Red Globe on Verizon Router: 5 Easy way to Fix

Fix Red globe on Verizon router

Using the internet means you will surely have to deal with internet connectivity issues. And Verizon Router is no exception to this. As a veteran who has been using a Verizon Router, I would like to share some tips on what a red globe on a Verizon router is and how you can overcome any problems related to a red globe on Verizon Router.

If you are using a Verizon Router or are thinking of using it, then you will definitely notice a globe icon on your respective Verizon router. And surprisingly, you might notice that it changes its color.

Sometimes it’s green, maybe a deemed green or red. Well, for those who don’t know this color globe indicates the speed of your internet. If it’s green, then your Verizon internet is good and if red then it means you are having some trouble with your respective Verizon router.

And in today’s article, we will be looking at what to do if you see Red Globe on your Verizon router. It’s time for us to move to the next part of our article.

Troubleshoot Red globe on Verizon router

Red globe Indicator

You can try these solutions one by one, and choose what works best for you…

1. Reboot the Verizon Router

Fixing Red globe on Verizon router-4

Rebooting or restarting your router is the easiest option. It can fix all minor bugs and solve red glove issues on Verizon routers.

All you have to do is unplug the router and wait a bit. Reconnect the router. Check if the red ball issue is fixed. If fixed, the white light on the Verizon router will blink again.

2. Fix the loose connections if any

Fixing Red globe

You need to check if your ethernet cable is working properly. If the cables connected to your Verizon router are broken, broken, or lost, you may be experiencing a red ball issue with your Verizon router. To fix this, replace the broken cable or properly connect the ethernet cable so that the internet works normally.

3. Navigate to check the service outage

Fixing Red globe

If this is the cause, you can’t wait until the technicians handle the situation. If you want to check the service outage in your area, visit the Verizon service page, enter your area pin code, and then the login credentials, You will get the related information and solve the issue yourself.

4. Turn the Verizon router into an initial mode (Factory reset)

Fixing Red globe

A factory reset restores your Verizon router to its original state. Fix all internet connection issues facing your router. Make sure you have all your network details handy as you will need to re-enter your credentials to use your router again after a factory reset.

5. The optical network terminal (ONT) feature

Fixing Red globe on verizon router

Try Resetting the Verizon router through the ONT feature. It is a kind of feature available on the Verizon router for smooth internet connectivity. You will find an alarm silence button located on the rear side of the router, Hold it for almost half 1 minute, it will reset the Verizon router and you’ll get rid of the red globe issue.

What do the different kinds of lights mean on the Verizon router?

Assuming, You are habitual of seeing the white light on the globe. But apart from the solid white color, it also shows other different colors when it’s on. Following are the situations you will face regarding the internet connection; This will inform you about the cause or reasons behind the interrupted internet connectivity.

RED Globe on Verizon Router

This appears when there are issues with the internet connectivity. The globe also appears red when it’s switched off.

The other thing you will feel is the red globe is flashing slowly and with faded color. It indicates that the router is having a problem with the Gateway.

If the red globe on the Verizon router is flashing very fast it represents that your router is probably overheated. To fix this, Unplugged the switch from the socket once and plug it back in once the router is cool.

BLUE Globe on Verizon Router

A solid Blue shows that the pairing is successful and slow blinking shows the pairing mode.

GREEN Globe on Verizon Router

A solid green shows that the Wi-Fi is turned off.

YELLOW Globe on Verizon Router

A solid yellow light indicates that there is no internet connection available.

Final words Red globe on Verizon router

In the fast digital pace of life, smooth and flawless internet connectivity is the one thing required by all. If the Verizon router is having a red globe issue, use the aforementioned solutions to fix the issue. Hope your Verizon router is fixed by opting for the solutions given in the guide.

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What does the Red light on the Verizon router mean?

The red light on the Verizon router means that the modem is testing its own hardware. When we start the Verizon router it shows a red light which means it is doing a routine test before starting but if it’s still red after a few minutes then it’s facing some hardware or software issues.

What frequency Verizon router support?

Verizon router supports frequencies between 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Verizon router supports Tri-Band wifi technology which includes one 2.4GHz and Two separate 5GHz wifi bands.

What does a router reset do?

When you reset your router it will return to its basic settings. Resetting wipe out all the customized settings you made including your wifi name and password. It goes back to its default settings.

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