How To Install Hotstar on Firestick?

Are you a fan of Indian movies, TV shows, and sports events? Do you want to enjoy them on the big screen? Look no further than Hotstar, the leading streaming platform for Indian content. Installing Hotstar on your Firestick is quick and easy, and this article will guide you through the process step by step.

With Hotstar on your Firestick, you can access a vast library of Bollywood movies, popular TV shows, and live sports events like cricket, all in one place.

Whether you’re an expat missing home or just looking to explore new content, Hotstar on Firestick is the perfect solution. You’ll get access to premium content, including Hotstar Originals and the latest Bollywood releases. Plus, with the convenience of the Firestick, you can control your viewing experience with just your voice or a few clicks on the remote.

And don’t worry about missing out on the action if you’re not in India or the US. With a reliable VPN service, you can access Hotstar content from anywhere in the world. So, follow our simple steps and start streaming your favorite Indian movies and shows on your Firestick today!

Why use Hotstar on Firestick?

  • Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming app for streaming content such as movies, shows, TV series, and sports. Now you can choose according to your internet connection and stream the best video quality for seamless playback.
  • It has additional smart search options that allow you to easily navigate to what you are looking for. You can see various sports such as cricket, tennis, hockey and Formula 1.
  • You can also see the replay. There is a collection of the latest movies in different categories, available in different languages.
  • With a premium subscription, you can watch premier TV content on your TV and have unlimited access to live sports and content. The subscription package also offers ad-free American TV shows, Hollywood movies, and more.

Features of Hotstar and Firestick.

Hotstar features

  • Automatically select the best video quality
  • Intelligent search capabilities make it easy to find what you want
  • Local language features help users watch broadcasts in their preferred language
  • Watch replays of all sports and get live score updates
  • With the current movie list, users can watch many movies
  • With a Hotstar VIP subscription, you can watch the Star Series before it airs on TV.

Firestick features

  • A compact device that can be connected to a smart TV and used to watch online streaming video
  • Firestick size is not bigger than a flash drive
  • Connecting to TV is easy via Bluetooth or WLAN
  • Remote control with audio control options is also included

How Much Does Hotstar Cost?

Hotstar is a dynamic app because it contains content that is updated daily. It can support not only Indian TV shows and movies but also international content.

From Hollywood blockbusters to American television series, it contains a lot of popular content such as Game of Thrones and Gravity.

Most content is available for free. You can choose a premium version or subscription package when you are looking for specific content or features. How do I install this on my Firestick?

Ways to install Hotstar on Firestick

Step-1. Turn on your Firestick device. From the home screen, go to the Amazon App Store.

Step-2. Then click the search icon. Enter “Hotstar” in the search menu to search.

Step-3. From the search results, select the first option, Hotstar.

Step-4. Click [Download] [Download]. Wait for it to download to your device.

Step-5. Once downloaded, install it on your Firestick. Click the [Open] button to launch the app.

Now you can enjoy Hotstar. Simply register for an account and log in to enjoy the streaming service. This allows you to install it from the Amazon App Store. Because it is based on the Indian system. We recommend using a VPN.

This is because it is better to start on an Indian server than a US-based server. Hotstar also costs a lot of money when streaming outside India. In India, Hotstar’s annual subscription fee to access premium content is around $19.

The VPN service assists you in connecting to a server in India and virtually connects to geo-positioning in India. And best of all, it guarantees that your internet connection is completely secure. You can use the VPN service that suits you best, such as Express VPN and other VPN services.

In the United States, on the other hand, you have to pay an annual subscription of $ 99. That’s just five times the annual Hotstar subscription in India. However, there is also a solution to this problem.

You can also watch Hotstar content for the same price that Indians enjoy. To do this, you need to use a VPN service, whether you live in the United States or a country other than India.

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In conclusion, installing Hotstar on your Firestick is a quick and easy process that can open up a world of entertainment options. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can enjoy your favorite Indian movies, TV shows, and sports events on the big screen.

Remember to use a reliable VPN service to access Hotstar content from anywhere in the world. With Hotstar on your Firestick, you’ll never have to miss your favorite shows or movies again. So, grab your popcorn and start streaming!


Q: Do I need an Amazon Prime subscription to install Hotstar on Firestick?

No, you don’t need an Amazon Prime subscription to install Hotstar on your Firestick. You can download and install Hotstar from the Amazon Appstore.

Q: Is Hotstar available in all countries?

No, Hotstar is not available in all countries. It is primarily available in India, the United States, and Canada. However, you can use a VPN service to access Hotstar content from anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I install Hotstar on older versions of Firestick?

Yes, you can install Hotstar on older versions of Firestick, as long as they are running FireOS or higher.

Q: Do I need a Hotstar subscription to use the app on Firestick?

Yes, you need a Hotstar subscription to access premium content on the app. However, you can still access free content without a subscription.

Q: How do I update Hotstar on my Firestick?

Hotstar will automatically update itself on your Firestick if you have enabled automatic app updates. You can also manually update Hotstar by going to the app’s page on the Amazon Appstore and selecting “Update.”

Q: Can I cast Hotstar from my phone to my Firestick?

Yes, you can cast Hotstar from your phone to your Firestick using the Hotstar app or the Amazon Fire TV app. Simply connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network and follow the on-screen instructions.

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