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How to Watch Zee5 in the USA

Are you craving the content available on Zee5 while living in the USA? You can Watch Zee5 In the USA or any other country where it’s geo-restricted by using a good VPN.

As we all know Indian television industry has gone one level up in recent years. All Indians OTT platforms are creating their presence around the world through their variety of content. So wanting to enjoy that content while living in the USA is obvious.

I suppose you have faced this error “Unfortunately, Zee5 is unavailable in the USA” when trying to access Zee5 content in the USA. And I can assure you that coming here to find a solution to this error will help you solve it.

I know this is frustrating when you want to watch shows but you get to see errors like this. I am pretty much sure all of you got the same error whenever you tried to access Zee5 in the USA, right?

Well, we all know “there is a way where there is a will”. So in this article, I am going to share the way to watch Zee5 with Firestick and any other streaming devices in the USA. 

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Why is Zee5 Not Available in the USA?

Zee5 in the USA

Well, Zee5 is available for 190 Counties but if we talk about the USA then Zee5 is restricted there because of Content geo-restrictions. 

You must be thinking how do other people you know from the USA can stream Zee5 Show? Zee5 has not provided you direct access to its content while being in the USA, but you can still watch it.

So here comes the answer to all your question and thoughts – VPN, for now. You can enjoy your content through a VPN till Zee5 comes to your country.

What Is VPN and How Does It Work?


VPN Stands for (Virtual Private Network). By using a VPN you can access the zee5 and enjoy any of its content in the USA. For watching the Zee5 In the USA, you need to take the first step and that is – to buy a VPN. 

You must know that without a VPN it’s not possible to access Zee5 in your country. Just go and take a subscription for VPN which will allow you to choose a country when you install the VPN.

You can connect it with the location of any country you want to connect. You can simply select the country where Zee5 is accessible. I will suggest you select India, as Zee5 is an Indian OTT platform.

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How To Watch Zee5 with Any Device In The USA?

For watching Zee5 in the USA you have to start with taking the subscription of any VPN. You can find a VPN service provider choose any like ExpressVPN, Nord VPN IP Vanish, etc.

  • Now Install the VPN’s official app on your device.
  • Login with the Email ID & Password. 
  • Install the Zee5 app on the same device. 
  • Now go to the VPN and connect with the server of India or any other server where zee5 is accessible. 
  • Now you can just go to the Zee5 app on your device and stream your favorite shows.

Zee5 with Firestick?

Zee5 with Firestick

Watch Zee5 On Firestick On The Location Zee5 Restricted

You might have to use an Amazon firestick to watch Zee5 on your TV. If you want to use Amazon firestick while watching your content through Zee5 following is your step-wise guide.

  1. First of all, you need a VPN. I mentioned some famous and great VPNs above. 
  2. Subscribe to the VPN.
  3. Now login with your login credentials.
  4. Now connect with the Asian server.
  5. Turn on the Firestick.
  6. Find the Zee5 app on your amazon app store
  7. After finding it install the app. 
  8. Signup with the Gmail id or Facebook id to get all access. 
  9. Now you can enjoy all the features which are given in Zee5. 

Watch Zee5 On Firestick On The Location Zee5 is Accessible

If you live in the countries where zee5 works without any restrictions. Then follow the simple steps to watch Zee5 on Firestick.

  1. First of all turn on Your Firestick.
  2. Go to the Amazon App store and find the application Zee5 by typing from the remote. 
  3. Once you get the right one, simply install it on your device and follow the instructions. 
  4. After downloading and installing are done, open the Zee5.
  5. Now you have to log in, you can choose your login options from your Facebook or Gmail. 
  6. When all the given above steps are done you come to the main screen where you can find your favorite shows or serials and enjoy them. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Zee5 Available in the USA?

Answer – No, Zee5 is not available in the USA as of now. I have given you the idea to enjoy your favorite drama on Zee5 while staying in the USA.

Can I Get Zee5 For Free?

Answer – Yes, But you can only watch limited content on Zee5 for free. And if you want to watch Zee5 in the USA or other countries where Zee5 is restricted you can use VPN. 

Can I access Zee5 with Firestick on Smart TV?

Answer – Yes, If you have a smart TV you can always use Firestick and get access to Zee5. 


Zee5 is a great app for enjoying different kinds of content. You can always install VPN to access any content which is not available in your country for geographical reasons.

VPN provides you an option to choose a language according to your need. It has 5 different language options where you can choose from.

Enjoying your Weekend while sitting in your home with Zee5 is now something you can do without errors. just chill with Zee5 in the USA.

Keep Reading, keep watching.

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