10+ Best Animation Apps For Android & IOS

Best animation apps for Android & IOS
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In the past decades, it was not so easy and convenient to make animation for a normal person. But now the time is so changed. So, you can design animation and GIFs on your smartphone easily by using various animation apps.

These apps assist you to easily make entire animation videos using photos from your gallery. You can also utilize animation apps to create cartoon photos of your friends, family, and others by using the cartoon yourself app.

As we know that today animation is used widely in all areas. And it is so simple to make perfect animation for anyone. all cartoon characters, various films, and many more are created with the help of animation.

So, are you looking for an app for designing animation? Do you want to design your cartoon with the characters invented by you? This blog is for you here to tell you about the best animation apps for Android & IOS!

Despite whether you simply require to have fun or start a career as a designer, these apps will help you grow your creative skills. And also You can get the desired result that you want. So, let’s start with the best animation apps for Android & iOS.

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1. Animation Desk Classic

  • Compatible with- Android, iOS
  • Ratings- 4.0 Stars
  • Cost- $4.99
  • Size- 159.1 MB

Animation Desk Classic is mainly used for drawing animation on your phone. It is Classic is a great animation app for android and iOS users. The App helps you to design animated videos on your device.

It is a famous app that allows you to build hand-drawn frame animation. It’s an easy-to-use app that doesn’t require any experience for animation-designed courses.

Animation Desk Classic comes with a friendly and superb user interface that provides a realistic scene for animation production. Along with these, it gives various painting tools with mass sensitivity with pencil, crayon, fountain pen, three types of brush, and eraser options.

2. Toontastic 3D

  • Compatible with- Android, iOS
  • Ratings- 4 Stars
  • Cost- Free
  • Size- 307.7 MB

Toontastic is one of the greatest animation apps which is developed by Google for Android and iOS devices. It is an excellent app that allows you to draw, animate, and create your cartoons on your smartphone. It is a simple-to-use app where you have to move your characters around on the screen.

Toontastic can record your voice and animations and stores them on your smartphone as a 3D video. It has a marvelous 3D drawing tool that allows you to design your characters for free.

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3. Animation Creator HD

  • Compatible with- iOS
  • Ratings- 3.9 Stars
  • Cost- $3.99
  • Size- 146.3 MB

Animation Creator enables you to do creative arts to the highest extent. This app is easy and has powerful drawing tools that are organized in a comfortable management structure. With this app, you can use creativity to get the most out of Animation designers!

It has many features including an improved brush with advanced options, an ink brush, the tool for drawing lines, import of videos from the gallery, audio manager, easy navigation, also toolbars that can remain open during editing. you can view animations that are being made collectively from start to finish and the tool for managing color transparency.

4. I Can Animate

  • Compatible with- Android, iOS
  • Ratings- 3.5 Stars
  • Cost-$2.99
  • Size- 11.8 MB

I can animate allows you to stop motion animation with the possible use of higher definition quality captures. The user interface is so simple that even children, as well as adults, can use it very easily. You can have a lot of entertaining animation Adventures using this application.

The process of producing such kind of a movie is quite simple but requires great strength and serenity. If you are an Apple user then, all the actions can be done by you in just one tap – the app will do all the tasks for you.

Some of its other features include onion skinning, time-lapse, copy-paste for sequencing, etc. It is appropriate for making both brief sequences or longer video features.

If you do not want to invest money there is also a ‘lite’ version of this application available for free. In the light version of this application, you will be offered basic features but if you want the more advanced features you should upgrade and get the full app.

You can store it in the general depository of photo/video files on your phone and post it to YouTube, Twitter, or send it via email.

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5. PicsArt Animator

  • Compatible with- Android, iOS
  • Ratings- 3.7 Stars
  • Cost- Free
  • Size- 89 MB

PicsArt Animator is a great animator app. it is a GIF and video maker app that allows you to create animations & cartoons on your android or iOS device. You can simply click snap by using your 3D camera apps and use the snaps to create attractive animation videos on your device.

PicsArt Animator enables you to draw frame-by-frame animations and see animation timelines with the play mode option. It consists of advanced drawing and sketching tools listed in this app.

These tools can be used to creating beautiful animation videos for free. In addition, you can also use multi-layering for multiple animations and also manage animation length and speed.

6. Animation Desk

  • Compatible with- Android, iOS
  • Ratings- 4.3 stars
  • Cost- Free with in app purchases
  • Size- 351.2 MB

Animation desk is another one of the best animation apps that allows you to design animations and cartoons on android or iOS devices. It is a free and simple app where you can easily frame animation from scratch, or generate animations upon videos, images, PSD layers. In this app, there are more than 45 different brushes that help to make unique animation in different styles.

One of the best features of this app is that it allows to import video and photo to your animations and also create animation in layered format.

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7. Stop Motion Studio

  • Compatible with- Android,, iOS
  • Ratings- 4.6 Stars
  • Cost- Free with in app purchases
  • Size- 162.1 MB

Stop motion studio is a famous animation app for android and iOS. It allows the users to make animation videos on your device. Stop motion is the easiest app to get you into stop motion moviemaking for android and iOS users.

It is mainly used as a slow-motion video app to create slow-motion videos with various video editing options. This app has lots of winning features that make it easy to get into stop motion video. It comes with several modes as overlay mode, grid mode, integrated movie editor, and others.

8. FlipaClip

  • Compatible with- Android
  • Ratings- 4.2 Stars
  • Cost- Free with in app purchases
  • Size- 35 MB

FlipaClip is used for creating cartoon animations. It is developed by Visual Blasters LLC that supports both android and iOS users. It offers you to relive your childhood and show your creativeness or professional skills in a great way. With this, you can draw your cartoon using frame-by-frame animation.

Besides this, it allows you to import, add, remove audio to create a unique animation video. It can support the most popular formats such as MP4, GIF, IMAGE SEQ. So, you can build an animation in a popular file format.

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9. Animoto

  • Compatible with- iOS
  • Ratings- 4.5 Stars
  • Cost- Free
  • Size- 278.6 MB

Animoto is a slideshow maker app. It is compatible with android and iOS users. Animoto allows you to easily create a slideshow on your device. This is a perfect app that helps you to convert your memories into movies.

You can easily import media like different photos from galleries and music to make a wonderful video or animation from photos. There are more than 100 various and unique slideshow ways with a licensed music library to create a free slideshow.

10. Animatic

  • Compatible with- Android,
  • Ratings- 3.7 Stars
  • Cost- Free
  • Size- 18 MB

Animatic is a wonderful animation app that is developed by Doodle.ly, used for android and iOS users. It enables you to create hand-drawn animations on your smartphone. Animatic is just easy for a beginner, great enough for a professional so that anybody can use this app to create animation with no prior knowledge.

It has a unique feature that allows you to provide the option to export animations to animated GIFs, videos, and PSD. Besides, you can also create animations using our frame by frame editor and repeat frames while required. It was designed to allow creators a fine experience in making their ideas to life by moving images.

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11. Stick Nodes

  • Compatible with- Android, iOS
  • Ratings- 4.4 Stars
  • Cost- Free
  • Size- 165.6 MB

Stick Nodes is a renowned animation app that is developed by ForTheLoss Games. It is used by Android and iOS users. This app is a free and simple-to-use app that allows us to create stick-figure animations on your device.

It is a great stickman animator app with automatic frame-twinning that makes your animations smoother instantly. With this app, you can also add sound effects using sound effect apps to the frames of your animations and create epic movies. Besides these, it gives you a virtual camera to move and zoom which helps you to create your animations cinematically.

12. Rough Animator

  • Compatible with- Android, iOS
  • Ratings- 4.6 Stars
  • Cost- $4.99
  • Size- 33.9 MB

Rough Animator is a great animation app but it is a paid app. It is compatible with both android and iOS users that enables you to make hand-drawn animation on your device.

By using this app, you will be able to draw frame-by-frame animation so that you can quickly select and remove any frame when required. It is being a powerful animation app for professionals and also convenient to use for beginners.

It has the option to add an unlimited of layers to create an animation. With audio and video import features and export animation to QuickTime video, GIF, or image sequence, it becomes the best-paid app.

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So, in this article, we bring out the best animation apps for android and iOS. As we know that nowadays everybody is getting active so that they want to create animations on their smartphones.

Well, go to the play store or AppStore there are a lot of apps. So, it is confusing for the user which one is the best. That’s why we come with this article in which we tell about the best animation apps for android and iOS.

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