How To install Hotstar on Firestick? | Activation Steps

Hotstar on Firestick
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If you are thinking to installing Hotstar on firestick the go through this article to know the process in advanced.

Hotstar is one of the popular online video streaming platforms provided by Star Plus. It is particularly famous in countries like India, Nepal, and Pakistan. If you want to use the app on Amazon firestick then Look at the process given below on how to activate Hotstar on firestick.

Besides every online streaming platform, there is only one major reason that it has a wide range of content in its library. And Hotstar also has that content to entertain its users. 

While on the one side the other streaming services target the internationally released shows and movies to stream on their platforms. And Hotstar is mainly focusing on the Indian content only and that’s a good Strategy.

As only famous in one nation only, it competes with the International Streaming Platforms because of its potential viewers.

It provides all the content just free of cost but contains ads. Besides this, it is the official cricket broadcaster for India. You can watch cricket matches on this platform. The IPL, football matches, and Formula 1 events are also live streaming on this platform.

Moreover, it provides a large category of entertainment including dramas, documentaries, movies, shows, and many more without any cable connection or any subscription. And it offers its users to download the content for offline viewing. That’s a great plus point.

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How Much Does Hotstar Cost?

Hotstar is a dynamic app as it contains updated content on a daily basis. It not only shows Indian TV Shows and Movies; it can also support International content. From the Hollywood blockbusters to the American television series, it includes much popular content like Game of Thrones, Gravity, etc.

Most of its content is available free of cost. While you look for some specific content and features, you can go for the premium version or the subscription packages. Now let us know how to install this on the Firestick.

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How to install Hotstar on Firestick?

  1. Turn on your Firestick device.
  2. Navigate to the Amazon App Store on your Home screen.
  3. Now, click on the Search icon.
  4. In the search menu type “Hotstar” and search for it.
  5. From the search results, select the first option that is Hotstar.
  6. Click on Get the Download.
  7. Wait for it to download to your device. After Downloading, install it to your Firestick.
  8. Launch the app by clicking on the Open button.

Now you will be ready to enjoy the Hotstar. Just register your account and sign in to enjoy the streaming service.

In this way, you can install it from the Amazon app store. As it is based on the Indian system. We recommend you use the VPN. As it would be better to launch it on an Indian server rather than on a US-based server. Also, Hotstar costs a lot of money when streaming outside India. In India, the annual subscription fee for Hotstar to access the premium content is nearly $ 19. Whereas in the USA you have to pay an annual subscription of $ 99 which’s just five times the Indian Hotstar Annual Subscription. 

But you have the solution to this problem also, you can also watch the Hotstar content at the same price on which the Indians Enjoy it. For this you have to use a VPN service, it doesn’t matter whether you live in the USA or any country other than India.

A VPN service will help you to connect with the Indian Servers and you will be virtually connecting to the Indian Geolocation. And the best thing is, it ensures your internet connection is purely Safe. You can use any of the VPN services that are best suitable to you like ExpressVPN or any other best for you.

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Why do we need to use Hotstar on Firestick

  • Hotstar can stream content like movies, shows, TV Serials, Sports, etc. and it is the largest premium streaming app in India.
  • Now, it has the ability to opt according to the Internet connectivity and streams the best video quality to you and you will get seamless playback.
  • It comes with an additional smart search option that will help you to navigate easily to whatever you are looking for.
  • You can watch various sports on it like Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Formula 1 and many more. You can even watch the replays also.
  • It has a collection of up-to-date movies from different categories and available in various languages.
  • With the premium subscription, you can watch the contents of television before premiering on the TV and have access to unrestricted live sports or content.
  • In the subscription package, it also offers American TV Shows, Hollywood Movies, and many more without any ads.

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So, if you want to watch streaming content from India like movies, Shows, and sports, Hotstar is the best platform for you. It is the best streaming service that will bring you to live TV and your favorite content from Indian television.

Moreover, you can select movies and shows as well as from other countries Like the USA and the UK. Hotstar also has a partnership with Disney +, so it will be streaming the entire content from Disney + to India.

In this article, we will tell you the process to install it along with its features and all relevant information. I hope you will like this article and be able to install the Hot star on Firestick with the above-mentioned steps. If you have any queries related to this article you can comment down below.

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