How To Play Music On Your Apple Watch?

Play Music On Apple Watch
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Your childhood dream was also to listen to the music from your watch. Well if you own an Apple watch your dream can come true. You can listen to play music on Apple Watch.

If you want to listen to the music from your Apple watch it gives you two options. Either you can connect your watch with a nearby iPhone and listen to the music. Or you have to store the music in your watch. Yes, you can download and store music on your Apple watch. Apple Watch allows you to store songs around 2GB. This means you can roughly store 500 songs(if each song is approximately 4MB).

If you have the songs downloaded in your Apple watch you won’t be needing any other controlling device. All the controlling options will be available in your smartwatch. All you need to have is a Bluetooth device that can play the sound. As the Apple Watch doesn’t come with a speaker or an audio jack. No audio jack means you have to use only Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

How to Download music in your Apple watch?

To download the songs to your watch follow the steps shown below:

  • Connect your Apple Watch to the charger. And make sure that the charger is connected to the power.
  • Now open the watch app on your iPhone.
  • After opening the app. Locate the ‘music’ option on the ‘My watch’ screen.
  • Select the music option.
  • Now you will be given options to download your kind of music to your watch. You will have two options to do so-
    • Either you can choose your songs, album, or playlist manually.
    • Or you can choose the “heavy rotation” feature. And then the software will automatically choose the songs based on your regular listening habits.
  • To manually choose your music select the “+ Add Music” under “Playlists & Albums” and choose what you want.
    • You will get multiple options if you choose the playlist option like My Top Rated, Recently Added, Recently Played, Top 25 Most Played, Purchased.
    • You can also see the custom-made playlists you’ve already have on your iPhone or iTunes. And by the process of syncing the songs will be placed on your Apple Watch. The longer the playlist will be the longer it takes to copy them to Apple Watch.
  • If you wish to use the “heavy rotation”. Just turn the feature on and make it green. And your work will be automatically done.
  • The music will download or sync only when the Apple Watch is connected to power and close to your iPhone.

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Listen to music from the Apple watch

  • Touch on the Apple Watch screen and hold it when you are in the music app.
  • It will launch a couple of options like Shuffle, Repeat, AirPlay, and Device.
  • Select the Device option from all these.
  • It will allow you to switch between iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Choose Apple Watch.

Next what you have to do is connect your Apple watch with a Bluetooth device.

  • When you choose the Apple watch device a screen will appear. Asking you to “Pair a Bluetooth headset to listen to music on your Apple Watch.”
  • From Settings, choose a paired device from the list.
  • Choose the device which is available with you to play the song.
  • Now you are connected with the device and are ready to play the music.

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How to Play Music On Your Apple Watch (Sync with iPhone)?

  • Locate and open the Music App on your Apple Watch.
  • If you want any specific music app, you have to download it to your Apple watch.
  • After successfully downloading the app. You can access that on your watch.
  • Open that application and now you will be able to scroll through music stored on your Apple Watch and choose a song. Scroll to the top for the option to shuffle all songs on the Apple Watch. If your iPhone is nearby, the Apple watch will give an option to choose “On iPhone” to browse and play the music that is on that device.
  • After selecting your music you have to connect the Apple Watch to a Bluetooth audio device to listen to the audio.
  • The watch will ask you to “Pair a Bluetooth headset to listen to music on your Apple Watch.”
  • From Settings, choose a paired device from the list.
  • Choose the device which is available with you to play the song.
  • Play your music from your watch now.
The Apple watch controls while you listen to music
  • The crown (the dial on the side of your watch) to turn the volume up or down.
  • You can also use the Bluetooth device to adjust the volume of your music.
  • The buttons for pause, skip forward, or skip back will be on the screen.
  • Shuffle between songs by swiping left and right to the screen. And you will be able to access the music list.
  • three dots in the bottom right corner of the watch face you can choose to delete the song from your apple watch.
  • If you want to delete a song, locate three dots in the bottom right corner of the watch face. And you will see the option to choose to delete the song from your apple watch.

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In the end

You can listen to music with your Apple watch. No matter what you are doing, running, just chilling, exercising, or anything else. You can now download music to your Apple Watch, you can sync it with your iPhone, can access different music apps from your watch, and control it too.

Hope you found the article helpful and now you know how to listen to music on the Apple watch. Keep Reading, keep growing.

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