Get Peacock On Roku | Is It Available On Roku?

It may confuse you that you can get peacocks on Roku TV but don’t worry here I will give you solutions for that. NBC Universal has launched the peacock platform in June 2020 and it is damn popular all around the US.

On peacock, you can get up to 30 channels, but if those 30 channels are not enough for you, then you can get a subscription with the premium plans do you know there are two premium plans on peacock?

You can get different types of content like sports, entertainment movies, music, and many more. As we all know peacock is US-centric but it can also be operated in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and the UK too.

Easily you can also search for peacock in the web version of the channel Store where you can also get the official Roku app for Android and IOS.

When you launch the app on your Roku, you will be able to sign in to an Adjust account or you can also create a new account too.

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Subscription plan and pricing of peacock TV

Peacock is a kind of OTT platform that allows you to watch different types of videos. You have to install it on your Roku device. You will get this with 3 plans, in which you will get the first plan for free. Naturally, in the free plan, you have some limits, as in it you can only watch 30 channels with ads and half of every series. 

If you want to see more than 30 channels, then you have to go with premium plans. In which you will get in 2 plans. The name of the first plan is Peacock Premium, it starts at $ 4.99 per month and the second plan is available for $9.99. Which is named Peacock Premium Plus

Peacock TV is restricted to all countries except the US. You can’t get access to peacock tv if you do not belong to the US. 

This is available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and Chromecast. You can stream 15000 hours on Peacock TV.  Let’s take a look at the subscription plans of Peacock:

Peacock TV Plans

Peacock TV comes with 3 different plans. 

  1. Peacock Free ( It is Free)
  2. Peacock Premium (4.99$)
  3. Peacock Premium Plus (9.99$)
Choose A Peacock Subscription Plan
  • Free: Even in the free plan, you get to see many hours of content, but keep in mind one thing, you will not get to watch any full series in free plan. You will also have to watch a lot of ads. So if you hate to watch ads while watching your favorite shows then shift to premium plans.
  • Peacock Premium: Peacock Premium starts at 4.99$ per month with a free train of 7 days. You get all the contents of NBC Universal as well as the series of The Office. In this, you get to see some ads in between videos
  • Peacock Premium Plus: If we talk about Peacock Premium Plus, then in this also you get all the contents that you get in the premium plan of 4.99$, but the things that make this plan different are that you have no ads in between videos.

If you are planning to take Peacock Premium or Premium Plus then you get an offer to use it for free for 7 days.

So I hope you have got a basic idea about Peacock TV and its plans. Now without any further delay let’s jump into the main part of the article and get to know How To Get Peacock On Roku:

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How To Get Peacock On Roku?

Follow the simple steps to get it done with a Roku device.

Click on Join to get Peacock
  • Sign-up with your email id and password.
Sign-up to create a Peacock Account
  • Now simply go to your Roku TV and click on the search bar.
On Roku Home, click on the search bar
  • Type Peacock TV and you can see the icon of it on the screen.
Find Peacock TV channel
  • Tap on it to “Add Channel: it on your Roku TV.
Add Peacock channel
  • Once you added it successfully.
  • Visit the home screen and find the Peacock in the list.
  • Launch the app and it will ask you for your registered email id and password to log in as you signed up earlier.
Launch Peacock app
  • Enter your login details.
Enter login details

After reading the article some questions are coming into your mind so added here FAQ. You can find the common question here. 

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Is Peacock Free?

Peacock has 3 plans and the basic plan is free with the content restriction. But if you want to access all the libraries from peacock then you can go with 4.99$ pals or a 9.99$ plan.

How to get Peacock on Roku?

Simply sign up with the email id and password and type in the search bar on the Roku device and type peacock and click on the add channel. 

Is NBC peacock available for Roku?

Yes, NBC peacock is available for Roku but in the free version, you can not access it. You have to go with premium plans. 

Is Peacock safe to use?

Yes, Peacock is completely safe for you. It does not ask you for any personal information. 

When will peacocks be available all around the world? 

At the time Peacock is accessible only to the US and they have not confirmed when it will be available around the globe. Once the company confirms it we will let you know.

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Peacock is now available for Roku Devices. You can download it on Roku devices. You need to sign up first and add peacock to your Roku tv.

Peacock offers you 3 plans, where 2 plans are paid but you can get access for free, of course with some limitations of content and watching hours. 

Two plans give you 7 days of free trials. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this you can leave us a comment below.

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