How To Watch Netflix On Firestick for Free

Amazon fire stick is constantly topping the popularity chart. It is an easy-to-use fluid interface. As Amazon is continuously updating fast check with new editions so that’s why it’s gaining much popularity.

Amazon Fire Sticks include a library of apps, including games, Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, HBO, Amazon Prime, and many more.

Did you know Netflix is the first app that should be installed in your vast library of movies and TV serials that you can watch on a big screen?

Amazon Fastrack has available tea and more than 200 countries. As same Netflix is also entertaining millions of users worldwide.

Because of the license issue, Amazon and Netflix have an exclusive partnership. Else networks and Amazon have worldwide popularity so they can be accessed in the UK US and other many countries.

If you don’t like the service of Amazon fire Sticks you can also get your money back because the Amazon fire Sticks come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can always ask for a full refund if you want.

When the Coronavirus out brakes, the entire world was stuck in their home and also have nothing to do at that time streaming services made many profits.

You can easily watch shows like packs and Recreation, house, 30 Rock, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and many more. But these are available in the US only.

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Installing and Watching Netflix on Firestick | How to Watch Netflix on Firestick?

Netflix is a platform used by millions as it is one of the most popular entertainment hubs. And you will be able to access more content if you are living in the United States. The US Netflix library contains more content than any other country’s Netflix library.

The installation process is quite easy and effortless as it comes pre-installed from the Amazon Store. All you have to do is go to the Home screen of your firestick, go to the search bar and type Netflix. Select Netflix. Click open the Netflix app. If that is not enough information for you, we have discussed it in detail.

  • From the firestick home, click on the search icon located in the upper left corner of your screen.
click on the search icon at Firestick Home screen
  • In the search bar type Netflix and click on the first result that comes up.
type Netflix and click on the first result
  • Now click on the Netflix app and download it.
click on the Netflix app and download it
  • When the download process will complete after a few minutes you will be able to open the Netflix app.

If you have already downloaded the app that’s fine. Else it will show the Download or Get option. 

How to Signup for Netflix?

Enter Your email address
  • Set the password of your Netflix account and click on continue.
Set the password of your netflix account
  • Now please on see the plans option, and choose Netflix subscription plan you want to buy.
choose netflix subscription plan
  • After selecting the plan click on continue.
  • After this, you have to select a payment method and pay for your selected plan.
select a payment method and pay for your selected plan
  • Now all you have to do is verify your payment and click finish.

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Install Netflix App on Firestick | Watch Netflix on Firestick

This method works in any location, no matter where you are located. After you have downloaded and installed the app. You have just installed Netflix on Firestick.

Open the app and sign up and you are ready to experience the best quality Netflix has to offer. You are all set with a Netflix account. Now let me guide you to set up a firestick and follow the steps below.

  • On firestick launch the Netflix App
  • Sign in to the Netflix App
  • Sign in using the email and the password that you used while signing up for the Netflix account
  • It is a one-time setup, just follow the instructions to finish. After the setup is complete. It will redirect you to the NetFlix home screen.

And Voila! you have successfully created an account and installed Netflix on Firestick.

You just have to use the default remote or ask Alexa to play your favorite content.

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Watch NetFlix on Firestick for free (Free content by Netflix)

Now from the home screen type in and click enter. There goes the NetFlix website on your firestick. As Netflix doesn’t work with the amazon silk web browser use it on the Firefox web browser.

All you need to do is just scroll to the bottom of the page. You will be able to see an option in the footer menu [Watch for Free].

Just click on “Watch for Free” and this will redirect you to a different page where you can watch some of their favorite shows and movies for free.

You can go in there and start watching any of the shows and movies available there. It’s all free and perfectly awesome. You can actually watch the whole movie. And if you wanna go back just press the back button on your remote or on the screen. It will take you to the free content page where you can select any other video to watch.

It’s absolutely free and legal.

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Unable to Find “Watch for Free” Option

It has been noticed that in many cases people are not able to find the “Watch for Free” option in the footer of the page.

Click on the menu button on the remote. Hop over to the search bar and type and click on next. 

It will take you to the exact same page that I just mentioned above. You will be able to view their favorite shows and movies available there. And you no longer have to worry about the link which wasn’t available in the footer menu. 

To watch any of the videos or a show simply click on the Watch now button. It’s a great method that allows you to watch NetFlix for free. This method has been tried and tested in The US. It is recommended to use a good VPN if you want to view the content outside of The US.

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Is Netflix free on firestick?

No, Netflix is not free on firestick. You require a Netflix subscription in order to enjoy all of Netflix’s content. You can watch it for free as Netflix allows you to have 30 days trial period. But make sure that you cancel your subscription before 30 days are complete. Or you can watch some content on Netflix for free by visiting The major benefit is that you don’t have to create an account to use this.


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These are the tried and tested methods on How to watch Netflix on firestick one was for free and another one with a subscription plan.

Netflix is pre-installed on the Amazon app store which makes the process very easy.

If you want to unblock American content anywhere around the globe. Don’t forget to use a Netflix VPN, while outside of the US.

If you are going with a free method, you can start watching, you don’t have to sign in, you don’t have to pay for anything, and you can just start streaming right away. Super Easy, Super Awesome. 

Hope this article helps you in watching your favorite and desired content.

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