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How To Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

I don’t think one Instagram account is enough to promote business, share personal pictures, showcase your products, and upload your professional skills. You don’t want to mix up your personal and professional life on your social media platforms. Separation of personal and professional life is a must. You can easily add multiple Instagram accounts for different purposes.

If you have separate accounts for your every work, then you can easily keep maintaining them properly. Like I have two accounts on Instagram, one is for my personal use which is a general Instagram profile. And the other one is my business profile, on which I am available for giving my services.

Instagram allows you to create multiple Instagram accounts like Business accounts, Professional accounts, Creator accounts, Personal accounts, and many more accounts. These accounts are for different purposes, user can use any of the Instagram account types according to their needs.

Instagram allows you to switch from one account to another simply. You can easily jump from your personal account to your business account, business account to your Professional account so quickly. It’s an amazing decision to the separation of your accounts, merging all the things in one account is not good.

After Tiktok got banned in some parts of the world Instagram became one of the best alternatives to Tiktok. And now it is a huge trending social media platform. There are over 112 billion active users of Instagram in the US only. Nowadays, teenagers are using this trending app really much. They love to share the pictures on their stories, make reels, and upload videos. Managing various accounts at a time is also an art.

On your business profile, you can also able to see the analytics, that how your business account is performing. This will help to know where you have to make changes and when you have to update your account. Creating multiple accounts on Instagram will help you to have growth on every profile.

Instagram rolled out this new feature in 2016, this feature contains creating and managing multiple Instagram profiles at a time. Instagram helps you to maintain everything simply. You can switch to another account without logging out of your account. Let’s see what’s inside the article.

How many accounts can you have on Instagram?

According to the Instagram Help Center, one user can have up to five different accounts on Instagram. So, you can switch from one account to another without logging out. There is no limit that you can have only up to five accounts on Instagram, you can have more accounts but Instagram can save only up to 5 accounts on a device.

If you have accounts of more than 5 accounts on Instagram. Then you have to log out those accounts which are previously saved on your device. If you are unable to log in to another account, then check if there is any update available on your Instagram app. Make sure, that you are using an iPhone or Android version that is updated with 7.15.

Is one email address enough to create multiple accounts?

You can not create multiple accounts with a single email address. One email address is not enough for you to create multiple accounts. You have to use individual email addresses for every account you are creating. Creating multiple accounts with a single email address is not possible for you.

If you are creating a new account on Instagram, you need a new email address every time. It is not compulsory that you can only use your email address. Instead of an email address, you can use the phone number. You can easily create an Instagram account by using your mobile number.

The same condition applies here, you can not use a single mobile number to create multiple accounts. For every account creation, you need a different mobile number. So please make sure that you are using a different email address or mobile number.

How to create multiple accounts on Instagram?

Doesn’t t matter whether you are creating your first account or your fourth account, everytime rules are the same. Creating an Instagram is not a big deal. Now, you will get to know how to create multiple accounts on Instagram. I am going to share with you the instructions, which will help you.

You can create an Instagram profile in two ways: by using your phone or by using your desktop. Let’s see the creation of accounts on both:

Create an Instagram account on your phone

  • Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  • Now press the profile photo icon which is at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on the account name
  • Choose the option to add an account
  • Click the create a new account option
  • Create a username and password to fill in your profile details.
  • Now press the “Next” option.

Create an Instagram account on desktop

  • Open a web browser on your desktop.
  • Go to the official website of Instagram.
  • If you’re already having an Instagram account, log in, otherwise, click on sign up to create a new account.
  • Now enter your email address.
  • Create a username Or password to fill in your profile details.
  • Now press the “done” Option.

You can use any of these options to create an Instagram account.

How can you create a second account on Instagram?

You can add a new account without logging out of the old one. That will automatically be added to your app. you can easily switch into your various accounts

If you need a second account on Instagram. By following the instructions you can create a second account.

  • Open the Instagram application on your device.
  • Press the icon that contains your profile photo which is at the bottom right of the screen.
  • You have to press the three horizontal lines which you can see and add the top right side of the screen.
  • Then, select the settings option.
  • Scroll down to the screen and select the add account option.
  • Select the option “log into existing account”.
  • Enter information to your account and then account.

How can you switch accounts on Instagram?

To switch your Instagram from one account to another by using the app, follow the given instructions.

  • Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Press the icon that contains your profile photo which is at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Press the username, which you can see at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the account which you want to open.

Now, you can easily switch to any of your accounts.

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Final Words.

You can create multiple accounts but with different emails and phone numbers. At a time, you can only add up to 5 accounts. You can also add more Instagram accounts if you want. Also create an account, as you need.

I hope you like the content. If you are having queries, ask them in the comment section. I will try to reach your queries as soon as possible. Thank you.

Spread love and stay healthy.

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