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How To Use iMessage On Windows?

iMessage is an Apple-based application used only in iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads which means only used on Apple products. As a Windows user, you may be querying the internet if you can reach Apple iMessage without having an Apple computer. If you are searching for “how to use iMessage on Windows 10” Read the article below:

There are many ways to get access to iMessage through Windows. There are a lot of people who want to download iMessage to their Windows PC laptops due to their versatility and varied features.

iMessage comes with various interesting features such as digital touch, P2P money transfer, GIFs, excellent encryption, and a broad variety of emojis. That’s why iMessage is so popular.

Apple has an especially advanced feature that you can continue your conversations where you left off using any of the Apple devices. The iCloud-based technology has held all the devices (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) in sync to take up your conversation on any device.

Now let’s discuss the ways to get iMessage on Windows:

How to Use iMessage on Windows 10?

Here we are mentioning the top 3 possible ways to get iMessage on Windows. Learn to use them step-by-step:

1. Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

For using iMessage on your windows it is also the best method to use. You can add the Google Chrome Remote Desktop extension from the extension store.

  • Firstly, download the Chrome Remote Desktop on your windows as well as on your Mac.
  • To get this on Mac click on Add app button.
  • Give full access(permission) control to your google account. Click on Authorize to continue to grant full access to the new Windows (Windows PC).
  • Now chrome remote desktop will give you two options ‘Remote Assistance’ and ‘My Computers’. Choose the First option to get access to the Macbook or Windows PC.
  • Open the remote desktop connection on your windows also. And enter the access code in both devices.
  • Make sure that both the devices are on and the texting app is open on Mac.
  • Enter the PIN in Windows when prompted. And click on connect button to establish the connection.
  • After the connection has been set up you can access the iMessage from your Windows.

So, you will know how it works.

2. Use iPadian Emulator (iOS Emulator)

Likewise, android emulators, there are also iOS emulators available for Windows PC to start iMessage on it. Follow the steps to get it. 

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC  
  2. Now search for
  3. Download the iPadian Emulator from its official website and then install it.
  4. When it is installed, launch the Emulator to start exploring options for iMessage.
  5. Now go to the search bar and search for iMessage and download the app
  6. Now open the app and Sign In with your login details which means iCloud/Apple ID and password.

This emulator is sometimes infected with malware so before using this install an antivirus program on your device so that your data can not be harmed and for the smooth functioning of the PC.

Always use the trial version first so that you will know how it works and if you are compatible with this then go for a paid version. If it doesn’t support your operating system go for BlueStacks or other similar emulators. You can also try some other iOS Emulators like Mobione Studio, APP.IO, Smartface, iPhone simulator, etc.

3. Jailbreak your Phone

You should go for this only if your device is out of warranty period as the use of it is against the terms and conditions. So, in case your phone is damaged Apple service Center refuses to solve the issues which you may face by doing this.

Through this method, you can get access to iMessages directly via your Windows PC. Jailbreak will break your iPhone from all the restrictions as an apple user and it will allow you to install a variety of applications which is not supported by iOS. Now we discuss how to get access to iMessages via Windows on a PC.

  1. First of all, download the Cydia App and install it on your Apple Device.
  2. Open the Cydia app and search for the Remote Messages app on it.
  3. It will set up a web-based interface through which you can connect your iPhone’s IP address to your web browser on your Windows operating system.
  4. Now the app will start the process.
  5. Open any web browser and enter the identified IP address followed by the server port number.
  6. Now you will be able to use your iMessage through your windows device.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some relevant questions to this topic:

What do you mean by iMessage?

It is a feature of an iPhone which is commonly used to send or receive messages, with the iMessage cloud, all the messages sync to your phone. It works on internet services, not with any traditional one.

Is iMessage gives you security?

As you know iMessage is an Apple-supportive application, and Apple is a well-known brand for its security. You will get the best massage experience on iMessages. It also supports groups and conversational emails.

Scheduling messages are possible in iMessage?

You can not schedule messages for later. Well you know, iMessage is one of the popular features in IOS because it is secure. But, still, you can not schedule messages.


As we all belong to this present era of technology so you know how Quick messaging, short messaging, and WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger have won over the world of communication. Apple doesn’t offer any cloud-based policies like Android where you can stack up a webpage and reply to messages.

iMessage is a proprietary service of Apple so it can only exist on iOS devices. But with the help of remote services, you can access iMessage on Windows or Linux. This is a way to respond to iMessage on a Windows 10 PC without getting in contact with your iPhone.

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