Oreo TV APK Installation Guide For Firestick/Android – 2022

Install And Use Oreo TV on Firestick
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Installing Oreo Tv APK on Firestick allows you to watch a number of your favorite movies, TV Shows, and Web series. The Oreo Tv is quite popular nowadays. But as you know you can’t get Oreo TV app through any app store.

So Here we came up with this guide to instruct you on a step-by-step process of how to install the Oreo TV on Firestick.

Oreo TV is one of the great online video streaming apps that have a vast number of movies, TV serials, web series, and so much more.

Further, it allows you to access content in HD for free. After the shutting down of the Terrarium TV app, Oreo TV makes people happy with its content and became the best choice to watch movies and TV shows on Firestick.

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to download Oreo TV APK and install it on Firestick.

Oreo TV is a free-of-cost streaming service in the form of an app. With this, you can watch all your favorite movies, sports, live shows in HD Quality. The contents will be updated frequently. The app enables users to scroll over all of the video content, or select a particular category as well.

Oreo TV App Features

If you are already a user of Oreo TV then you are well aware of the features but if you are new and want to use this app on your firestick device then take a look at these amazing features of Oreo Tv.

  • Oreo TV offers a clear and engaging user interface.
  • All the latest content like movies, TV shows, and News is updated regularly.
  • It offers ad-free video content. So, you are not going to disturb yourself while watching videos.
  • Oreo TV offers various options where you can adjust video quality between 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p (Full HD), 2160p (4K Ultra HD).
  • It doesn’t require signing up or subscribing to a premium membership.

Is Oreo TV Apk safe to use on your device?

It is obvious concern for every one as you know that not a single app store has this app among the populer ones. So may be you are thinking it might be harmfull for your device right.

But let me tell you this, I personally used this app for a long time on my android device and I never face any issue and the app worked great for me.

So, I don’t know weather it is safe or not, But do I know that Orea Tv app is safe to use and worked great for me.

But I still recommended that do some research before installing Oreo TV apk on your device.

Setting up your Firestick to install Thrid-party apps?

Oreo TV is not an amazon native app, it’s a third-party app, so you can not find it in the Amazon App Store. To get this app, you have to sideload it to get access to your Fire TV. Before downloading this, enable some settings to sideload it.

  • On your Amazon Firestick screen, go to the settings.
On your Amazon Firestick screen, go to the settings.
  • Select Device/ My Fire TV option using Firestick remote.
Select Device/ My Fire TV option using Firestick remote
  • Now, click on the Developer options.
click on the Developer options
  • Turn On ADB debugging
Turn On ADB debugging
  • Turn On Apps from Unknown Sources option.
Turn on apps for Unknown Sources
  • If you already Turn On this, then you can skip this step.

Let us discuss how to Download and Install Oreo TV on Firestick. There are two ways to download, the first is by using a downloader and the other is ES File Explorer.

How Install Oreo TV on Firestick or Android?

We are mentioning the 3 best and simple ways to get the oreo tv app on your firestick.

#1. Using Downloader App?

Downloader app is one of the best ways to install the Oreo TV app. Now follow the given steps carefully to use oreo tv on your fire TV:

Steps to Install Oreo TV using Downloader app

  • On the Home Screen, and search for the Downloader app by typing its name in the search option.
On the Home Screen, and search for the Downloader app
  • Click on it and open the Downloader app on Firestick.
  • Now in the URL type ” bit.ly/oreotv-working ” and press Go.
  • Now, select the APK, your download will start. Wait for it to download on the Firestick.
  • After it is downloaded, click on Install.
  • It takes some time to install. After it is installed, click on Done.
  • You can delete the Oreo TV APK file as it is installed on your device. So, you don’t need it anymore.

Now you can enjoy your favorite TV Series, Movies, and Shows on Oreo tv On Firestick.

#2. Using ES File Explorer

This one is also a good option for installing Ore TV on Firestick. Here is how can you install it through ES File Explorer:

Steps to Install Oreo TV using ES File Explorer

  • First of all, open the Amazon App Store.
  • Now, you have to search for ES File Explorer.
  • Click on the get option to start the downloading of the ES File Explorer.
  • After it is downloaded, the ES File Explorer will automatically open.
  • Now open the ES File Explorer and it would ask you to accept the permission to access Storage, Files, etc. here you have to choose Allow.
  • Go to the 3-row menu on the left side. Choose Tools from here.
  • A list of options will open choose Download Manager.
  • Click on the Plus symbol, a dialog box will appear type here the URL “bit.ly/oreotv-working”.
  • After this click on Download Now. Wait for the APK file to download.
  • The file will open after downloading, then click on Install.
  • After the installation is completed. The app is ready to use, click on Done to open it later and click on Open to open it now.

Now enjoy the Oreo TV streaming services.

Benefits Of using Oreo TV app for firestick

Installing Oreo tv APK on firestick will benefit you a lot. Take a look at the features and their benefits you might get while using this APK on your firestick.

  • The Oreo TV app will allow you to watch lots of channels in different languages from around the world. So you can watch your favorite Tv channels at any time.
  • Oreo Tv App will only take a little storage on your firestick. The app only needs 10 MB space maximum.

How to Use Oreo TV on Fire TV/ Firestick?

While streaming online services, you are at a threat where Governments and ISPs can track your identity for streaming copyrighted and geo-restricted content. So to save from these serious threats, you should hide your IP and your identity.

It is strongly recommended to use one of the Firestick VPN deals to have unidentified and safe streaming.

  • Before using this, remember to use a VPN for safe streaming.
  • Hold the Home Button for some seconds on your Firestick remote.
  • Select Apps, then Oreo TV app.
  • Oreo TV app will be launched.
  • From the interface, choose any channel and start steaming.

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As you can see above-mentioned steps that Installing Oreo Tv on Firestick is very easy. All you need to follow all the steps carefully and you will enjoy the service by watching all your favorite Web series, TV Shows, and Movies on Firestick.

Oreo TV offers over 6,000+ Live TV channels that you can watch for free without any subscription. As it is free, you would want a VPN to unblock those channels that are outside your country.

Once you have installed it, stream with the Live TV Channels. The above-mentioned methods work well in downloading and installing Oreo TV on Firestick. Enjoy watching free movies, TV shows, news channels, live shows, sports, web series in HD with the Oreo TV.

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