How To Turn On Dark Mode On Facebook?

Enable Dark Mode On facebook
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No one is unaware of the benefits the Dark mode brings to the mobile experience. These days when everyone is busy on social, no one is paying attention to their eyesight.

The optional Dark mode feature in Facebook allows users to turn the background black instead of white (plane) mode. This way, by turning the dark mode on, on the Facebook app, you can use Facebook in bed at night without letting your partner know about it.

Besides, It helps users focus more on their text and message with improved contrast, brightness, and viewing angle. Well, technically dark mode is intended to reduce the light exposure and help eye strain that comes with prolonged screen time.

Also, It is recommended for people who have visual disturbances and dry eyes.

The guide is all about How you can turn on the dark mode on the Facebook app. I will give you step-by-step details for every device whether it is Android, iPhone, or your computer.

So let’s begin,

How to turn on dark mode on the Facebook app on Android?

Facebook dark mode on android
  • Firstly login to your Facebook account
  • Now click on the three horizontal lines placed in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Scroller a little down and tap on settings and privacy.
  • There you will find the dark mode.
  • Click on it. It will enable dark mode from now on. 

That’s it. 

How to turn dark mode on iPhone

Facebook dark mode on iPhone
  • If you are using an Apple phone, things might be a little different for you. Not much but still I will show you the way. 
  • Open your Facebook account in the app. 
  • Now you will see the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  • Scroll down and tap on settings in privacy. 
  • Now click on the dark mode and enable it. 

That’s it you have successfully enabled the dark mode on your iPhone.

How to turn on the dark mode on Facebook on PC

Facebook dark mode on Web
  • Even if you are using Facebook on a desktop or laptop, you can use the dark mode feature to put less strain on your eyes. For that, follow the steps;
  • Login to your account using the Facebook website.
  • Now click on the down arrow icon placed in the top right corner of the menu bar.
  • Scroll down and tab data and accessibility. 
  • Then in the dark mode section, tap on to turn Facebook dark mode on. 

From now on, Facebook will appear to you with a dark background screen.

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Final thoughts

Nowadays, Dark mode is a common feature used in social media and many other apps. The feature is basically intended to put less strain on your eyes as well as to bring a different and new experience for its users.

The article will guide you through the process of turning on the dark mode of Facebook. I hope you like the article, keep reading and keep growing.

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