How To Spot A Fake Apple Watch?

How to spot fake apple watch

So you bought an Apple Watch, awesome! But before you start rocking the latest tech on your wrist, there’s one thing to keep in mind: is it real? Fake Apple Watches are out there, and they might not work as well as the real thing. They could even damage your phone or have security risks. Don’t worry, though! We’re here to help you check if your Apple Watch is genuine and not a copycat. With a few simple steps, you can be sure you’ve got the real deal on your wrist. Let’s jump in and see how to spot a fake Apple Watch!

How to know if my Apple Watch is original or fake

So you’re thinking of getting an Apple Watch, but you’re worried it might be a fake. Don’t worry, there are ways to tell the real deal from a not-so-real deal. We’ll break it down into simple steps:

1. Identify Apple Watch with Serial Number ( Fake vs Real)

Apple watch serial number comparison points to spot real or fake

One of the easiest and most authentic ways to spot a fake Apple watch. Look for a serial number on the back of your watch.

Go to Apple’s coverage website and just enter your item code and serial number. So if your Apple Watch is Real it will show you

  • Valid Purchase date
  • Telephone Technical support
  • Repairs and Service Coverage

The major green icon you need to care for is the first one “Valid Purchase date. If it’s green you got the real Apple Watch and if not, It’s the fake one.

It 100% assures you that you have a Real or fake Apple watch.

Some get lucky and some can get bad news while checking the serial number.

And it shows a red box that says “We’re sorry, but we are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again laterThis means that your Apple Watch is fake.

However, you can feel the difference between them both in terms of quality and functionality. While buying online you have to be cautious about how the fake one looks and the real one looks.

Now that’s amazing to see how closely the fake Apple Watch resembles the real Apple Watch.

2. Spot a Fake Apple watch by its Size

real or fake dimensions comparison

Real and Fake Apple watch versions vary in size and are made with stainless steel. They just look the same.

You won’t be able to spot the fake Apple Watch. Both watches have the home button on the right and it’s colored into a watch. 

Both feel good in material but the Fake Apple watch surprisingly feels like the Real Apple watch.

The screen on the fake Apple watch seems to be of poor quality glass or plastic being used that reflects weirdly.

The genuine dimensions of the Apple Watch – for 38mm versions are 38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5mm and sizes for 42mm are 42.0 x 35.9 x 10.5mm. But above all, Genuine is after all genuine.

The fake Apple Watch is thicker than the real one. 

3. Check the Packaging

apple watch packaging of real one
apple watch packaging of fake one

This is to remember the Real Apple Watch boxes use high-quality stuff that includes printing.

A fake Apple watch box has a typical peeled and faded which is one of the common flaws of the fake Apple Watch boxes. 

For more on the packaging, please stay tuned with us to find out more about How to spot a fake Apple watch. 

4. Identify a genuine Apple watch with GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Apple watch display -real
 display with gui- fake apple watch

Let’s have a look at the GUI (Graphical User Interface) which will help you identify the Real Apple Watch.

The GUI has been crafted by all the icons of the menu, the general software, and the apps available on the Apple watch.

About the buttons, I recommend you check whether the buttons are functioning as expected. 

This is the major factor where Fake Apple Watches generally lag and don’t perform the task like the Real Apple Watch this is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake Apple Watch.

5. Check the Controls

Apple watch controls on genuine one
Apple watch controls of bad one

The digital Crown dial will be on the top of the right hand and a longer-flatter side button just below it (depending on the way you are holding up the watch). Or the longer-flatter side button above and the Digital Crown dial below it. 

Check for both the controls present and on the same side of the watch. While the Speaker and the microphone are on the other side of the watch.

These clone watches in the market are being sold at a very affordable price that offers fewer functionalities and looks extremely similar to the Apple Watch. 

Another more surprising fact about these fake Apple Watches is that they have longer battery life than the Apple Watch.

It’s because of the fewer functionalities and display strain on battery power.

There are many dealers online who are selling these Fake Apple Watches and you might spot one on your friend’s wrist. 

6. At the Back – Spot a Fake Apple Watch?

Apple watch back
Apple watch back

Every model of the Apple Watch varies from another and has a complex heart rate sensor and product-related specs at the back of your Real Apple Watch.

Fake Apple Watch manufacturer has also tried their best to copy it. The Real Apple Watch has 

  • Band Release Button
  • Serial Number
  • Speakers
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Case size
  • Material type
  • Microphone

Whereas the fake Apple Watch doesn’t have a heart rate sensor, a microphone, or two-lined speakers. 

7. Look at the Screen to spot the fake one

Apple watch screen
Apple Watch screen

In terms of screen fake, the Apple Watch has a screen that is a bit too bright, shiny, and glossy.

A low-quality screen reflects too much light than it should. Overall scrolling experience with fake Apple watches is another crucial factor that can be spotted easily.

It is another considerable option to spot a fake Apple Watch.

Also, the straps that come with Fake Apple Watch are mostly not detachable and do not allow you to replace them with a new one.

Therefore this is another major drawback to help you spot a Fake Apple Watch.

8. Go to Apple’s official site

If you are still unsure how you can spot the fake Apple watch then the best way to determine the same is to look up the model on the official site Apple from there you will get all the official details regarding the same.

FAQs: Is My Apple Watch Real or Fake?

Why should I even check if my Apple Watch is real?

Fake watches can be low quality, have missing features, and even pose security risks by stealing information or damaging your phone.

How can I tell if the box is real?

A real Apple Watch box is thin and long, with a clear red Apple logo and the word “WATCH” printed on it. It should feel sturdy and well-made, unlike flimsier boxes with blurry printing.

What about the watch itself? What should I look for?

A real Apple Watch has a thin bezel (the black frame around the screen), making the screen appear almost full-sized. Fakes often have a thicker bezel, shrinking the screen and feeling cheap or plasticky.

Can I check anything when I turn it on?

Sure! A real Apple Watch will show the Apple logo and let you pair it with your iPhone using the Apple Watch app. Fakes might have a different logo, no logo at all, or not connect to your iPhone properly.

Are there any other details I should check?

Look for the serial number on the back of the watch. You can enter it on the Apple website to see its warranty status. A real watch will show valid information, while a fake might have a fake number or one that doesn’t work.

I saw a super cheap Apple Watch online. Is that a good deal?

Be careful! Real Apple Watches are premium devices and generally won’t be super cheap. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

What if I’m still unsure?

No worries! The best way to be 100% sure is to take your watch to an Apple Store. A professional there can help you verify its authenticity.

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It is the most common concern nowadays. Fake Apple Watches are out there, and they might look pretty convincing. But can check if your Apple watch is fake or real. Why is this important? Well, fakes can be:

  • Poor quality: They might break easily or not work properly.
  • Missing features: They might not have all the cool stuff a real Apple Watch does.
  • Security risks: They might have software that steals your information or damages your phone.

By checking if your watch is real, you can avoid these headaches and make sure you’re getting the genuine Apple experience.

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