Best iOS Emulators for Windows 2023

Best iOS Emulators For Windows

The Android and Windows software which is available in the market called mobile emulators, allows users to use IOS applications on their Windows system. Windows and Android users try to open iOS applications or games on Android phones as window devices, but they will never get success.

You can use an Android or iOS emulator to run a mobile application on your desktop. These emulators can make your device a duplicate of the iOS device. Basically, the problem occurs when you cannot use an iOS application on your Android device or desktop.

The iOS emulator allows the host device which can be your PC or your any Android device to behave like an IOS device and also it can run various IOS applications, and you can use the software. By using emulators, you can easily Run your favorite games or software very smoothly.

Here is the list of Most Popular And Best iOS Emulators For Windows

  1. Ipadian
  3. Xamarin Test Flight
  4. SmartFace Emulator
  5. Ripple Emulator
  7. Electric mobile studio
  8. Air iPhone Emulator
  9. MobiOne
  10. IPad simulator

1. Ipadian – One of most loved iOS Emulators for Windows

iPadian - iOS Emulators for Windows

Ipadian is one of the most popular iOS emulators that you can use to access iOS applications and software on Windows. The special feature of this iOS emulator is that it has its own app store.

That allows a user to explore many third-party applications using the app store. It is available in both paid versions as well as the free version. But the processor should be i5 or higher and Ram should be 8GB or more. If you want this iOS Emulator for Windows.

2. – Web-Based Emulator - Web Based Emulator

Appetize emulator is web-based where you need to upload your app on the website and then you can start using it. And the good point is that it can use any web browser for this. So there is no complication and specifications.

Using this iOS emulator you can access network traffic, debug logs, and even quickly diagnose the problem from remote devices. The reason why it is one of the best iOS emulators as it has easy to use interface and uses cloud storage.

For testing this you can use this emulator free for 90 minutes and if you like it then you can pay for its various program according to your needs. To use this email later you need to have an i3 or higher processor and RAM of 4GB or more.

3. Xamarin Test Flight – One iOS Emulator for windows by Apple

Xamarin Test Flight

Xamarin Test Flight is an excellent iOS simulator because it is owned by none other than Apple. There are many extensive features that help in testing and running Apple apps on Windows PC. The user interface is not so friendly but if you once get a hold of this emulator then you will have no problem using it.

And if you want to use this iOS emulator on your Windows PC you need to have 8GB or more RAM, i5 for a higher processor, and 10GB or more free disk space on your Windows PC. And you can download this from an official page.

4. SmartFace Emulator – Emulator with easy UI

SmartFace Emulator

SmartFace Emulator is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use mobile development programs. It is available in both versions free as well as paid. The paid version starts from $99.

But we would like you to advise to get the free version first and then try it out, if you like it then upgrade it to the paid version. The only thing is it requires 100GB or more free disk space as system requirements. As well as 8GB or more RAM and CPU processor i5 or higher.

5. Ripple Emulator – with Exclusive Features

ripple emulator

This emulator is an excellent emulator which can be used with the help of the Chrome web browser. Buy this all the types of iOS software can be used no matter their old or new. This emulator has some of the Exclusive features which you may not find in other emulators for Windows.

This simulator could be used to develop and test iOS apps on your Windows device. It has developed more features that are going to be useful later and it also has a pretty good user interface. All your system needs to have is 4GB or higher RAM with an i3 or higher processor, and at least 6 GB of free disk.

6. – An Interactive Windows iOS Emulator emulator

If you want to use as your iOS Emulator for Windows PC, it will work excellently for you. It provides an excellent environment for app development but it takes a lot of time to load and run the application on the computer.

It really takes 30 minutes around. Before purchasing the emulator first you should try its trial version and see whether or not it satisfies you. It is easy to download, install, and use. You need to have at least 8GB RAM and a CPU processor i5 or higher. And at least 5 GB of free disk space if you want to run this iOS emulator on your Windows PC.

7. Electric mobile studio – To Create iOS Apps

electric mobile studio

This iOS simulator tool can be used to develop, test, redesign, and create iOS apps on Windows. Isn’t it great that you can also change the resolution and upgrade or degrade HTML5 support? This is what makes it the best emulator for iPhone.

But you need to purchase this as you can have a 7-day trial period but after that, you have to pay around $40 to use this. Try this if you want all the features listed above.

8. Air iPhone Emulator – Works with Adobe

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone emulator is best for Windows 10 because it runs familiar with the Adobe Air framework. Yes, it is essential to install Adobe Air on your Windows PC to run this application.

Then after a successful installation, it will simply allow all your iPhone apps and games to show on your Windows PC. It is available free of cost.

9. MobiOne – EminentiOS Emulator

MobiOne Studio

Mobione is an excellent option for iOS emulators it allows users to develop apps in an easy way. It is one of the most user-friendly smoothed platforms for developers.

By using this emulator a developer can develop Apple as well as Android apps on their Windows PC. But now you can only use the beta version of this application as the service stopped some years ago.

10. iPad simulator – Cloud-Based

iPad simulator

This application act like a cloud OS as well as a stimulator it is an extension for the Google Chrome browser. You can use Apple features using this iPad simulator without paying anything. This is one of the best cloud-based iOS emulators for Windows.

One of the best features is that it allows you to drag and drop iOS applications from PC to iOS emulator.

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In conclusion, iOS emulators are a great way to run iOS apps and games on your Windows PC. Whether you’re an app developer or a gamer, these emulators can provide you with the iOS experience you need without having to own an Apple device. In this article, we’ve introduced you to the best iOS emulators for Windows in 2023, and we hope that our list has helped you find the perfect one for your needs.

From the feature-packed iPadian to the reliable and user-friendly Smartface, there’s an iOS emulator for everyone on this list. We’ve also provided some tips on how to choose the right emulator and highlighted the benefits of using one. With these emulators, you can enjoy the flexibility of using your favorite iOS apps and games on a bigger screen, making your user experience more enjoyable and productive.


Q: Why would I need an iOS emulator for Windows?

You may need an iOS emulator for Windows if you’re an app developer who wants to test your iOS apps on a Windows device, or if you’re a gamer who wants to play iOS games on a bigger screen. It can also be helpful for those who don’t own an Apple device but still want to use iOS apps.

Q: Are iOS emulators legal?

Yes, iOS emulators are legal. However, it’s important to note that downloading and using copyrighted material, such as iOS apps, without permission is illegal.

Q: Are iOS emulators safe to use?

Generally, iOS emulators are safe to use. However, it’s important to download them from a trusted source to avoid malware or viruses.

Q: Can I use an iOS emulator on my Mac?

No, you don’t need an iOS emulator on a Mac as it already runs on an iOS platform.

Q: Are all iOS emulators free?

No, not all iOS emulators are free. Some may offer a free trial version with limited features, while others require a one-time or monthly subscription fee.

Q: Can I use an iOS emulator to make in-app purchases?

No, iOS emulators cannot be used to make in-app purchases. This is because they are not connected to the App Store or iTunes.

Q: Do iOS emulators support all iOS apps and games?

No, not all iOS apps and games are supported by iOS emulators. Some apps and games may not work due to compatibility issues.

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