How To Cancel AT&T Internet Service

Cancel AT&T Internet Service

Cancel AT&T Internet Service and return all the equipment when you feel it’s not so useful for you. If you’re moving somewhere or using another internet service then cancel the plan on AT&T or save money.

Most AT&T Internet Service cancellations are completed within two hours with equipment returns. Here I have mentioned the cancellation fee for the equipment.

CancellationFee AmountTerms
Internet termination fee$0-80Only for DSL customer accounts
TV, Landline termination fees$15-360$15 per month remaining in the contract
Equipment replacement fee$75-200+Applied for missing equipment

How to Cancel AT&T Internet Service

AT&T Internet Service doesn’t work with other companies. If you forget to return the equipment and pay the fee then it is just a waste because you can’t use the equipment with any internet in the future. You will just be stuck with the equipment and waste your money.

You can Cancel AT&T Internet Service in some ways:

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1. Pay for outstanding account balances

To cancel AT&T Internet Service, you need to ensure that you have no outstanding balances on AT&T products including non-internet products such as TV, DirecTV, Landline phone, or other small connectivity services.

The main reason for doing this is to ignore the situation of late fees and make sure that you are in a good position if there are any disputes about equipment fees.

Check if you have a contract to Cancel AT&T Internet Service

AT&T changed its policy in October 2020 to remove contracts from internet-only plans. They introduced 2-year contracts as an option.

As of 2021-22, AT&T no longer contracts for internet only. But they still offer contracts as an enticement for a lower price and unlimited DVR storage on AT&T TV.

Phone bundles come with a two-year contract plan while AT&T’s internet service doesn’t require contracts. That means if you cancel the plan before 1 or 2-year contract time, you need to pay an early termination fee.

AT&T Termination fee is based on prorating the time left in your contract to complete. It is $180 for 1 year and $360 for 2-year contracts.

If you are under contract, and you are canceling the service then you need to pay $15 for every month left in the contract. For example, if you cancel your service after 1 year on a two-year contract, you will pay $180 to cancel.

Plan TypeContract requirementsEarly Termination fee
Internetonly no contracts starting October 2020Free, max $80 for legacy customer
TV bundlesContract Optional$15 per remaining month, max $180/$360
Phone bundlesContract Optional$15 per remaining month, max $180/$360

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Request for cancellation with AT&T online, in-store, or by phone

You can cancel AT&T’s internet service with three available choices.

  • At an AT&T retail location.
  • By phone
  • Online through AT&T Customer account.

Online requests only work for DSL customers. If you are using AT&T Fiber or IPBB service, then phone and in-store is the only option available for you.

But I suggest you complete the cancellation process in person because this is the most secure way to return equipment such as modems, gateway, receivers, etc. Without any additional payment.

How to cancel AT&T Internet Service through phone

This process will take a lot of time if you get caught up in their retention scripts.
You need to follow these steps to cancel your service.

  • You should call AT&T Customer Service.
  • If you’re not verified by your mobile number, they will verify your account number or with other identification.
  • Say Cancel Service as your reason for the call.
  • Say the Internet, when they ask what service you are calling about.
  • You need to tell the reason, so say that You are moving out of the country and need help closing your internet account.
  • Ensure that you request a cancellation date before your next billing period.
  • They will provide you a return authorization number, so note it down to return equipment by UPS.

How to cancel AT&T Internet Service in-store

AT&T retail stores are available in all big cities which helps to cancel in person.

Canceling service is the best option to avoid billing issues with AT&T because you will return your equipment and close your account in one step.

  • Pack your modem, gateway, and other equipment that came with your AT&T Internet Service or TV. Pack them in the same box if it’s possible.
  • Bring all the equipment to an agent of the AT&T store.
  • Tell him that you are moving out so you need to cancel the service.
  • Set a date for the cancellation that is under your current billing period.
  • Take a receipt for the interaction or the equipment returned.

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Keep a receipt of the returned equipment

If you cancel your AT&T Internet Service store then take the receipt for returning equipment. You can also return equipment through UPS.

Through UPS, AT&T will send you a prepaid shipping label with an equipment return authorization number. You need to remember for UPS return:

  • AT&T will mail you a prepaid shipping label when you cancel the service.
  • Keep safely returning the Authorisation number.
  • Keep equipment in the original package if it’s possible.
  • Don’t forget any cable or wire that came with the equipment. Otherwise, you will have to pay for it.

You have to cancel all the equipment within a 21 days period after canceling your internet service. If you can’t then you have to pay an additional fee for lost and not return in time in your last bill.

Their charge is high for missing and unreturned equipment. AT&T charges two variable fees related to equipment returns:

  1. Damage and missing equipment fee
  2. Unreturned equipment fee

Both are necessary for the full equipment replacement fee. For example:

Equipment TypeExample replacement fee
Wi-Fi Gateway$100+
Full internet package$200+

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Check for Billings to Cancel AT&T Internet Service

The main and necessary thing is to check you don’t have any additional fees pop up after the fact.

You should check your account after the cancellation date and check regularly until the last date of the month’s billing cycle.

You need to keep these papers on hand safely for extra fees:

  • Keep a copy of the receipt from any visit to the AT&T store.
  • Keep email and printed statements of your cancellation or your interaction request.
  • Keep authorization number receipt through UPS shipping.

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Dispute additional fees or mistakes Billings quickly

If you receive any extra fees or charges in the bill after Cancelling, you can dispute the fees through AT&T directly by stating the disputed charge at the Customer Service line.

If you’re unable to solve your billing, then pay the bill to avoid it going to collections, which impacts your credit.

How to Upgrade and Downgrade AT&T Internet Plan

You could Upgrade or Downgrade your AT&T Internet service through an AT & T account online. But you will have to get on the phone at some point in the process to verify or handle the equipment exchange.

AT&T Internet Service has different equipment for different plans, especially for switching Gigabytes to 100 Mbps. Some fiber internet plans can change totally online.

DSL or IPBB plans require a phone call also. You can add a TV online but for removing the TV you need a phone or in-store assistance and equipment returns.

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How to Pause AT&T Internet Service

If you are going on a long vacation or something else you need to do or something happens so you can’t use AT&T Internet Service so you can pause your service until that time.

It’s a great way to save money. You can pause your internet service for free under these circumstances:

  1. Military deployment
  2. Natural disasters

If you don’t have these circumstances then you need to pay $7 per month fees and a few restraints on how much you could use it:

  • Notice of Pause: Must be given 10 to 30 days before pausing begins.
  • Minimum Pause period: 60 days
  • Maximum Pause period: 270 days

Note: Pausing your service during the first year, the first-year pricing will expire on the 12-month anniversary of your service start date. Promotions and discounts couldn’t be paused for use in later months.

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How to Transfer AT&T Internet Service When Moving

You can transfer AT&T Internet Service when you are moving somewhere by calling Customer Service and requesting a Service Transfer.

AT&T contains two service areas:

  1. Copper-based DSL Service area.
  2. AT&T Fiber Service area.

Moving to the fiber area is a good choice. It provides you with fiber service, you can use the same equipment without returning them and without hassle.

If you’re moving to another area that is not a fiber area, then you should check faster and cheaper options like Spectrum or Xfinity.

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What is the AT&T Cancellation number?

You can contact the AT&T helpline and select cancel service. AT&T also has a paid support line for more requests. You can call on both numbers to cancel your internet service or for more requests.

What are the common alternatives to AT&T Internet?

There are two common alternatives that are used mostly

  • AT&T vs Spectrum
  • AT&T vs Xfinity

Can I cancel AT&T Internet Service at any time?

Of Course, you can cancel your internet service at any time by requesting online or by going to the store. You can also cancel your AT&T Internet Service for any reason within 14 days of Activation without paying an Early Termination fee.

Is AT&T Internet a contract?

Pricing for AT&T Fiber plans is straightforward, which means there is no price increase at 12 months and no equipment fees added. They won’t include any equipment fees or an annual contract.

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Final Words

These are the only ways to cancel your AT&T Internet Service. I’ll recommend you use the in-store method for canceling your service because it helps you to check the total billing with every charge and take your receipt in your hand.

They will provide you with the information to cancel your service and you can complete your process in a minimum of 2 hours including equipment returns.

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