How To Get Faster Internet For Free | Simple Tricks

How to get faster Internet for free

Have you ever tried to get faster Internet for free? Everyone wants faster Internet. You have tried so many ways but none of them are working. We are here to help you to speed up your internet in less time to check your router works without spending money.

Faster internet for free? Doesn’t that sound rubbish, but you really can get faster internet by technically working. If you want to increase your network speed at work or home, you need to be aware of the activities that decrease the network speed so you can fix it.

There are several blockades that are stopping your network from reaching its maximum speed. Remove those blockades and your network will automatically increase speed. So you can quickly download your content, have less buffering and quick movie streams, etc.

Check your Internet speed

First, you need to be sure that your Internet speed is running higher or not. You need to check your network speed, check the speed result as a baseline and compare it with the maximum speed advertised with your internet plan. Thus you will get to know if your speeds are running better or if it might get slow.

Many ISP’s guarantee speeds only over a wired Ethernet connection. That is ok to use an ethernet connection and it is safe also. If you need a speed test then you can use the How Much Speed Do You Need Tool to see if you need more speed than your current plan.

What do I need to do to get faster Internet for free

There are many ways to get faster internet that will definitely work to increase your network speed. Technically you can do this:

1. Consider your data cap

A data cap means you can use only a certain amount of data every month. If you set up your data limit, your ISP slows your internet speeds. Data caps are the main cause to slow your internet speed because your ISP will mess with your connection.

If you don’t know you have a data cap, just check your bill. There will be outlined in the print if you have a data cap so contact your internet provider about your internet plan with a higher data limit

2. Reposition your router to get faster Internet for free

If the Wi-Fi network from the router can’t reach you properly, your network speed will suffer. If your router is in some corner of your home then move it.

Your need to fix the router in the middle of the house that will reach out to every corner of your house. If you spend all your time in the living room on the first floor, put your router on the same level.

Make sure that your router is updated with the latest version. Most Wi-Fi routers don’t update automatically so check it. If your router is not updated then update it and install it.

3. Give a break to your router to get faster Internet for free

Give a break to the router to refresh the internet connection. You should reset your router every month. If you have a modem separate from your router then reset your modem too.

You need to plug your modem and router into a timer that will turn the system on and off. Set the timer to the night so the next day when you can wake up with fresh internet speed.

You should disconnect all of your unused devices from Wi-Fi. Well, everything connected to your internet connection should be necessary. Connecting a lot of devices with one network connection also causes slow networks.

4. Use a streamlined browser to get faster Internet for free

You should use a backup browser like Opera, Opera streamlined all the data on web pages to give you a faster browsing speed. You routinely keep many tabs and windows open on your browser then which can cause slow network connection speed.

I wouldn’t give you advice on using Opera regularly but whenever you need it or your Wi-Fi network is slow then switch to Opera without disturbing your tab.

5. Install Virus and Malware scanners

Sometimes the internet catches some unwanted data and viruses. I advise you to install antivirus and Malware scanners that will remove your virus and Malware as well as it will protect your device and software from malware.

You need to search every app or software on board, you should set it on a regular basis so it can automatically scan the virus and Malware. Still, if you have a problem with your system then contact a computer technician who will remove all the corrupted files and Malware.

6. Install a clear cache plugin

You need to clear the cache on your browser whenever it seems to be getting slow. You can clear the cache on your internet browser also, whatever you do on the browser, the browser stores a little bit of information about your activities in the form of cookies.

Marketers use your data to show you ads for products that you want to buy and search on the browser. Like you open the Flipkart website on the browser and search for products, the same kind of products you will see on social media or on other sites because the browser has already stored your data.

To get rid of these cookies, you have to clear the cache on your browser that will erase your unwanted data and empty your phone storage as well as app storage. You can do this manually but it is easy if you use Clear Cache for Chrome, you can do it with just one click and make sure you will clear your cache every month or week.

7. Switch to ethernet to get faster Internet for free

Most people use Wi-Fi nowadays, which is nice to use because wireless connections are convenient to use but they are not always fast, while cable connections will always be faster. It’s because cable gets signal directly to your connected device and wireless is relying on over-the-air transmission.

You need to use the internet via ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are local area network connections that connect with your computer and network device.

You can connect your TV, Computer, Laptop, and other streaming devices like Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, or other gaming services. If you want to keep your information private like bank related the ethernet is a better option

8. Block ads to get faster Internet for free

Nowadays everywhere you go online there is traffic, endless ads, gifs, pictures, and videos. Because of ads and auto-played videos, your network speed loses. Ads media slow down your internet speed, so blocking the ads is better.

Install ads blocking plugin that will help to stop the auto-played video or ads on your content. You can use plugins like Adblock Plus And CyberGhost.

9. Talk with your ISP

If you are tired of your network speed, talk to your provider. Even if there is only one ISP in your place, it probably has multiple plans. Your provider will offer a higher download speed plan that would better serve you.

I know what you are thinking now, for this you have to spend money every month. But there is no better provider in sight if you want a higher speed of the network. So talk to your provider and ask him about alternate plans, or do some research on Google to find out what other users are paying for similar plans and what speed they get.

10 Disconnect Wi-Fi

If your device has turned on mobile data, then disconnect your Wi-Fi, but only when your Wi-Fi is slower than your mobile data. The bandwidth some people pay for their network is slower than what they can get from a tower, so switch the networks and make your internet faster.

If you have a strong mobile data connection then connect your computer, or tablet with a hotspot. Almost all mobile devices have this feature or you can use some apps to share the mobile internet with other devices.

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Final words

Make sure no one is using your network connection, this is a problem in apartments as people will try to reach out to others to get free WiFi. If you have a problem with your internet connection or you couldn’t work properly then try these tips and check your connection. These tricks are easy to use and won’t spend you much time or money.

If you want to know more about internet connection or other queries related to internet speed tests then comment here, I’ll make sure to give you an answer to your queries.


How do I check my Internet speed?

To check your internet speed, download the Speedtest by the Ookla app. It is a web-based app. It can check both your upload and download speed and will work on both platforms, whether iOS or Android.

What is a good internet speed?

25 Mbps is good for Wi-Fi, at this speed you can use multiple devices at the same time and there will be no problem with the internet connection. For larger households, 100 Mbps is better. The fastest internet speed is 1 Gigabyte per second, which is the same as 1,000 megabytes per second.

Is 512 Kbps fast?

No, 512 Kbps is the minimum speed for ISP services in India. This is only good for a single user if he wants to hear music, watch videos, and play games online. But for heavy users who download files and software from the internet then it will be a little difficult for them.

Who is the best internet service provider?

There are several good internet service providers such as

  • 1 AT&T Internet
  • 1 Verizon Internet
  • 3 Xfinity Internet
  • 4 Cox Internet
  • 5 Spectrum Internet
  • 8 CenturyLink Internet
  • 7 Astound Broadband
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