How To Cancel Xbox Live Gold Membership?

How To Cancel Xbox Live Gold Membership
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Is Xbox Live Gold Membership worth your money? We are all aware of what Xbox Live Gold is, but do you really know how to cancel Xbox Live Gold Membership or how to turn off your auto-renewal billing.

And what will happen after you cancel your membership? You’ll find all your answers to those questions in the post below.

Xbox Live Gold Membership is a great option for gamers, but recurring payment is a pain. Especially, when you’re low on budget or those months when you aren’t gaming much.

In this post, I’ll tell you how to cancel Xbox live gold membership. 

Xbox Live Gold offers a lot of benefits. Such as free games every month. But I think it’s not beneficial to stay subscribed when you are not using the Xbox services at all. 

Whether you’re done with Xbox services or just taking a break. 

There are some basic and specific steps you need to follow in order to cancel your Xbox Live Gold membership.

That we’ll discuss later in this post. Meanwhile, let’s first explore some other aspects of Xbox live gold membership.

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How To Cancel Xbox Live Gold Membership

It’s easy and simple to cancel Xbox Live Gold Membership using the Xbox website. You will be able to cancel your subscription, get a refund, or you can even turn off your recurring billing here. 

To cancel your membership, follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the Xbox website. Log in to the associated Xbox Network account.
  • At the top right corner of the page, click on the [Profile] icon.
  • Click on [Subscriptions]
  • On the [Services & Subscriptions] page, look for the [Xbox Live Gold] section
  • Now select [Manage] from the Xbox Live Gold section
  • Look for the [Payment Settings] section.
  • Simple click on [Cancel]
  • You’ll be prompted whether you want to end your subscription immediately. Select as per your need and click [Next]
  • Now click on [Confirm Cancellation]

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What Happens After You Cancel Your Xbox Live Gold Membership?

One of the two things that can happen after you cancel your Xbox live gold membership:

  • You’ll immediately lose access to all Xbox live gold features such as Games with Gold, Voice Chat, and Online Play, as you cancel your membership and receive a partial refund.
  • Nothing will happen immediately if you cancel your Xbox Live Gold recurring payment or turn off auto-renewal. You still retain access to Xbox Live Gold Features until your membership expires.

{Note: Canceling your Xbox Live Gold membership will not cancel your Xbox network account. You still keep all your account details including any digital or downloadable content you purchased through the service.}

Whereas if you are a live subscriber with Xbox 360 consoles who have obtained free games through the Gold Program.

You are allowed to keep and play those games even if you don’t have an active Xbox live gold membership.

You lose access to games with Gold and can be regained access when you resubscribe to it in the future.

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Turn off Xbox Auto-Renewal

Currently, if you are using Xbox Live Gold Membership, and you’re planning to stop using it or afraid of forgetting to cancel your membership. You can simply turn off automatic renewals. 

This will let you continue using Xbox Live Gold while maintaining access to free games that come with the subscription when active.

Thus, saving you from spending a lot of money when you don’t really wanna use your Xbox Live Gold.

Turning off auto-renewal works pretty much like canceling the service, and with this option, you can actually cancel future payments.

It turns off your recurring billing but allows you to retain access to all the Xbox Live Gold Features. 

Until your current subscription ends. However, if you’re still using the service you have the option to renew it manually.

Below are the steps to turn off Xbox Live Gold auto-renewal:

  • Open and log in to the associated account eg: Xbox network or Microsoft account
  • From the upper right corner, select your [Profile]
  • Click on [Subscription]
  • Look for the [Payment Settings] section 
  • Click on [Change]
  • Now simply click on [Turn Off Recurring Billing]
  • Finally, click on [Cancel Subscription]

Xbox Live Gold – Is It Worth after 2021 Changes?

Microsoft has launched some significant changes to Xbox Live Gold. This includes unbinding social features and opening multiplayer to all users for free-to-play games from the paid subscription.

It allows you to play many popular Xbox games online without any extra charges.

It’s essential for most Xbox series X|S and Xbox One owners. This change is basically for those who play a dozen free-to-play games.

This move has detached Looking For Group (LFG) and Party Chat services from Xbox Live Gold, which are now available for free to all Xbox users.

The worthiness of Xbox Live Gold depends on your playing behavior and whether you play titles online outside the free-to-play offer.

Popular games such as Call of Duty and FIFA still require active membership to access multiplayer features.

With Xbox live gold membership you retain benefits like – member-only discounts and games with the Gold program.

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How To Delete Your Account?

Switching your consoles, or no longer gaming, and your planning to delete your Xbox Live account for good?

Remember, you will need to close the associated account that’s linked to your Xbox. Meaning that this will lose all your office 365, Skype, OneDrive Cloud Storage will go off along with your linked Xbox account.

Steps to close your account:

  • Go to Microsoft Login Page and sign in
  • You will be asked to acknowledge a series of statements.
  • Before you check all the boxes, Read them
  • Select a reason for closing the account
  • Just click on [Mark Account for Closure].
  • Your account will be deleted after 60 days.

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To conclude: I have included everything you need to know about how to cancel Xbox Live Gold Membership, How can you turn off auto-renewal billing.

And in some cases, you might want to delete your Xbox account if you’re planning to switch your gaming console.

The worthiness of Xbox Live Gold depends on your playing behavior and whether you play titles online outside the free-to-play offer.

Thus, this post is a result of thorough research and personal experiments. You must try out all the features stated in this post. Hope this will help. Keep up the spirit. Keep playing.

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