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How To See A Friendship On Facebook

Facebook is the best social media platform to engage people globally throughout the world close together. It helps to build communities, grow your business locally and globally, and connect with each other. When coming to connecting with people, it allows you to see the Facebook friendship between you and your friend.

Facebook keeps on updating the features based on the user experience and introduced the best features to see the Facebook Friendship page and celebrate the Facebook friendship with Facebook Friends or publicly.

Facebook friendship page shows everything based on the settings of privacy of an individual user.

FB is the best when we think of Facebook privacy policies which are so advanced.

It never shares any sort of data without your permission for example In a privacy setting, you can set “who can see what” among friends, private, or public.

so that you can always turn on your photos, info, mobile number, email id, and other data sharing between private, friends, or public. If you want to keep private choose private, if you want to share only to your friends then choose friends, else choose public when you choose public every individual of Facebook user can see. and also keep in mind that the Facebook never share any kind of data to the 3rd party apps or companies

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Features of the Facebook Friendship page

Facebook Friendship page allows you to see below data based on the privacy setting your friend.

  • How long you have been together on Facebook.
  • Timeline comments of both
  • Photos – In which you both you tagged in
  • Things in common like Mutual friends, likes, pages you follow, and every which is matches between both of you.

Now you might be excited to go ahead and check out what things are common between you and your Facebook friends.

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You can see the Facebook Friendship page in two different ways.

1) By directly visiting the friend’s timeline

  1. Open Facebook from your device.
  2. Go to the search button and search your friend username to see the friendship between you both.
  3. Once you entered a Facebook friend’s name, press enter.
  4. Now you can see your friend’s timeline.
  5. Then tap on three-dot button located beside the message.
  6. Click on “See Friendship”
  7. After you clicked on “see friendship”, friendship page will appear on your screen.

This way you can see the common things between you and your Facebook friend.

Note: You cannot see a friendship page without adding a friend.

2) Another way is using a direct URL

Using the URL account id/buddy id of your Facebook friends, to see the friendship page.

Now, You might be thinking what is buddy id?

Buddy id or account id is the unique id for an individual who logged in to Facebook. If you do not know your buddy id or account id then keep on reading to know more.

Steps to know your Facebook account id.

  1. Open Facebook in the browser.
  2. Then right-click and then tap on view page source or press Ctrl + u to open the page source in a new tab.
  3. Now you will able to see a page source which is software coding. Without giving more focus to the code press ctrl + f.
  4. Then a pop will appear to search the words, this pop-up is located in the top right.
Search Popup
  1. Enter account_id in the search bar and now you will be able to see one digital number beside the account id like ACCOUNT_ID”: “1000********”, this number is the unique account id of your’s, it is also called as buddy id 

Steps to know your Facebook friend’s account id or buddy id?

  1. Open Facebook in the browser.
  2. Then right-click and then tap on view page source or press Ctrl + u to open the page source in a new tab.
  3. Now press Ctrl + f to open the word filter
  4. Enter Buddy id in the filter search box.
  5. Now you will able to see the multiple highlighted buddy id based on the number of friends you have. 
  6. To know the name of the friend using buddy id, simply copy the buddy id and paste it under word filter and you will be able to see the user name beside the buddy id and user-id
  7. Once you got to know your account id and friend’s buddy id then simply visit to see your Facebook Friendship.

This way you see the Facebook Friendship page between you and your Facebook friends and even you can share and celebrate your Facebook friendship day and other memories on your timeline or friends’ timelines by tagging them on the post.

Earlier there was another way to see the Facebook relationship. However, Facebook has blocked this way to see the relationship due to privacy issues. Earlier we can able to see the friendship between two users with the link 1/ username 2/.

Note: This link is expired now you cannot see the friendship or relationship with this link anymore.

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Facebook Friendship page faqs:

Can I see the friendship page and common things between two friends?

Yes, Facebook allows users to see Friendship between you and your buddy which means you can only see the friendship between you and your accepted Facebook friends not with unaccepted friends.

What are things we can see on the Facebook Friendship page?

You can see everything which is common in things like photos in which you both of them are tagged, comments, posts, and everything which are common in things.

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