. Your views matter to us so feel free to comment below. 

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