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How To Get Spectrum TV App On LG Smart TV (2022)

Looking for a way to get Spectrum App on your LG TV? Read this guide on How to get the Spectrum app on LG smart tv.

Spectrum TV App has a huge fan base across the world with almost 150 live tv channels and more than 20,000 Streaming content. Although the TV app supports almost all devices and can be downloaded and installed easily.

But unfortunately, it’s not available on LG smart TVs. What do we do, there are so many shows and content on Spectrum App I can’t miss. So, I started to look for a way to get the app on my LG tv safely.

Here in this guide, I’m writing down these verified ways to install the spectrum App on LG tv successfully.

The most basic and secure way to get Spectrum App on LG Smart tv is through a Streaming device like Roku, Chromecast, Airplay, or Firestick. You can also the App on Xbox one or by downloading an APK file.

Now Learn to get the app on your LG TV:

How to Download Spectrum app on LG Smart TV?

Let’s get to know the methods to get Spectrum TV on LG TV. Here we are mentioning the 6 easiest ways to download the Spectrum app on your LG smart TV.

#1. Streaming Spectrum Tv App on LG Tv using Roku

  • Connect your Roku device to the LG Smart TV.
  • Turn on both the devices Roku and LG Smart TV.
  • Now, go to the homepage of your Roku device.
  • In the search option, type Spectrum TV using the on-screen keyboard.
  • From the list select the Spectrum TV App.
  • Select Add Channel option.
  • Wait for the Spectrum TV App to download on your device.
  • Press OK.
  • Select the go-to channel after the app opens.
  • Enter Spectrum TV login details.

Now you will be able to enjoy the Spectrum TV App on LG Smart TV via Roku.

#2. Streaming Spectrum on LG TV using Xbox One

  • Connect your Xbox One to the LG smart TV.
  • Turn on Xbox one device and LG Smart TV.
  • Connect the Xbox One to the internet.
  • On the home screen of your Xbox One go to the Store.
  • From the options select Apps Category.
  • Search for Spectrum TV.
  • This app is free to download, now download the app.
  • Select confirm after downloading the app; it will assure you to agree with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Launch the Spectrum app and enter your login details.

Now, you can watch the Spectrum TV app on your LG Smart TV via Xbox One.

#3. Streaming Spectrum on LG TV using Firestick

  • Connect Firestick to your LG Smart TV, POWER ON both the devices
  • On the homepage, go to the search.
  • Now, search for Spectrum TV.
  • After you get the search results, click on Spectrum TV, then Get.
  • It starts downloading.
  • After downloading is completed, open the Spectrum App.
  • Enter the login details.

Read this guide on how to watch the Spectrum app On Firestick for more detail.

Now, you will enjoy Spectrum TV on your Device.

#4. Streaming Spectrum on LG TV using Apple TV

  • Let’s connect the Apple TV to smart TV
  • Turn on both devices.
  • Go to the App Store from the homepage of your Apple TV.
  • Search for Spectrum TV, and select it from the search results.
  • Click on Get.
  • Wait for the Spectrum TV to download and install on the Device.
  • Open the Spectrum TV app, sign up or Sign In to your Spectrum account.

So, that’s how you will install it on the Apple TV.

#5. Streaming Spectrum on LG TV using APK files

  • Open Google Chrome on your PC.
  • Search for Spectrum TV APK File on the web.
  • Download the APK file of Spectrum TV from a trusted website.
  • When the file is downloaded, transfer it to a USB or Pen Drive.
  • Connect the USB to your LG Smart TV.
  • Open the APK File and install it on your device.
  • Open the Spectrum TV App, enter your login details, and enjoy Spectrum TV.

#6. Streaming Spectrum on LG TV using Chromecast

  • Connect the Google Chromecast and your phone over the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Connect the Chromecast HDMI Cable to the LG Smart TV’S port.
  • Go to Google on your phone and select Chromecast device.
  • A message will appear on your phone in a dialog box. Select Cast My Screen Option and in the second message select Start Now.
  • Now, your LG Smart TV will be mirroring your phone’s screen.
  • Open the Spectrum App and enjoy Spectrum TV.

So, these are the ways through which you can enjoy the Spectrum TV App on your LG Smart TV.

After Downloading the Spectrum TV app you have to take a subscription to watch your favorite TV channels or show. So let’s take a look at the Spectrum TV plans with Pricing first:

Spectrum TV Plans & Pricing

You can choose any of these 3 plans. You will have free access to Spectrum TV App and Spectrum Originals Shows with FREE On Demand. Here is the Pricing Table:

Spectrum TV PLANPRICETotal ChannelsPremium ChannelsValidation
Select$49.99/mo.125+None12 Month
Silver$79.99/mo175+HBO Max® and SHOWTIME®12 Month
Gold$89.99/mo200+HBO Max®, SHOWTIME®, ENCORE®, STARZ® and STARZ12 Month

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In this article, we describe many ways to stream the Spectrum TV App on LG TV. And this article is specially composed for people who have LG Smart TVs and would like to install the Spectrum TV app on the device.

This article gives you detailed information to get the Spectrum TV on the LG Smart TV. And specify all the ways to get it on your device.

While streaming Spectrum TV, it costs you some money but as per your suitability, it consists of various types of packages, as we mentioned above in the article.

As it offers you entertainment service, it has an impact on your pocket for the service. It contains more than 50,000 video content the people will surely enjoy watching the Videos.

I hope with the help of this article surely you will get Spectrum TV on your Smart TV and enjoy the streaming content.

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