8 Best Offline GPS Apps For iPhone in 2023

Best Offline GPS Apps For iPhone

Are you looking for the best offline GPS Apps For iPhone? A GPS can be a lifesaver, especially when you travel to unknown places or other countries. It saves your time and life. But sometimes you face network issues and your internet is not working. The reason could be no network area or your internet recharge.

In that situation, what will you do? Because without the internet, you can’t access the GPS.

As a traveler, I know this is quite bothersome but you can escape from this situation, all you have to do is download the Offline GPS app.

When you plan to travel to unknown places, you should always download the offline map of that region so you don’t get lost. Maps let you be aware of that region and let you find places easily.

Having offline access to the maps is very beneficial to anyone. You no longer have to worry about internet connection issues and can easily travel around the world.

In this guide, I have listed the best offline GPS apps for iPhone users so just take the suitable app from these apps for iPhone or iOS devices.

The best offline GPS apps for iPhone

There are so many offline GPS apps available on the internet, and some of them are paid for. But here, you get the best offline apps for iPhone for free.

Thus, you can save money on data roaming while traveling outside your country.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app in the world with correct data. It helps you navigate anywhere in the world.

You can see real-time ETAS and traffic conditions for the best routes. Not only this, it supports various modes of transport like walking, riding, public bus, and train services.

You can save an offline map of any city to get to know it without an internet connection. You will get a detailed map in your own language since it includes many languages such as Hindi, English, Arabic, Danish, Chinese, French, Dutch, German, and more.


Here, WeGo is used especially to get to your destination. Just select what is best for you. You will also get the fares and prices of all kinds of transportation.

You can use it to search for car parking near you and keep informed about any traffic delays. And you can book a taxi or other ride for further use.

It covers over a hundred countries. You can use it for free and download it from the Apple Store.


GPSMyCity is best for exploring a city by walking. This app allows you to conveniently access more than 6,000 travel articles written by travel writers and locals from all over the world.

With just a few clicks, you can plan a self-guided walking trip and use the app’s turn-by-turn navigation to guide you from one point of interest to another.

It has all the offline functions so you won’t have to worry about an internet connection.


TrailLink is known as the ultimate trailfinder app for iOS devices. This app is necessary for hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

You are able to read reviews, view photos, and look at detailed maps. Not only this, you can see your location on the trail, generate driving directions, and find facilities such as exercise stations, restrooms, tunnels, and drinking fountains.

Apple Maps

Apple Map is the first and goes to the app that you use while you are using the iPhone. You may not know but Apple Maps allows you to download maps and directions offline for further use.

You are not able to download the entire map, but usually, you can at least complete the route that you start. As long as you enable the location on your phone, you can start your route.

Even if you run through an area with spotty cell service, navigation will still continue so you will be able to access the map well too.

Sygic GPS Navigation

Sygic GPS Navigation gives you an exceptional navigation experience. It offers you features such as 3D offline maps, voice navigation, and CarPlay connectivity to help you reach your destination.

You will also get walking directions and tourist attractions. It can also monitor speed limits and approaching speed cameras to make sure that you stay within the law.

This app has advanced safety features to make sure that you are able to drive with confidence in unknown territories too.


CityMaps2Go is a detailed map, if you love to travel or go on an outdoor adventure, then for sure you will love this app.

It gives you every detail about remote areas and national parks. Moreover, it includes photos and travel tips for a lot of places.

You can search for a place, get directions, book hotels, and more with the help of this app. It is currently running in more than 150 countries, 60,000 destinations, and 50 million places.


Maps.me is a fast, trusted, and detailed map for travelers all over the world. It provides you with offline driving, walking, and cycle navigation across the world.

You can go wherever you want with this free offline map. It helps you to save time when planning your trips and make sure that you never miss watching famous sights.

Wrapping Up:

If you love to travel or go on a weekend trip, then I suggest you use these offline GPS apps for iPhone that are going to be necessary.

Let me know your favorite offline app and share your reviews with us in the comment section. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for spending quality time with us.

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How can I use offline maps without the internet?

To use the offline maps, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Google Maps app
  • Go to settings
  • Offline maps
  • Select your own map
  • Move the map to cover the area you want to download
  • Tap download

Can I use Apple Maps without data?

Yes, You can use Apple Maps without data but it is a little different from the others. The thing is, you can’t download an offline map but you can set your destination and save the route until you get there. But it won’t give you any traffic updates.

Can I use Google Maps offline on my iPhone?

Yes, you can download maps on your iPhone and reach your destination even without an internet connection.

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