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How To Delete Game Pigeon On iPhone | iOS 14/13/12/11

So, you are tired of playing the GamePigeon game and looking for a way to delete it from your phone? Well, I know you have tried many ways that were given online but are still unable to delete the GamePigeon game on your iPhone.

Here in this guide, I will tell you the exact way to uninstall game pigeon from your iOS 14/13/12/11. Especially iOS 11 users are facing the issue mostly that after applying all the steps they are still unable to delete it from their iPhone.

So I update this post to give you the best solution to get rid of this issue. If you still have problems after applying these given steps below, comment to us so I can give you more details.

Games are the things which entertain you in your boring times. GamePigeon is one of the great games app for iOS mobile users. Android users can also get Game Pigeon on android devices with some little changes.

How To Delete Pigeon Game On iPhone?

You here in this post means you are getting bored of this game and want to remove this from your iPhone or iPad. Whatever your reason for removing it from your device, whether you couldn’t find it interesting or you are unable to win Game Pigeon games against your friends.

But the problem is, that there is no option to remove this page, so users find it difficult to remove it from the iOS device and make some extra space for the device.

Don’t worry, follow the below simple step, which will help you to remove or uninstall the pigeon game from your iPhone or iPad completely.

To Delete Game Pigeon on iOS

I have tested on various iOS platforms like iOS 14, iOS 13, 12, and iOS 11, so this works perfectly on all versions of iOS. Here are some easy instructions given below to delete Gamepigeon:

1. Launch the iMessage app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Open any text conversation

3. Now Click on the icon you used to insert the image into your text that looks like A.

4. When it opens, check the bottom, you can see 4 options

5. You can see the “GamePigeon App” by simply swiping the icon to the left.

6. Now hold it down until it moves.

7. Now it will allow you to delete the game pigeon.

Note if still unable to uninstall it then use these steps after the 5th step:

8. (If you don’t get the game icon) Swiping left will open the More button. Now click on the “More Option” (which will show you the app that works on iMessage.)

9. You can find the icon of “Pigeon” in the app.

10. Now swipe left the Pigeon game, which will bring a red color “Delete button” to your screen.

11. Press the “Delete” and the game will be uninstalled from your iOS device completely. And you can add the new game if you wish to add it.

I have tried my best to cover everything in this article about removing the Game Pigeon app, but I guess, after reading this article completely, you may have some questions coming into your mind, therefore I kept FAQs for that in the last.

In any case, if you want to re-install game pigeon on your device, here are the steps for you on how to install Gamepigeon on your phone.

How To Re-install, Play, and hide Game Pigeon from iPhone?

To enjoy this game on your iOS device, make sure your device is running on iOS 10 or above because, under iOS 10, you are not allowed to use this game and play this game.

Let’s find out the process of How To Install Pigeon Games On iOS Devices.

To Install Pigeon Game on iPhone:

NOTE: Minimum iOS 10 is required:

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Type Into the Search bar “Pigeon.

3. Once the Game name show tap on “Install”

4. iOS will ask you for confirmation, so simply confirm it.

5. Once the Confirmation is done, the Pigeon game will start installing into your iMessaging app.

To play Pigeon Game:

You can play on your iOS device easily right after Installation has been completed. This is a multiplayer game so you will need at least one contact who can play with you (You can play up to 6 members at a time).

Follow the given steps for accessing and playing the Pigeon game.

1. Open the iMessaging app on the phone or on iPhone.

2. Choose the contact name from the “Contact list”.

3. You can see the Pigeon game icon at the bottom of the messaging app.

4. Tap on the icon of the game, and click on send, the request will be sent to that contact.

5. Once you send the request to any contact for playing a game, the same contact will get a notification for the same, if he accepted the request, you both can enjoy the game together.

How to hide Game Pigeon from the App section?

You can hide the game in the messaging app if you want to get a short time break. So the next time, if you want to play the game with your friends and family, there is no need to reinstall the game.

You can easily unhide and enjoy the game. So, you will get no more notifications from it.

To Hide game pigeon you have to follow the exact same steps that you will apply to delete the game pigeon app. just click on the hide option instead of deleting it.


You can find some of the common questions that people are looking for on the internet. Find in the FAQs below:

1. Game Pigeon Not Opening or Not Working?

If the Pigeon game is not opening, then the main reason is, that your software is outdated. you can try this process for updating the software and running the game smoothly again.

Go to the settings on your iPhone>Click on Gear Icon>then tap on software update>Once the update is completed > restart the device. I hope after this process the game will start working again.

2. What is the Game Pigeon app?

Game Pigeon is a gaming service that is provided by iOS users only. You can access it by iMessages. This gaming app will work only on iOS 10 or above.

For downloading and playing the pigeon game, follow the given instructions above.

3. Are iMessages free?

iMessages services are given by IOS for its users so you don’t need to pay for this. iMessage allows you to send text, images, and videos with the help of the internet. Not only that it also allows you to play up to 24 different games within the app.

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The process of installing the game and uninstalling the game is super easy but still, you need to know the complete process, so here in this article, I showed you the step-by-step process of how to delete the Game Pigeon App from iOS.

There is no need to keep any of the apps, which you don’t like. In the above article, you learned the process to delete the Game Pigeon game.

Along with that I also shared the process of how to reinstall Game Pigeons on an iPhone and play it with your friends and family members. I hope this article will help you to get rid of sticky games from your iPhone or iPad.

So whatever your reason to delete or uninstall the GamePigeon app for your iPhone you can remove it from your device after following the above steps. If you are still having a problem deleting it then comment to us below so we can give you more specific details on this topic.

Thank you for reading.

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