How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Working

How to fix Instagram reels not working
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Some users are complaining that their Instagram reels not working, how to fix it. Every platform holds problems. Instagram is also one of them. Here I’ll tell you to fix Instagram reels not working on your device.

As all of you know, Instagram is a user-friendly platform that billions of people use daily and they love its features. As TikTok was banned, Instagram reels catch users’ attention. Reels are the most liked and used feature by users on Instagram. It is a good source of entertainment.

Whether it’s your child or you, everyone is enjoying reels. But If you have some issues while watching your reels on Instagram then you can fix them quickly without spending much time. Let’s take a look to fix Instagram reels.

Why are Instagram reels not working

There could be many reasons for not working Instagram reels. The most common reason is using outdated Instagram apps or Cache has already stored a lot of storage space on your app or on your device.

Besides this, you may have internet connection problems, login problems, and many more. Sometimes the server goes down on Instagram and it is also possible that your reels are not playing.

So you need to check if other features of Instagram are working well or not. If there are problems with many features then it is possible that your server went down, so wait for some time it will work automatically.

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Let’s start fixing Instagram reels not working on your phone

If your Instagram reels not working on your smartphone then you need do is:

1. Check your internet connection

If your reel is not loading or it is not playing then the first thing is to check your internet quality.

If your internet quality is poor or low then it will take time to open the posts so try to make it fast. When your internet connection will be better there will be no problem playing the Instagram reel.

2. Check the update for an Instagram app

Check your latest update for the Instagram app. If your Instagram app is outdated then some features of Instagram won’t work such as reels, go live, etc.

If you have a new update then update with the latest version by going to your Play Store or App Store and see if the problem is solved.

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3. Clear Cache of Instagram

You need to clear Cache on Instagram in a month because as much you use the app as much Cache is stored in your Instagram app.

A cache is unwanted data that take up your storage space which causes the app to run slow and takes up the time to start reels. So clearing Cache is a good option to run your Instagram fast so you can watch reels easily.

4. Check on other places to fix Instagram reels not working

You need to check reels on other places like:

1. Check at the center, the Reels icon at the bottom.

Check on other places to fix Instagram reels not working

2. Check on the story screen.

Check on other places to fix Instagram reels not working

3. Check the search option.

4. Click on the New Post Screen and check the reel option there.

Fix Instagram reels not working on Android or iPhone

5. Check on the user profile.

Check on other places to fix Instagram reels not working

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6. Log Out and Log In to fix Instagram reels not working

If you can’t see the Instagram reels, log out of your account from the app and log in again with your credentials. Sometimes this action can be helpful. Now, check if you can watch reels.

7. Close or restart the Instagram app

If you see, your reels are not playing, then close the Instagram app, and restart it after a few seconds. If there is an error in your app then it will fix by closing and restart the app. This will work sometimes.

8. Join the Instagram Beta program

You should sign up for the Instagram Beta tester. You need to do is:

  • Go to the Play Store or App Store.
  • Type Instagram in the search box and open it.
  • Scroll down and click on the Join button under join the Beta.
  • Tap again to confirm.
  • Your account will be added to the Beta tester program. Just wait for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Click on an update.
  • Now, you can use Instagram reels, but remember it takes up to 2 days also to have Instagram reels appear in your account.

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9. Uninstall and reinstall the app

If your problem is not fixed yet then it might be possible that you have some corrupted files and data stored in your app that can cause it to run off some features.

To uninstall the app that removes all your malware and corrupted files. When you reinstall the app, log in with your login credentials and check if the reels start quickly.

10. Report the problem

fix Instagram reels not working

If these steps still have not fixed your problems then you have the last option to report the problem to Instagram.

  • Tap on three lines at the top of the right corner.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Tap on the Help option.
  • There is an option of Report, you can report now about your problems.
  • Type the issues and click on the submit button at the top right.

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Why can’t I add a poll to my reel?

There are no options available for interactive stickers(polls, Q&As, and challenges). If you want to engage the public with your account then you can publish a story with one of these functions.

Why do my reel covers keep disappearing?

If your cover photo disappears when you share your reel, it’s because of an Instagram glitch. It will be fixed soon, it is not a serious issue. The glitch can delete your cover photo only that’s the possibility.

How to enable Instagram reels?

Tap on your profile at the bottom and tap on the setting. Now, go to the privacy, tap on Reels and Remix. Now, allow for reels or allow for feed videos to turn to remix on or off.

How do I know if my followers are the most active?

Go to the insight, then go to the view data broken down by content, activity, and audience. Choose the audience to see the data of your followers.

What’s the new update on Instagram?

Instagram’s new update has many good features like controlling sensitive accounts in search, reels, hashtags pages, feed recommendations, and accounts you might follow. The Sensitive Control Center provides you with three options:

  • More
  • Standard
  • Less

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Summing up:

The Instagram reel feature is the most used feature on Instagram. People entertain the audience by making short video clips with exciting content.

Most of the time this feature works well, however, the option disappears sometimes and the feature doesn’t work but it’s not common.

But as you can see with these ways the problem can be fixed easily. All you need to do is keep your app updated, and clear your cache on the app from time to time so you won’t face any errors or issues in the future.

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