How To Fix Kindle Won’t Turn On

Kindle Won't Turn On

All electronic devices sometimes have some problems. I usually love to buy electronic items. So a month ago, I bought an Amazon Kindle for myself. After a few weeks, when I pressed the power button just to discover the Kindle, It won’t turn on. And I want to fix that problem.

After a bit of checking, I made some solutions for these common issues. It can be pretty easy to fix these problems but sometimes it really takes too much effort. So here are some tricks that you can try.

Take a look at the causes and Solutions Why Kindle won’t Turn On

1. Kindle screen frozen

If your device won’t turn on. Most of the time it doesn’t mean that your device has a problem.

Sometimes, most electronic devices including smartphones and tabs also have a problem of not turning on. Becoming stuck doesn’t mean, that your device is not okay from the inside. It means your device is locked up.

If you want to unlock your Kindle device, the easiest way is to reset the Amazon Kindle. You have to press and hold down the power button for 20+ seconds. After that turn your device on by hitting the power button again.

What if it doesn’t work the first time? You can try, pressing the hold button down for more than 30 seconds. Most of the time your device will work again continuously.

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How to factory reset your Kindle device?

If resetting didn’t work. Then, you can try to factory reset your device. You can reboot the device by factory reset your device. It will help you to clear out any data or applications.

So, to factory reset your device you have to tap on the ‘quick settings’ icon and after that press on ‘more’, and after that reset to factory defaults.

You don’t have to worry, that your data will be lost. You can download your purchase later from the Amazon cloud.

2. Charging Issues

Another reason for the device does not turn on, can be the battery running out. Maybe your battery is damaged, you have to just recharge it.

You can plug the charger into the Kindle device and then wait for 30 minutes.

Before turning on the device again and not starting up then you can try resetting it. Still, the device won’t turn on. Then it is possible that your amazon Kindle charging cable is broken. Maybe, your cable has not good quality.

You can also try to change the USB cable, maybe it will help. Otherwise, you can replace your battery with a new one you can easily change or replace the battery of your device at home. But, if you find it hard. Then, you can take help from a professional.

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3. Broken Kindle Fire fix the broken part

If your device is not charging then, you can also resolve this problem. Maybe the device parts have been broken and you need to be prepared for a replacement of the broken part of the Kindle, as the device is not easy to open.

So, unless you don’t try to do anything with your device, just contact the customer service of Amazon Kindle. So, that they will replace or repair your device.

If you are repairing the device by yourself. Then, make sure you know how to fix it. Otherwise, your device may cause more damage.

Ask for Amazon customer service or local repair technicians

If you tried all the things by yourself. But still, if your Kindle is not working or you think it’s too hard to fix the broken part by yourself, then you can visit the official Kindle home page to get more information about Kindle customer service.

Maybe the customer care service bill share you are a quick response to solve your problem on they will help you by yourself.

If your device is out of warranty. Then, you can contact the local Kindle technicians to repair your device. Otherwise, If your device is not out of warranty then definitely Amazon customer service will help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the causes of Kindle not turning on or not charging?

The main cause of the Kindle device won’t turn on

  • Maybe the device has insufficient power.
  • It may have a problem with the charger or outlet.
  • Damage to internal parts of the device.
  • Some corrupt files on the device.

What new Kindle Fire models are available in the market or on online platforms?

Some new models of Amazon Fire that are available are Kindle paperwhite, Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet, Amazon Fire HD 10 kids edition, and Amazon Kindle Oasis.

What is the basic solution to fix Kindle not turning on?

The basic solution to Kindle not turning on is you can turn off it or you can also restart it. Commonly 80% chances are there that your device will turn on.

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Final thoughts

Basically, the Amazon Kindle has two problems and the two main reasons are a frozen screen or the device turning on. Otherwise, there is no third problem with Amazon Kindle.

So, basically, you just have to charge your Kindle. If the device is fully charged. Then, it is activated and there you have to face no worry.

If your device has falt then Amazon will definitely replace your device it is not out of the warranty means that is not over 2 years old.

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