11 Best Free Video Filter Apps For iOS & Android

Best Free Video Filter Apps For iOS & Android
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You must have seen professional videographers and YouTubers edit their videos using desktops. All the movies or shows where we have seen video editing professionals do have a proper desk and system to edit their videos. But in today’s world, you can use your smartphone to edit your videos.

There are many free video filter apps available in the market for iOS and Android. We will discuss the top 11 useful free video filter apps that are very useful for editing your videos.

These video filter apps can be used to DIY videos nowadays the software is so advanced that even professional videographers use these to create a film and publish them.

Using these free video filter apps you can trim your videos, filter them, can put small videos together, edit color and lighting, put special effects, and many more by just using your smartphone.

The applications we are about to discuss are supported on both Android and iOS devices.

Top 11 free video filter for your smartphone

Let’s take a look at these best free video editing apps in 2021.

1. Inshot

InShot - Video Filter App

Inshot allows you to edit videos as well as photos. It can be a great choice for you if you want to edit your videos for social media purposes. When you use it in short it allows you to create the video in the frame size of IGTV, Tik Tok, and all the other dimensions. Many of the users already used short to add their videos as it is very easy to use.

Even a child can operate this application very nicely. You can easily import, trim, edit, and merge your videos using this application. It also allows you to add filters, stickers, captions, emojis, etc. The users can also add music to their videos from their phones or use the different music/sound effects provided by the app.

The application is free to use but doesn’t give you a lot of advanced features and even charge you to remove watermarks from the video you created. And it also shows ads. You need to subscribe to the application to remove ads and watermarks and get more advanced features.

2. FilmoraGo

Wondershare FilmoraGo - Video Editing App

Wondershare FilmoraGo is a free video filter app that allows you to edit your videos with inbuilt themed filters and effects that makes your normal video look professional. You can use this application on your Android or iPhone.

It allows you to edit, trim, and create your videos but it does not allow multi-track editing. All the application does not allow you multitrack editing but it is still one of the most used applications for video editing.

Wondershare has recently launched its new version 6.0 which has more features and a better user interface. You can use many templates to edit your videos such as fashion, food, and travel, etc. If you want some of the advanced features of filters you need to purchase them otherwise this app is completely free to use to make your videos impressive.

3. KineMaster

KineMaster - Mobile Video Editor

KineMaster is the application that fulfills all your advanced requirements for video editing. If you are a professional and want a video filter app for your smartphone this can be it. As it allows high and features such as blending modes, chroma-keying, audio mixing, etc.

You can edit and export your footage on your phone via a multilayer interface. And the best part is it is available for all kinds of Smartphones like iOS and Android. You can trim your clips and layer them frame by frame.

You can upload multi-layer videos, images, text as well as multi-track audio. So basically this is the app that gives you all the advanced features you need, multi-track editing, and Precision control. If you want more from this application you can go for Pro mode. And on the free version of this application, you will have watermarks on your videos.

4. Quik

Quik - Video Filter App

Quik software is very platform friendly as it is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. And it is one of the most famous applications to edit your videos. This software is a new name of the official GoPro app which was rebranded in March 2021. Using this app you can control your GoPro device and edit its footage.

If you have a GoPro with you and you love capturing videos this app is for you. Quik gives the special feature of horizon leveling editor by which you can change the angle of your scene to correct things. It is very helpful when your camera isn’t mounted in the line with the Horizon. You can use music tracks to edit your videos.

The only issue is that older phones from companies like Huawei and Xiaomi do not support this application. We can use this application free of cost but if you want some extra themes and filters you have to pay for them. It is an app where you can Sync songs to footage and have a very good easy interface.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush - Mobile Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best video editing apps to filter your videos. You can use this application on an iOS device, Android device, Windows, or Mac OS. This application converts your videos to specific aspect ratios and quality levels which are required by the platform. It is also the kind of application that is used by professionals to edit their videos.

This is a free application to use you can purchase its Pro mode if you want more advanced features. It gives you very useful export options and supports multi-track editing features.

6. WeVideo

WeVideo -Video Filter App

WeVideo is the application that gives you total control over where your video editing such as text, transmission, motion effects, special green screen effects to create a video with your creative imagination.

Create a professional video all you need to start creating your video is just by having a WeVideo application on your smartphone. You are also given cloud storage so you can save your video editing in between and can resume later.

You can make in-app purchases if you want to exercise more features from the application. The only issue is that the free version of this application gives you very limited functionality and also has watermarks on your videos. Otherwise, it is very easy to use cloud storage video filtering apps.

7. Videoshop

Videoshop - Video Filter App

Videoshop is another video editing app that is available for both the platforms Android and iOS. It is an easy-to-use application that gives you a great platform for animating your videos using innovative features. And perform all the basic video editing tasks like trimming, sound effects, text, transactions, inserting music, etc.

You can change the speed of your video, you can slow down, or speed it up, or create stop motion animations, or can even reverse it. And if you want more features you can have a full exchange subscription.

8. Magisto

Magisto Video Editing App

Magisto video editing app is using artificial intelligence to improve the videos. It gives you many features like stabilization, facial recognition, auto-cropping, etc. And you can share your video on social media just with a single tap.

You can make in-app purchases if you want some specific feature or effects you can pay for. This application is available on Android and iOS

9. Funimate

Funimate - Video Filter App

If you are a youngster who wants to make your videos more Funimate is just the video filter app for you. If you make your videos like a bedroom pop star this app will make your videos much more interesting. You can find all the glitters, stylish text, filters, hearts, sound effects to create the vibe.

The most fun part is that you can collaborate with your friends and create fun videos together while being apart. In the app, purchases are also available to make your videos better.

10 Alive – Movie Maker

Alive - Video Editor App

You must be familiar with short videos nowadays as it is kind of a trend in social media. If you want to create your own short video Alive Movie Maker can be a very good video editing app for you as it allows you to create short videos up to 30 seconds long.

You can use animations, filters, customize text, stickers, and music to affect your videos while using this application. This app is just for making your videos more fun it is not for professionally editing your videos. You can use this application on both the platforms Android and iOS.

11. InVideo


InVideo is an online video editor application that helps you to design and edit videos in an easy way. You can edit any video which is in your media or you can also choose videos and music from the InVideo library to edit.

The video you built or edit can be a combination of video gallery, power transactions, multiple layers, automated VOS, smart frames, and multilingual videos. InVideo will provide you inbuilt filters, effects, templates, stickers, tools, and many more to make your video stunning. It is a completely free platform where you can edit your video online.

All you have to do is log into InVideo free online video editor, edit your video using templates in other functionalities, and you’re done.

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In the end:

We have discussed the best Free video filter apps for iOS and Android. All the apps which we have discussed above can be used both on iOS and Android. Some of the apps are extremely useful for professionals and others are just to edit your video. Hope you found this article useful.

Keep Reading, keep growing.

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