Red Globe on Verizon Router- Troubleshooting Guide

Fix Red globe on Verizon router
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We all know how crucial internet connectivity is, in this digitized era. While working, no one wants to feel disrupted by internet connectivity issues. But, even though, we face these kinds of internet connectivity issues with the Verizon router. Yes, I am talking about the red globe on the Verizon router. The guide will pinpoint all the solutions you can check out before going forward with any professional advice.

We all are well aware of the visual illuminators that appeared on the Verizon router. From the day onwards, you installed the router you have only seen the white flashing light on the LED globe icon. And now you are also seeing the green, solid red, or blinking faded red light on the router. The globe icon at the back represents the internet connectivity of the router. 

There could be many possible reasons, why you are facing internet connectivity issues. Maybe the loose connections or service outages are the culprits. Let’s find out by digging some more in the deep.

Troubleshoot Red globe on Verizon router

Red globe Indicator

You can try these solutions one by one, and choose what works best for you…

1. Reboot the Verizon Router

Fixing Red globe on Verizon router-4

Rebooting or restarting the router can be the easiest option. It will fix all the minor bugs and can solve the Verizon router red globe issue.

To do this all you have to do is unplug the router from the socket and wait for a minute. Plug the router back in. Now check if the red globe issue has been solved or not. If it is fixed you will again see the white light flashing on the Verizon router.

2. Fix the loose connections if any

Fixing Red globe on Verizon router-2

You have to check whether the ethernet cables are working correctly or not. If there are any broken, torn or loose cables attached to the Verizon router, there are chances that you will witness the red globe issue on the Verizon router.

To fix it, change the torn cables or attach the ethernet cables properly so that your internet can run well.

3. Navigate to check the service outage

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If this is the cause, you can’t do anything but wait, till the technicians handle the situation. If you want to check the service outage in your area, visit the Verizon service page, enter your area pin code, and then the login credentials.

4. Turn the Verizon router in initial mode (Factory reset)

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Factory resetting will change the Verizon router in the initial condition. It will fix all the internet connectivity issues your router is facing. Just remember to have all the network details with you because, after factory resetting, you need to fill in the login credentials again to start using the router again.

5. The optical network terminal (ONT) feature

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Try Resetting the Verizon router through the ONT feature. It is a kind of feature available on the Verizon router for smooth internet connectivity. You will find an alarm silence button located on the rear side of the router, Hold it for almost half to 1 minute, it will reset the Verizon router and you’ll get rid of the red globe issue.

What do the different kinds of lights mean on the Verizon router?

Assuming, You are habitual of seeing the white light on the globe. But apart from solid white color, it also shows three different colors when it’s on. Following are the situations you will face regarding the internet connection;

The first one is the solid red globe, it appears when there are issues with the internet connectivity. The globe also appears red when it’s switched off.

The other thing you will feel is the red globe is flashing slowly and with faded color. It indicates that the router is having a problem with the Gateway.

If the red globe on the Verizon router is flashing very fast it represents that your router is probably overheated. To fix this, Unplugged the switch from the socket once and plug it back in once the router is cool.

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Final words

In the fast digital pace of life, smooth and flawless internet connectivity is the one thing required by all. And if the Verizon router is having a red globe issue, use the aforementioned solutions to fix the issue. Hope your Verizon router is fixed by opting for the solutions given in the guide.

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