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5 Best iPad Apps For Students That are Insanely Useful in 2022

iPad is one of the most common and important assets for a school or university-going student. But do you know your iPad can be your tutor? Yes, you heard it right, there are some apps specially designed for students you really wanna use on your iPad. Don’t worry you can thank me later but right now you have to install these insanely amazing apps on your iPad.

Now you are thinking How? Don’t worry you will have your answer next. But first, tell me what changes are you feeling after the recent pandemic (Covid-19) as a student.

Well, information technology has taken place in our daily life, not only does it make our studies easier but also our daily life. Now you can have everything you required on the internet.

So as a university or school student you have to know how helpful this technology can be in your daily life. There are so many apps for students to make their studies and daily routine more organized.

Student life is not easy as it seems. When I was in school, I used to think, I wish some technology would make my school work easier. But at that time there was no such technology, but as time took a turn, technology has taken a special place that makes everything easy for us.

So here in this blog post, we are going to share with you 5 Best iPad Apps For Students which are insanely amazing and help you a lot.

5 Best iPad Apps For Students

The app can play a handy role in your study if you choose the right app to install on your iPad. Let’s dive into the topic and find out the best apps for students.


Our first app is Notes Plus. You can install this app on your iPad from App Store. This is the kind of app, that lets you allow your iPad like a paper pan.

Yes, you read it right, you can do everything which only paper and pens are capable of. You can use this app on both iPhones and iPad. Notes Plus supports Apple Pencil and iPad pro.

This app enables you for converting your handwritten notes into digital text ones and the best thing about this app is, it supports more than 50 languages, so you can choose your desired language.

The annotate options support pdf and doc files so you can upload the file from your local device. If you have some important files to edit later, Notes Plus automatically backups up them into dropbox.

If students require to capture the audio you can do this also with the help of Notes Plus. As a student, you must use this app.


If you are one of those students who have to write a lot, like journalism, a writer, content writing, or anything similar to this then this ULYSSES is for you.

This app syncs the iCloud library that enables you to access the data from any other same with Apple ID. Once you finished writing this app convert them into a beautifully designed pdf or any other format.

You can use this app on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The best thing about this tool is it is always secure and keeps them on one page for further use.

You write anything on this tool, and ULYSSES organize them in a good manner so that you can find any of them anytime you want. As we mentioned above, this has syncing options, you don’t have to rely on a particular device.

You can use your content from any iOS device and anything. Its library syncs back and forth between your iOS devices.


Our next app is EverNote, which is quite similar to the first one. This is available for various OS including Windows and Android.

Evernote apps help you to make a To-Do list. Once the list is ready, you can keep it yourself only or you have the option to share it with your classmates, friends, or colleagues. On every To-Do list, you can set reminders that reminder will help you to set a reminder on the task at a certain time.

If you have something important on the web, you can add to it. Along with that, you get various templates to choose from. You can add pdf and doc files to it, so you don’t require any paper pen to keep the task remembered.

As per our recommendation, this is should be installed on your device.

4. Loud Morning Alarm – Alarmy

I used to sleep during my schooling life, and as a consequence, I used to miss my important work but for now guy, you have the Loud Morning Alarm app that won’t let you sleep during your working hours.

If you are one of those who sleep heaver then this app got a different alarm ringtone for you, and for a light sleeper, it has a different ringtone. One of the best and my favorite feature is, you can scan a photo of any place from your home and set an alarm.

When you sleep and the alarm buzz you have to get up and show the photo to the ringing alarm to stop it. Until and unless you won’t show the image alarm keeps ringing and for sure will break your sleep.

You get the puzzle options on this app, which can be handy to boost your memory power. There are simple and hard puzzles available you can choose any. These could be the best apps for students.


Our last app is Things. This is one of the apps, that helps you to complete your task on time. The app comes with an easy and beautiful interface, that let you allow to set your daily task and the time for completing them.

If you have some thoughts that are important, after 2-days or next week, you can simply create a note, as soon as you open this app. This reminds you of the due task. This is a very helpful app for students to keep their work organized.

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For every student, there are various types available on the internet, as I and my team choose most of the apps, and finally found the 5 Best iPad Apps For Students In 2021.

As a student, you can try these apps and we hope these apps will surely help you to do your task on regular basis. All the apps are available on the App Store so you don’t need to rely on a third-party app.

We have mentioned the 5 Best iPad Apps For Students In 2021 which come with an easy and beautiful interface, that also helps you to keep your mind calm. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post, you can leave us a comment below.

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