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Legit Ways To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Codes

Looking for free Xbox Live Gold Membership codes? Here in this post, we are explaining everything you have to do to get Xbox live gold codes for free.

The purpose of this post is simple, No one wants to throw their hard-earned money into the online gaming community. And that’s obvious, why should you pay more when you have already paid for the gears and the Xbox Live Gold membership? Xbox live gold membership is expensive and not everyone can afford it. 

Over a decade ago, Xbox Live was launched, provides you with a more exciting platform, and serves all the gamer’s needs and great features. Basic entry to the games is free. But you require the gold membership to enter into the inner circle.

Many gamers are just trying hard to get a free Xbox Live Gold Membership code and always trying to find out if there is any way to do that on the web.

Undoubtedly, Xbox is fun but it’s more interesting when you get the Xbox live gold codes for free. Though getting free codes isn’t rocket science. To get these benefits you simply need to register.

Since there are ample websites on the internet claiming to give the Xbox live codes for free. But are they genuine? 

In this post, I’ll be telling you the ways to get codes for a free Xbox live gold membership.

How to Get Codes For Free Xbox Live Gold Membership

There are very few apps and websites on the internet that are gifting free Xbox live codes. But most of the sites are scams and you must know where to look and what to avoid.

I have mentioned a list of some legit and working methods to earn free Xbox live codes below:

  1. Use GPT websites
  2. Xbox Live Gold Membership (Free Trial)
  3. Start following subreddits
  4. Sign up using different email IDs

1. Use GPT Websites to Get Codes For Free Xbox Live Gold Membership

I know, it’s hard to believe, but some legit Get Paid To (GPT) sites can help you get the free Xbox gift cards and codes.

The website can offer you to complete surveys like answering legal questions, watching videos, or even playing games on their platform. 

For these tasks, you will earn some points which can be redeemed to get Xbox live gold codes.

Find out official websites that are known among the users who have gained benefits from. Look for reviews, forums, or blogs, this will help you give the proper information about the genuine GPT sites to earn Xbox live gold codes. 

To earn more rewards for each activity, you need to perform more tasks. But without using any bots or scripts, you might get a permanent ban from using the service. 

2. Live Gold Membership Free Trial

If you have not paid for the Xbox Live Gold Membership but you have an active Xbox live account, You can still get the Xbox live codes for free. All you need to do is to sign up for Live Gold Membership using the Xbox live account. 

You will get a 14-day  trial for free to access Xbox Live Gold. This will allow you to get free codes and use them to buy games, apps, and many other things without paying. 

3. Start Following Subreddits

Very few gamers know that Reddit is one great platform to get Xbox live codes. One thing is sure on Reddit you won’t get scammed there. You can find subreddits that share legit codes for free that they have found. 

There are quite many subreddit platforms where gamers and owners share their experience and knowledge about gaming and provide Xbox Live code also. 

Once you start following the subreddit, you’ll come to know that there are multiple occasions where Xbox Live Code giveaways take place. So don’t forget to follow these subreddits for live codes and frequent information. And you can get legit Codes For Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Happy Gaming!

4. Sign Up Using different Email IDs

If you’re an Xbox account holder and looking for Codes For Free Xbox Live Gold Membership then you’re eligible to sign up for Xbox Live gold membership and you can use it until your free trial expires. 

Microsoft allows you to create up to 3 accounts for each console, you can create three accounts for Xbox Live Gold membership. Summing up, you’ll get 42 days of genuine Xbox gold and you can try getting free codes as well. 

With each new account and multiple IDs, you won’t have to pay a single penny for Xbox live gold codes.

Attention – Xbox Live Code Generators

As I have mentioned above – getting free codes isn’t rocket science. Trying to get codes for a free Xbox live gold membership from just any source might lead you to traps.

During my research, I found only one legit site that delivered Xbox live code as promised.

Besides this, searching on the internet will provide plenty of websites claiming to offer Xbox Live Gift Cards or Xbox Live codes for free.

These are traps, be cautious, they will ask for your account details and complete the process using their hacking tools. But later you’ll realize that you have wasted your time and efforts. 

So, it’s advised to check out the site properly and check for any reviews about the site before you begin the process. Else you might end up losing your account and worst your PC might get affected due to the virus. 

It’s better to find out a genuine way to utilize the information provided above in the post. The best option to obtain an Xbox Live Gold code is to go through the legit offers and check for freebies that you desire. 

Microsoft can be your savior when you’re searching for free codes or something else. If you’re smart enough to play, you can easily squeeze out more from Microsoft’s offer of a one-month free trial.

Here are List of some Free Xbox Live Gold Gift Card Codes You can try:

  • TLQFY-RMZD5-6BH55-BNK25-3TD66
  • 59Y98-8ADZD-968SV-GCW2U-SLXHN

How to redeem these free codes for Xbox Live gold?

  • Go to the Xbox Store and Click on “Redeem Code.”
  • Now, From the Service section Click on Apps & Games.
  • Again Click on Redeem Code
  • Enter your 25-digit code here.

That’s all you have successfully redeemed the code.

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To conclude: Codes for Free Xbox Live Gold Membership do exist and you can obtain them. You just need to do proper research. 

But in the ocean of the internet, there are too many illegal sites you’ll find claiming to offer free codes for Xbox live gold.

Though I have mentioned some legal and legit ways to get the code for your Xbox Live Gold. Just be cautious and double-check the website on which you’re going to provide your account details.

Also, I will recommend you keep an eye on Microsoft’s special announcements and offers. Hope this will help. Keep playing! Stay safe!

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