Zoom App On Firestick – 3 Ways To Use Zoom Meetings On Firestick

zoom app on firestick
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Sick of using Zoom cloud meetings on a small screen? Even if you have a PC or Laptop, you want another big screen to use for meetings, calls, or videoconferences for expediting. This guide covers how to get zoom app on firestick and use it on a big tv screen.

In this covid outbreak, everyone got used to online classes, office meetings, or webinars on the Zoom cloud meeting app for its idolization and zoom amenities. Why not use it on a TV screen?

But how is it possible?

Well, you can get your zoom meetings on your tv screen through Firestick. The guide covers all the major aspects to install the zoom cloud meeting app.

Since it is quite popular nowadays, it is available on the Amazon app store to download on Firestick. Moreover, you can use the downloader app to download zoom on firestick.

Still can’t understand how to download properly? Use your Pc to accomplish the task.

Before moving towards the steps to get zoom on firestick, first learn the basic things first:

Benefits of using the zoom

Zoom Meeting

Zoom is constantly upgrading itself in this major outbreak to provide its users most of the benefits it can. Currently, it is providing features like;

  1. Excellent audio and visual features.
  2. Maximum limit of 100 attendees in a meeting. (In free version)
  3. A meeting with a max time of 40 min. (In free version)
  4. Supports all kinds of devices iOS, Android, and more. 
  5. End to end encryption to protect calls and chats. 
  6. Access to all recorded meetings and save them in the cloud or hard drive.
  7. Zoom allows sharing all kinds of file PG videos, gifs, documents, presentations, etc. 
  8. Built-in calendar for tracking your meetings.
  9. Access To personal as well as group chat
  10. Secure socket layer SSL and AES encryption elements are used.
  11. Different subscription plans are available with extended features.
  12. Zoom rooms and zoom pro allows over 1000 attendees with 24/7 meetings.

How to install zoom on a firestick?

zoom installation on a firestick

We’ll cover all the three alternatives you can use to get zoom on firestick. Firstly with the Amazon app store, through downloader, and then with the help of PC.

1. Get Zoom app on firestick with the Amazon app store

  1. Turn on Firestick or Fire TV and keep connected to the internet.
  2. Go ahead towards the search bar and type Zoom Cloud Meeting app.
  3. From the list of options available, click on the Zoom app.
  4. The Zoom dashboard will appear. Click on the “get it” option.
  5. After you click on the Get it button, it will start downloading the zoom cloud app on the firestick.
  6. Once the app is downloaded completely, it will automatically start installing on firestick.
  7. Now, go back to the home screen and access the zoom app on the fire apps section.

2. Install Zoom app using Downloader

Many times, zoom isn’t available on the Amazon app store. So, you can always use the downloader app to download those apps that aren’t available on the app store. This is also known as a third-party app download.

To download a zoom app using Downloader,
  1. Turn on the firestick and make sure you have a suitable internet connection.
  2. Go to the settings tab and then on my fire tv option.
  3. After that, click on the developer option.
  4. Enable the apps from unknown sources by clicking on them.
  5. Return back to the home screen and find the search tab. 
  6. Type the downloader app and search for it.
  7. Click on the downloader dashboard and click on get it.
  8. The downloader App starts downloading and will install automatically.
  9. Once done it will notify you. Open it and click on Ok. 
  10. To download enter the official link of the Zoom app on firestick. The official URL address will come. Click to download
  11. It will start downloading the Zoom app and install it.
  12. You can get access to the zoom app now easily.

If still, you are unable to get the zoom app on firestick. Use the next mentioned method.

3. Get zoom app on firestick using PC

This method hardly takes 5 minutes to install the zoom app on firestick. For this, follow the given steps.

  1. Use your personal computer and launch any web browser.
  2. Go to the official website of amazon.
  3. Login to your account using firestick.
  4. Come back to the home screen and search for the zoom cloud meeting app.
  5. Select the zoom app and click on the get application button.
  6. You will be asked to select the firestick device. Hold back some time until it starts downloading.
  7. Once it finishes, you can access the zoom application via firestick.

The aforementioned three methods are the only way to get the zoom app on firestick. Use any of these methods and attend your video conferences or classes on firestick.

How to use the zoom app on firestick?

How to use the zoom app on firestick

The camera is the most crucial feature in any video conferencing app. If you are using Zoom on a Tv screen, you must have a webcam handy. You can use a webcam either via an HDMI cable or USB port.

Now the zoom app has already been installed on your firestick. It’s time to utilize it properly.

The procedure to use the Zoom app efficiently follow the steps

  • Open Zoom cloud meetings app in firestick.
  • Verify the app with your phone number or Email Id and login
  • Proceeding further will give you options such as a new meeting, join a meeting, share a screen, or calendars/schedules.
  • If you are the one to start meeting, click on the new meeting and click on participants for inviting people over meetings.
  • Assuming you want to join then click on the link either provided to you to directly attend the meeting or enter the specified ID for the same.
  • After the meeting finishes, click on end (the red button at the bottom) to end the meeting.

It isn’t necessary at all that you need to have a smart tv to use a firestick. I understand it is compatible with smart TV but it will work effortlessly on any Android TV also.

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In the end

The guide covers everything you are looking for to get the zoom app on Firestick. It is a great idea to use the zoom on Tv for attending conferences, webinars, meetings, classes, etc.

Hope you are easily able to cope with the digital changes due to the pandemic outbreak. Let me know if you find any difficulty.

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