How To Install HD Streamz on Firestick

How To Install HD Streamz on Firestick

I have recently purchased a Firestick and have been enjoying streaming content on various apps. However, I have been hearing a lot about HD Streamz, a popular app that let’s stream live TV channels from around the world for free. I decided to give it a try but I am not sure how to install it on your Firestick.

I search online for how to install HD Streamz on Firestick and come across a step-by-step process. With the help of this, I am able to quickly and easily install HD Streamz on your Firestick and start streaming live TV channels from all over the world.

In this guide, I will walk you through the different steps explaining each step in detail so you can easily install HD Streamz on Firestick.

Install HD Streamz on Firestick

Whenever you try to install the third-party app in Firestick it won’t let you install it because of security reasons. 

So here are ways to install HD Streamz on Firestick. Kindly follow the given steps. 

1. Go to the home screen of your Firestick

2. You will find plenty of features there like Home, Live, YouTube, Movies, and setting as well

3. Click on setting

4. Select “My FireTV”

5. Then click on “Developer Option”

6. Once you click on this option you will find “Install the app from an unknown source is off by default”

7. Click on it to turn it on

You may get a warning message on your screen when you turn it on. (Don’t worry it is only for caution).

As most devices won’t let you download the app from an unknown source because it may be unsafe or unsecured but don’t worry at all HD Streamz is absolutely safe and secure. Simply ignore the message. 

8. Now Top of the left corner you find the option “Search” click on that and type “Downloader”. It won’t let you type completely as an autosuggestion. 

9. You can come with the icon of the downloader click on it. 

10. Let it download, once the download process is completed click open it. 

11. It will ask for some permission as you get two options there allow and deny. Simply allow all of them 

12. Now you can see the downloader app on the main screen “Click on the search bar” and type this code as it is (

13. You will redirect to the HD Streamz page and it will start downloading, so be patient and let it download. Once it’s done you will come up with the screen “Install”

14. Click on it, once the installation process is done click on open. 

You have got the app on your Firestick.

Use HD Streamz on Firestick? – Install HD Streamz on Firestick

If you have followed the above steps then I am pretty much sure you have installed the HD Streamz app successfully on your Firestick. 

It’s time to enjoy it. Simply follow the final steps to let it done properly and work for you. Open the Streamz app and you will find a couple of tabs or I say 4 tabs on the top menu.

Radio Channel – Install HD Streamz on Firestick

In the Radio channel tab, you won’t get many options because most countries don’t offer many channels. 

Live TV Channels – Install HD Streamz on Firestick

As we all know FireTV and HD Streamz are basically for video streaming. Rest options that are given in the list are added. 

You can find content country-wise and channel-wise. Like you find different tabs for different categories. You can choose music, movies, sports, or kid’s materials from the library. 

On Demand – Install HD Streamz on Firestick

Radio and on-demand features don’t offer much on this because Firesteaks is known for video streaming only. 

There are more options there you should know about them. In settings you find a video player – you can set it on one app or you can select Always ask. So it will ask you every time for the apps you want to play with when you play any video.

There are generally three options available 1. HD Streamz app 2. MX Player 3. X player so chooses accordingly every time you play a video. 

There – you can find the theme option there where set it on like dark theme or normal theme. 

Best Features of HD Streamz App – Install HD Streamz on Firestick

Lots of amazing features are available on the HD Streamz app so below I mentioned some of the best for users. 

  1. The user interface is very simple. 
  2. You get Live TV Channels, Radio, and On-demand which are useful for the users. 
  3. All the categories are well designed so you need to do any hard work to find your best shows 
  4. You get 1000+ channels from all around the globe. 
  5. Multiple options are available for playing videos.


Can I uninstall the HD Streamz app?

Yes, it’s possible to uninstall it when you don’t need the app.

Does the HD Streamz app harm my device?

No, the HD Streamz app is a secure and safe app you can download. 

On what other devices can I use this app?

You can use it on multiple devices like Android, iOS, Mi Box, Android Smart TVs, and Android TV boxes. 

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In this article, we shared every detail related to HD Streamz and Firestick. Just follow the step-by-step instruction to get HD Streamz on Firestick and enjoy various content from various countries.

It is a third-party app so you can’t download it directly on your device. So, All you have to do is enable the “Developer option” from the setting and follow the above step to let it download for you.


Q: Is HD Streamz free to use?

Yes, HD Streamz is a free app that doesn’t require a subscription or payment.

Q: Can I use a VPN with HD Streamz?

Yes, it is recommended to use a VPN with HD Streamz for security and privacy reasons.

Q: Is HD Streamz available on the Amazon App Store?

No, HD Streamz is not available on the Amazon App Store. However, you can still install it on your Firestick by sideloading the app.

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