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In the pandemic of coronavirus, everyone’s lives are affected. Due to self-safety and maintaining social distance, you must avoid going out in any crowded gathering. As it is your favorite game Super Bowl there are so many fans looking to watch the game live at home. Especially if you want to watch the Super Bowl games live without a cable subscription.

No worries, I am here to help you and I promise, to provide the ultimate solution on this topic. After reading this article, all your problems regarding the Super Bowl will be solved for sure. 

Because this article will tell you How To Watch the Super Bowl Without a Cable on TV / Computer as well as on Mobile. 

Actually, there are multiple legal ways to stream the Super Bowl on various devices, so for that, you will need a proper Internet connection and a device where you can enjoy the Super Bowl without Cable. 

You will get to know the details about the service that will allow you for the same on your TV and mobile.

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Where To Watch The Super Bowl Games Live A Home?

Let’s take look at both conditions whether you have a cable subscription or not. You can watch every Super Bowl Game Live at home.

Where you can Watch Super Bowl if you do have a cable subscription?

If you have a cable subscription then you can watch your favorite Super Bowl game live on CBS. The game will be streamed on CBS Channel at 6:30 p.m ET/5:30 p.m. CT You can also watch live it on CBS’s website or app.

How to watch Super Bowl Without Cable?

Well, Below I am going to reveal multiple ways How To Watch Super Bowl Without Cable, all are working and proven ways.

As I have tried all the methods personally so that you can choose the best one at your convenience.

#1. YouTube

I guess, there are a few people who are not aware of YouTube. So our first and most trusted way is YouTube.

With the help of YouTube, you can enjoy the Super Bowl online. Google’s TV Streaming platform allows you to watch the Super Bowl by using your Internet. 

On this platform, you get 80+ channels, of course including CBS in the list. This platform will cost you around 64.99$ for a month.

Simply buy the subscription> login with the credentials> search channel> enjoy streaming super bowl online. As simple as that.

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#2. CBS All Access: 

The second best option is CBS All Access for watching the Super Bowl without a cable connection.

Trust me, this is one of the cheapest among all. You can get a subscription for just spending 5.99$ a month. 

Or if you want to get it for a year then you have to burn your wallet a little bit more. That will cost you around 59.99$ annually

These two plans come with the ads, which means you have to deal with the ads also while watching your favorite show. 

If you are one of those, who really hate commercials then CBS has a different plan for you, you can consider it but for this, you have to pay a high price, which restricts all the ads. 

You have to spend 9.99$ for a month and 99.99$ annually to stream content online without any commercial ads.

In my opinion, the second option will be the best for you, because this plan lets you allow to download the content on your device for watching them offline.

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#3. Fubo TV

Sports means Fubo TV because Fubotv deals a lot with sports channels. That removes the barricade for sports streamers. So It can be a good option for those who are looking for sports only. 

Fubo TV recently added ESPN to its channel list. So, you can watch the Super Bowl on Fubo TV.

To get this, you have to pay 64.99$ for a month, which will be delivered to 100 channels for you. You can avail yourself of a 7-day free trial as well on Fubo TV.

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#4. Hulu TV:

Hulu’s live TV also gets you the option to watch the NFL matches and also the super bowl match on your TV. Hulu Live TV offers you more than 60 channels at the cost of 64.99$ per month. 

You can also consider buying the combo pack by just paying a little bit extra. (7$ per month), which also comes with a 7-day free trial period. which includes Disney, Hulu Live, & ESPN+ on the list.

Hulu TV is not available all around the globe so you have to check if this is available at your location or not.

So here I discussed the way to watch the Super Bowl with cable and also provided you with a list of top services you can choose from. Any of these will stream the Super Bowl with cable connections. 

If you are one of those who don’t want to spend much time on TV or computer watching the Super Bowl, then you can give it a try to the below app, which allows you to watch your favorite sports at your fingertips (Mobile).

#5. AT&T TV Now:

This service is for those who prefer to go with cables old guard. It won’t offer the same flexibility as other providers but you can watch the super bowl using this.

As you will get the CBS channel including some other fine channels. You can get this at around $70 per month.
With some additional, so you will be able to add HBO Max and many other good channels. But there is no such thing as a free trial in this streaming service.

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Watch The Super Bowl on your Mobile

These methods are for those who watch super bowl matches on mobile only. As the NFL claims that these apps will be useful for mobile users to watch super bowl matches on their mobile. 

The best thing about these apps is all the apps available for both Android & iOS, so you don’t need to rely on a particular device. 

You can download any of the apps from Google Play Store if you are using an Android Device, or choose the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Find the apps below. 

  1. CBS Sports App – Scores, Watch Live & News, Stats.
  2. Yahoo Sports: Get live sports news & scores.
  3. NFL’s Official App

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How to watch The Super Bowl if you aren’t a US resident?

The residents outside the US don’t have the options which we have mentioned above. You should either have at least a US credit card or a US-based PayPal account to watch Super Bowl with the options mentioned above.

You can trick the provider by using a VPN Service and make it look like ok you are in the US country. We would suggest you use ExpressVPN as it is one of the fastest and most secure VPN services.

With the help of a VPN Service, you can trick the provider and can watch the super bowl on the CBS all-access account. The VPN will defend you against cybercrime and give you many other services.


Well, the Super Bowl is one of the greatest games, but some of you might find it difficult to find the right way to How To Watch Super Bowl Without Cable.

Therefore I tested a few apps for this and finally bought some of the easiest and nice apps that will work perfectly for you. 

You can choose any of them, as I have mentioned the multiple ways for TV and For Mobile. If this is not a convenient option for you then you can choose from the 3 apps I covered in this post. 

If you like this article you can share it with the needed one, or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this, you can leave me a comment below in the comment sections.

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